Botched Patient Sheyla Has Had 32 Breast Surgeries & Still Isn’t Happy! Hear All About Her Case

Ready for a cut.

Everything is new this evening Botched, new patient Sheyla turned to doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for help with their habit of plastic surgery. After her first intervention at the age of 21, the Brazilian-born New Jerseyer went “under the microscope” every 6 months.

“It became a habit! It was like having my nails done in a nail salon,” Sheyla said in a confessional. “I had 32 plastic surgeries in my breasts. I had all the CCs you can think of.”

After losing her various breast sizes, which were a maximum of 5,500 CCs, Sheyla found that she finally stopped when she became pregnant with her daughter Victoria. Although Sheyla had a reduction done to breastfeed her daughter, she later increased her implant size again.

Unfortunately, Sheyla has developed “chronic back pain” in recent years. So it was time to part with the “unnecessary weight”.

“The smallest thing I can go is 1,000,” said Sheyla Botched Camera before her advice.


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