Black Panther Just Summoned An Army of Monsters to Fight For Wakanda

In order to help fight an intergalactic invasion, the Black Panther summons an army of monsters to help–and they are the old gods of Wakanda!

Spoilers for Black Panther #24 ahead!

Wakanda is under siege by forces from an evil interstellar empire and in Black Panther #24, the titular character summons an army of “monsters” to fight for his nation, and these “monsters” are actually the old gods of Wakanda.

Wakanda has achieved a reputation in the Marvel Universe for being the most technologically-advanced nation on Earth, with capabilities far beyond other nation-states. This is in large part thanks to the enormous reserves of the rare metal Vibranium, which has given the country huge wealth. The country has a rich history as well, stretching back to the prehistoric era. According to their legends, the Originators, the original gods of Wakanda, were overthrown and banished by the Orisha. In the present day, Black Panther has encountered an evil, and star-spanning version of Wakanda and the Orisha have allied themselves with this twisted version of Black Panther’s homeland. Black Panther has had enough and decides to fight fire with fire.

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In the issue, written by Ta’Neshi Coates with art and colors by Daniel Acuna, Black Panther has assembled an all-star team of heroes of African descent to fight the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda and the Orisha. As the dust settles from the battle, N’Jadaka, the leader of the evil Wakandan empire, confronts Black Panther, gloating over how his empire is “Wakanda evolved.” Black Panther rebukes him, leading another charge against N’Jadaka and his forces – only this time they are joined by members of Black Panther’s family as well as the Originators – the monstrous first gods of Wakanda, chanting “glory and honor” over and over. His family had been attempting to strike a deal with them… and it was successful.

The nation of Wakanda embodies progress and freedom in the Marvel Universe, and the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda is the opposite: a despotic, slave-driving regime. The Black Panther, as the king of the nation and the embodiment of its ideals, takes offense to this blasphemy of Wakandan beliefs and goes straight to the old gods for help in vanquishing it. The Originators are fearsome in appearance, carrying massive weapons and looking ready for a fight. It is only fitting that the gods that overthrew them – the Orisha – are on the side of the Intergalactic Empire, so this will also be a chance for the Originators to avenge themselves.

Over the past five years, Ta’Neshi Coates has taken the Black Panther to new heights, expanding not only the character’s mythology, but the mythology of Wakanda as well, and now Coates is taking readers all the way back to the first gods of Wakanda. The issue is on sale now in print and digital.

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