Boba Fett: 5 questions the series has not answered yet

What questions will the next episodes of “Boba Fett’s Book”, the Star Wars series broadcast every Wednesday exclusively on Disney + have to answer?

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On December 29, the Disney + platform began broadcasting its brand new Star Wars series: The Book of Boba Fett. Like The Mandalorian, this new spin-off is set in the wake of Return of the Jedi (Episode VI), and follows the famous bounty hunter on new adventures, as we find out how the latter ultimately survived. his fall into the mouth of Sarlaac to take the head of the crime syndicate on the planet Tatooine.

After the broadcast of the first two episodes of the series, here are the five main questions we ask ourselves.


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Released seriously injured by his pre-digestion in the sarlaac’s stomach, Boba Fett only survived with the help of the care provided by a bacta tank, the same basin that treated Luke Skywalker’s injuries at the beginning of The Empire strikes back.

Recovered, and apparently completely healed, Boba nevertheless continues to plunge regularly into this tank. Hence the question: is the former bounty hunter seriously ill, to the point of ensuring his survival only with the help of this basin?


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Once again an elite warrior, Boba Fett did not wish to become a bounty hunter again, preferring to seize the head of the crime syndicate once occupied by Jabba the Hutt. As the new leader of the underworld, Boba intends to reign in “respect, not fear”.

Noble intentions, but which do not however match the image that we have of the character. For him, is this a revenge against the Hutt clan, his previous employer? Or a provisional plan, the time to set up another revenge (eg against Han Solo)? Everything suggests that Boba Fett still has more than one trick up his sleeve, and we actually hope that the series will surprise us in the next episodes.


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It’s an alliance that looks and works, and maybe even a little too well. The tandem formed by Boba Fett and Fennec Shand works wonderfully, thanks to a distribution of tasks: he takes care of politics, she of field operations. A perfectly found duo therefore, but which leaves doubts about the interests that the mercenary can find in being satisfied with a simple role of number 2.

Is Fennec acting out of greed, counting on the sums of money that Boba’s function could bring him? Or maybe the latter has more personal reasons for working with Fett? Recall that the path of Fennec Shand had crossed that of Omega, the “sister” also cloned of Boba (whose birth name is Alpha) in the animated series The Bad Batch …


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At first glance, the answer seems obvious: a man of straw par excellence, Bib Fortuna was surely left at the head of the Jabba empire by the Hutt clan, with the certainty that it will neither have the guts nor even intelligence to attempt to hijack the underworld control over Tatooine.

But this cowardice makes little credibility the fact that such an unglamorous character could continue to exert an influence on such a criminal clan, and keep away the other mafia clans of the region. One thing is certain in any case: Boba had no difficulty in seizing the throne formerly occupied by Jabba.


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If there is no doubt that The Book of Boba Fett is indeed attached to the official chronology of the saga, and in particular to the original trilogy of George Lucas, its plot seems however to take the turn of an independent story, without direct with the films and series Disney +.

But this finding could change over the weeks. A rumor even claims that an iconic actor of the saga would have secretly shot scenes for the last episode of the series. Will Boba be facing a character well known to fans? Will the series open the door to other developments (season 2? Spin-off?)?

Response in the coming weeks, with the broadcast every Wednesday of The Book of Boba Fett series, exclusively on Disney +.

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