53 Unique Body Paint Images, Ideas and Inspiration (2020)


Body paint, also known as body painting, is a certain form of body art which is similar to tattoos.  Body painting is just like a temporary tattoo. It can only last for a short period of time.

20. Skeleton Body Paint

So freaky! Are those shoes painted?

21. Body Painting Picture Gallery

This model looks flawless.

22. Body Painting Pictures

What a wonderful underwater dream!

23. Body Paint Photos

Body Painting Start To Finish

This is an amazing form of advertisement from Coors Light.

24. Wonder Woman

Some artists are very skilled in hiding the private parts of their subjects.

25. Body Paint Male

Body Paint Male

This is an award winning body painting art ideas.

26. Body Painting Ideas

Body Paint Models

This is for all the sports fans out there. Some female models prefer to wear a bikini.

27. Koi Body Artwork

Body Paint Photography

This is a stunning Koi fish inspired artwork.

28. Alien

Body Paint Photos

An incredible alien body art.

29. Body Paint Images

Body Paint Supplies

She’s beautiful and a wonderful paint job too.

30. Wild Painting

I bet painting her was more fun than having her picture.

31. Lips

Body Paint Wallpapers

What a unique display of art!

32. Celebrity Body Paint

Supergirl Megan Fox, isn’t she super?

33. Red Dragon

Body Piercing Female

Love this!

34. Body Paint Art Pictures

The model’s arms and legs are significant in this image.

35. Wild Lion

Body Piercing Pictures

Wow, this is truly an incredible masterpiece!

36. Frog

Face Paint Images

Five women turned into one frog.

37. Sports Uniform

Face Painting Ideas

Ready to play ball!

38. Soccer Inspired Artwork

Female Body Painting Photos

Are you going to kick that soccer ball?

39. Colorful Body Paint

For full-body painting, models usually wear thongs and nipple covers.

40. Sci-Fi

Full Body Paint

A sci-fi inspired body art.

41.  Very hot!

Full Body Paint Before And After

This lady is a great fan of the famous soccer player Christian Ronaldo.

42. Impressive Body Art

Full Body Paint Cosplay

Such amazing detail!

43. Majestic

A body used as a canvass.

44. Anatomical Body Art


45. Sports Inspired Body Art

Full Body Painting Festival

Is this a sports uniform? It looks like real clothes!

46. World Cup Body Painting

Are you a World Cup fanatic? She’s super hot!

47. Full Body Paint Job

Full Body Paint Job Cost

A zebra inspired body art. It seems to look like paint, yet breathtaking.

48. 3D Body Art

Full Body Paint Supplies

Great work!

49. Very Colorful

Full Body Paint Video

What a stunning display of colors, patterns, and details!

50. Sexy Body Paint

Images painted on the body make it look like they’re wearing clothes.

51. Iron Man

Nice Body Paint

World Body Painting Festival is celebrated each year in Austria.

52. Full Body Painting

Where Can I Buy Body Paint

It really covers beautifully.

Best Body Paints Reviewed

1. Mehron Paradise Make Up AQ Brillant Palette

[amazon fields=”B00KHX4QLO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Mehron Paradise Makeup Palette”]

The Paradise Make Up AQ Brillant Palette is the best product for face and body painting. It features 8 new colors that shine and sparkle. These are Azur (Dark Blue), Fuchsia, Dore (Gold), Vert Bouteille (Green), Blue Bebe (Light Blue), Orange, Violine (Purple) and Argente (Silver). Each color is about 0.25oz. You can carry it anywhere since this product is packed in a compact case with a built-in 4″x6″ mirror and a flat synthetic brush. It looks sleek and professional making it perfect for face and body painting and even fantasy designs.

The Paradise Palette can let you paint 450-500 face designs/applications. In French, “Brillant” refers to “shiny”. It is also available in other variants such as basic color, pastel color, and tropical color. You can even buy an empty palette and build your own customized palette by choosing 8-color Palette refills. This product contains aloe, avocado oil, chamomile,  cocoa butter as well as emollients glycerin.

The Paradise Makeup AQ is a water activated moist cake makeup that is semi-soft. It is being co-created by Jinny Houle, World Renowned Body Painting Artist. This cake makeup takes Body Painting into a new dimension. It is available in a wide range of dynamic colors. Since it is water activated then the artist can have the freedom to control the hues of the colors. Professional Body and Face Artists love its ease of application as well as its ability to have full control over the depth of the colors. It is perfect for the bigger Body and Faces Painting Events. Paradise Makeup AQ has a color consistency that is incomparable in the realm of body makeup.


  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Lets you control the depth of colors
  • Each color palette can be used for a hundred applications
  • It can resist to smearing
  • Its vibrant colors will stay put
  • This makeup is safe and gentle on skin

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2. Kryolan Aquacolor

[amazon fields=”B00U9OXZT0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Kryolan Aquacolor Body Paint”]

Kryolan Aquacolor is our second pick.  It is a glycerin-based makeup with high-quality ingredients. It’s very easy to apply, just use a moistened sponge or brush. For extreme conditions, setting spray is recommended. Kryolan Aquacolors has been in the makeup industry for more than 30 years now. It has a range of colors which only proves how innovative they are.

Most people love this product because it dries up gradually, which permits beautiful blending. With Kryolan makeup, you can easily obtain a smooth and comfortable coverage. In order to get the most durable finish, you can set your body paint designs with translucent powder. You can blend it with other brands and other styles of Kryolan Aquacolor.

Each palette can be taken out individually, so you can replace it with other colors.  If one color is already empty then you won’t have to buy a new palette.  You can choose a sheer application by adding more water. For thicker applications, less water is needed.


  • Color-intensive
  • Easy to apply
  • Smudge-proof
  • Can be removed with soap and water
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • ECARF certified
  • Sold in separate palettes
  • Easy to blend
  • Flexible even when dry

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3. Ben Nye MagiColor Liquid Paints

[amazon fields=”B003AT8P82″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Ben Nye Body Paint”]

Ben Nye MagiColor Liquid Paints can be used right away. It is richly pigmented and can be used with a brush, sponge or airbrush. This product can be used on face, body, and hair. There are 22 rich shades that you can choose from.

You can apply it intensely and it will dry up quickly giving you a smudge-free and water-resistant finish. It can be mixed with other colors and with other brands too. You can also use it as temporary hair highlights by using a sponge or a coarse brush for an instant application.  It can also be blended with a few drops of Ben Nye’s Final Seal Matte.

Use an airbrush for a flawless finish! Viscosity differs according to shade. For airbrush consistency, you can use LiquiSet or Final Seal to make it thinner.  Each ounce can be used for 20-70 applications. The 4-ounce bottle can let you paint about 80 – 280 applications.


  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove, just use soap and water
  • Intense colors
  • Dry quickly
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant finish
  • Non-greasy
  • Inexpensive


  • It will rub off when the setting powder is not used.
  • It will make your skin dry, you must apply lotion to moisturize your skin.

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Body Paint Questions

Do you still have questions? There is no need to worry – we have you covered. Here are a few of our most commonly asked body paint questions:

Is acrylic paint safe for skin?

Even though acrylic paint is non-toxic, we wouldn’t recommend it for use on the skin. It can cause breakouts and skin irritation since it is not formulated for this use. You are much better off using paint made for the body and face.

Who can get their body painted?

Anyone can get their body painted! Even though many people associate body paint with children, it can be done for teens and adults, as well. Bodypaint can be considered a fun body modification no different than a piercing or tattoo, just less permanent.

What is the best paint for the bodypaint?

Most commonly, latex-based paint is used for body applications. Make sure that you use paint specifically formulated for body applications. Other formulations can cause irritation or other undesirable effects.

Body Painting Trends for the upcoming years

There are a lot of designs for body paints. Some use flowers while others prefer a realistic 3D design. Bodypaint can also be used by the military as an effective camouflage. Some products can also be used as highlights for your hairstyle to make you look unique. Artists usually paint a completely naked body. Would you be willing to go naked to get body paint?


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