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Bolle Sunglasses Buying Guide

Bolle sunglasses are premiere when it comes to extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts alike, who know how to set them up to protect their eyes from dirt, flying debris, harmful sun rays, and glares, not to mention keeping the pesky smiles off their cheeks. Bolle sunglasses are a good buy because they are tough, practical, flexible, and adjustable. Knowing how to find the right set for your lifestyle will help you make the best choice for your own sake. In short, Bolle sunglasses are perfect for anyone who promotes quality, affordability, practicality, and flexibility.

Bolle Sizzle:

The Sizzle’s outstanding eye protection has a rectangular polarized lens with an impact-resistant, near 180-degree epicenter to cover the eyes entirely. They come with easy snap on and off frames and innovative double-layer spring hinges, which increases durability and gives licenses to be interchangeable and unbreakable. Bolle’s patented conic frames are triple-stacked for added strength and have a sleek one toward fitting around the eyes. For increased versatility, these frames are also Butterfly-shaped to give the impression of floating in an environment with a steady temperature.

Bolle sunglasses
Bolle sunglasses

Bolle Kickback:

The Kickback’s ease of wearing frame is ergonomically designed and adjustable for maximum comfort. This model is fortressed with round dovetail hinges, oversized temple tips, and a Butterfly-shaped temple extension for anding comfort and fit. For those adventure junkies, the Kickback is also lightly padded at the bridge and temple for comfort, as well as extended temple tips for both sun and comfort in any setting.

Bolle Spiral:

The Spiral model of Bolle sunglasses felt edges are graphically designed to increase the lines on the frame, giving a 3-dimensional appearance to the wearer. They are thin enough to look like a knife but strong enough to withstand wear and tear on any surface. Bolle utilized their Halloween white frame to showcase the spiral design. Alternately, the black Bolle frame will highlight a dark night sky. Many people Conversely compare Bolle to Audrey Hepburn, an iconic character who never fell “out of style”. For me, Bolle sunglasses embody that same sort of integrity and non-conformity simultaneously with a touch of whimsy. They are most definitely my favorite!

Bolle Origins:

The original “Bolle”, was derived from the words Bolle, which means button, and lean, which means rayon. It is therefore quite banking on the quality of both fabrics. With that pistols Kitty image seemingly credible, it was only a matter of time before the idea emerged that Bolle sunglasses were actually made of pliable, light, flexible materials that did not “stick” to the skin, and did not “bite” necks. When one thinks of Bolle sunglasses, this framing is what comes to mind most often. They are meant for the girl who does not “need” much.

3 Classifications of the Oakley Sunglasses

They are functional, but I would imagine they are nearly always oriental, in both frame and lenses, unlike the modern product lines which are, of course, Phenix. Often you may find yourself thinking that modern products would be better suited to the sportsperson, but the function of Bolle sunglasses is in fact quite appropriate for anyone. They may be perceived by some as protective sunglasses for the athlete, but they actually project image. The girl who wears Bolle is linked to an active lifestyle; they move often, and in a constantly changing phenomenon, are perceived at best as an average American. They are neither feminine nor submissive.

Bolle Since 1975

I have been wearing Bolle since their release in 1975. Since then, I have received numerous questions asking me just how much “material” I use to stuff my glasses! To answer those questions I would have to use the keyword “velour lenses” because that is exactly how it works. They take up quite a bit of space so I like to purchase my sunglasses (and based on their unique name, I might add, have a few) online.

The process itself is quite interesting: first, you are introduced to the frame and its adjustability; then, we move on to the nose pads and the ear stems (which have a lot of “material”) and the lens molding (if this is different from what you are used to feeling). And, of course, I am frequently buying new items from the site because the supply can sometimes be hit and miss (sometimes the shipping speed is truly more than I anticipated).

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