Black and pink nails: spring nail art

Black and pink nails: spring nail art. The combination of black and pink nails it has been popular since the 1920s and is back in vogue this spring, even on the hands. To make it a real trend, however, was the designer Elsa Schiaparelli who used this performance mix of colors from 1936, when he invented his gradation of pink. Or, as Helen Varley better wrote, “An intense magenta that was called shocking pink in the thirties, hot pink in the fifties, and extravagant pink in the sixties. More than a youth revolution appears in the vanguard, to some it sings, to others it screams ”.

Black and pink nails
Black and pink nails

The cover of 1925 Fashion. Photos Getty Images

© William Bolin

Same concept for manicure that is depopulating on Instagram: some love the combination of pastel pink and opaque black, others opt instead for bright pink and hyper lacquered black. A mix, that of black and pink nails, also loved by Carrie Bradshaw in the last era of Sex and the city. As a demonstration, Oscar de la Renta’s super cool suit from the early 2000s.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex and the city in the 2000s era. Photo Getty Images

© Arnaldo Magnani

For those who want to replicate this fashion catchphrase on their hands, can indulge themselves with the proposals that nail artists make on Instagram. Betina Goldstein he chooses it delicate, with a star pattern. Jen Seales swaps the classic white with pink for his interpretation of cow manicure, Joy Manicure creates a good luck charm, while Hard As Nails Studio instead brings the confetti hands back into vogue. These and other inspirations to give in to the great trend that is now going crazy on social media.

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