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Bold Haute Bohemian Interiors

Bold Haute Bohemian Interiors: Modern haute bohemians are world travelers, artists, writers, antique collectors, garden lovers. Living in highrise condominiums in New York, San Francisco, Paris, the urban classic contrasts with the medieval castle doors, jewel-toned furniture and brass-clad furniture. A new style of boho chic, which channels your inner free spirit, with luxurious, shiny and opulent interiors while being rooted and aware of the earth.

Antique Indian furniture designs are filled with an earthy vibe, a tumultuous love story of motifs and textures with white-sanded white cabinets, Jaipur blue consoles, dark green rustic furniture. Each room begins with a soft and suffused quiet base that brings out the liveliness of the design elements. The structured furniture is neutral and the accessories or furnishings are bold and exotic.

Bold Haute Bohemian Interiors
Bold Haute Bohemian Interiors

A beautiful old Haveli door creates a phenomenal headboard, with a long chest at the end of the bed for storing blankets and pillows. The stained glass window is framed by an ancient arch that recalls the old Indian palaces with their spire-shaped windows. Soft pashmina blankets and colorful cushions complete the design. An old long door sideboard is used as a media console and offers additional storage space. Connecting to the roots and an infusion of culture and history sets you apart from the crowd. By mixing styles and inspiring yourself globally, keep color shades in a similar category so you stay uniformly chaotic.

Traditional classic design with a bohemian touch but refined and decisive interiors, haute bohemian are a class apart. Ancient sculptures cured with the energies of ancient spiritual wisdom carry the essence of the world traveler with a sophisticated and purposeful design.

Always imagine the space as a whole, the furniture and accessories should fall into rhythmic tones of abandoned joy. Handmade colored tapestries embellished by Kutch, the nomadic tribal tribes in India, a visual pleasure of embroidered threads woven in love. Subtle shades and mirrors that reflect the sparkling lights give the room a romantic atmosphere.

A high architectural veranda in the shape of a spire frames the window overlooking the garden, the carved details of flowers, paisley and lotus that align the energies of the room to your personality, the boldness of your exuberant spirit feeds. The love in traditional design and the bohemian spirit that makes you happy and rooted in Mother Earth. The brass medallions, the iron nails take care of the electromagnetic charge so that you can feed your free spirit.
by Era Chandok

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