Board Game Storage Solutions to Stay Organized

Do you have a problem staying organized when it comes to your board games? Are they constantly taking up too much space in your home and you don’t know what to do? This blog post will outline some great storage solutions to help keep your games organized, making it easy for you to find the game you want to play. So read on and get organizing!

There are many different ways to store games, and the best option will depend on the amount of space you have available and the number of games you own. If you have a large collection, you may want to invest in a dedicated cabinet or shelf for your games. This will keep them organized and dust-free. If you have a smaller collection, you can use baskets or boxes to store game pieces and cards.

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Pegboards and corkboards are also great options for storing tokens and other small items. For vertical storage, shelves can be mounted on the wall or placed inside a dresser, armoire, or other piece of furniture. Finally, if you’re short on space, you can create storage under the bed or in an unused closet. By following these tips, you can keep your games organized and safely stored away.

Use a shoe organizer to store board games

A shoe organizer can be a great way to store board games. This is because a shoe organizer can help to keep the games organized and easy to find. In addition, a shoe organizer can protect the games from dust and damage. To use a shoe organizer for storing board games, simply place the games in the pockets of the organizer. Then, label each pocket with the name of the game. This will help you to easily find the game you want to play. Once you have placed all of the games in the pockets, you can then hang the organizer on a wall or door. This will help to save space in your home and make it easy for you to find the games you want to play.

Hang a mesh net on the back of your door to store games

A mesh net is a great storage solution for small items like games. It can be hung on the back of a door or in a closet, and it provides quick and easy access to the items you need. The netting is also breathable, so it won’t cause games to sweat or warp. And because the netting is see-through, you’ll always be able to find the game you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to store your games, consider using a mesh net.

Store games in labeled boxes or bins

One of the best ways to keep your game collection organized is to store them in labeled boxes or bins. This way, you can easily see what games you have and where they are. Label the boxes or bins with the name of the game, the date it was released, and the developer. You can also include a brief description of the game on the label. If you have a lot of games, you may want to consider organizing them by genre or platform. For example, you could have a box for all your PlayStation 4 games, and another box for your Xbox One games. Or, you could have a bin for all your party games, and another bin for all your strategy games. Whatever system you use, labeling your game collection will help you keep it organized and make it easier to find the game you want to play.

Store games in clear plastic containers

Games are a crucial part of any party or gathering. They provide a way for people to interact and have fun together. However, games can also be a source of frustration if they are not organized properly. One way to keep games organized and easy to find is to store them in clear plastic containers. This way, you can see at a glance what games are available, and you won’t have to search through a pile of boxes to find the one you want. In addition, clear plastic containers are stackable, so you can save space by storing multiple games in one place. By taking a few minutes to organize your games, you can make sure that your next party is a hit.

Store games in baskets or crates

Organizing video games can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of them. One way to make it easier is to store them in baskets or crates. This will help you to keep them organized and easy to find. Baskets and crates also offer protection from dust and other elements that can damage your games. When choosing a storage solution, be sure to consider the size of your collection and the amount of space you have available. With a little bit of planning, you can easily keep your games organized and in good condition.

Hang game boards on the wall with hooks or magnets

There are many different ways to store and display game boards. One option is to hang them on the wall using hooks or magnets. This can be a great way to save space, as well as to create a focal point in a room. It also allows you to easily see all of your options when you are looking for a game to play. If you decide to go this route, be sure to use strong hooks or magnets that can support the weight of the game board. You may also want to add a bit of padding to the back of the board in order to protect your wall from scratches. Whatever method you choose, hanging game boards is a great way to keep them organized and within easy reach.


No matter how you choose to store your board games, the most important thing is that they are organized and easy to find. By taking a little bit of time to set up a system for yourself, you’ll save yourself frustration in the future. So get organizing!