Body scrub before depilation: why do it and how

Among the many tips on how to prepare for waxing, one in particular should always be followed: body scrub before hair removal. Take some time exfoliation in fact it has the ability to make the operation really easier, more effective and faster

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The main function of the scrub is to eliminate dead cells and lift ingrown hair, which tend to get trapped under the skin. The scrub is in fact essential to make them surface again and allow the razor blade to cut them or the wax to “trap” them. Without this preliminary operation, the risk will be to find yourself with several still visible hairs, because they are stuck under a very thin layer of skin.

Together with the exfoliating part, scrubs are usually formulated with oils and butters, which allow an easier and more delicate application, and leave the pelle hydrated and nourished, a fundamental aspect for healthy skin, able to deal with hair removal and come out soft and bright.


The scrub to be applied before hair removal can be done by yourself, created at the moment with natural ingredients.

A very easy recipe calls foruse of almond oil, brown sugar and white sugar. Thanks to the different sizes of the two types of sugar, you will have even more effective granules. Massage the scrub with gentle circular movements on dry or slightly moistened skin, and then rinse. Do it at least twice in the days before depilation.

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