1189+ Body Painting and Body Art Models with Resources

This is one of the most natural (and oldest) forms of expression of the arts. Body painting is a form of body art where the painter uses the human skin for its expressions. We all know the face-paint parties we had when we were children. Imagine that but then with a completely painted body as a form of art. Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary and generally only lasts a couple of hours (though there are cases were it lasted up to a few weeks…).

The art of body painting is one of the earliest artistic expressions that we know and can find thousands of years before the birth of Christ. Our ancestors used body paint to express religious devotions, to protect against evil and diseases, or to show some sort of status or rank. Today, however, we have body paint models who are just doing it for fun, and why not? It’s just like face-painting, but then naked.

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