Billionaire Roundup: Marriage, Space Flight, Covid, And Death

Hey there party people! Can you believe it’s March again? I mean, felt for March 2020 last year, oh, now 13 months. At least now the vaccine is running out and there is a light at the end of the temporal tunnel. Our favorite billionaires are, as always, living their best lives, which is easy to do when there are billions in the bank. One is a billionaire remarried, another is looking for some good people to take to space, one is running off his butt while Kovid ruins his business, and sadly one The French billionaire lost his life in an accident. This is the latest version of the Billionaire Roundup!

Congratulations to McKenzie Scott and her new husband

McKenzie Scott has remarried. Her new husband, Dan Juet, is a science teacher in Seattle who taught chemistry at Lakeside School, where the children of McKenzie and Jeff Bezos attended school. Scott, a writer and prominent philanthropist, is a member of Giving Pledge. Her new husband released a statement on the site, stating that she “would be a partner in giving the property something to do potentially very well at sharing, expressing gratitude for the extraordinary privilege. And now, a stroke of pleasant coincidence In, I am married. One of the most generous and kind people I know – and join him in a commitment to go through enormous financial wealth to serve others, “he said. Scott was 2N d The most generous person in America in 2020 in terms of charitable giving. It donated $ 5.7 billion to more than 500 organizations, each gifted a figure of seven or eight. The donations went to food banks, racial justice organizations and human service charities.


Yusaku Maezawa is looking for eight people to go into space

Billionaire Yusaka Mezawa is on it again. The fashion company’s billionaire founder Zozo is searching for eight people from around the world to go to the moon on a rocket built by SpaceX. The trip is scheduled for 2023. If it actually happens, it will be the first lunar trip by non-astronauts. The journey will be a one-week flight around the Moon before returning to Earth. Maezawa will cover all the costs of traveling to the moon. If you are interested in applying to be a part of our crew, go to Priemun.Tharth to submit your information!

Mexico’s second-richest man is living a good life while Kovid saves his workers

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the second richest person in Mexico and he is sure that everyone knows it. The 65-year-old billionaire flowed his wealth on social media. An example, posted only last month, was a video of his 163-foot supertach on the Sea of ​​Cortez with the caption “How was your #weekend?” The only problem is, Pligo, the founder of the media, banking, retail and telecommunications company Grupo Salinas, is quick to tell anyone who will listen that Kovid needs some or any security precautions. His TV network, TV Azteca, specifically called on the people of Mexico to ignore the recommendations of the country’s top health officials on managing the epidemic. Their workers are working in dangerous conditions, which has resulted in them being vulnerable to capturing Kovid. Pligo kept his offices and businesses open and asked employees to come in even if they had signs of Kovid. He also promised the family of an employee who died of Kovid that he would give them compensation and then later refused to honor that pledge. He also refused to start a Kovid test site mandated by the government for businesses with 100 or more employees. Even after the death of two of his employees, Pligo continued to refuse to follow the testing protocol.

French billionaire dies in helicopter crash

Olivier Dassault was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday 7 March when his helicopter crashed in Normandy, France. Dassault has a holiday home in Normandy. The 69-year-old largely inherited his billions from his father, Serge Dassault, whose business makes Rafale war planes and owns the newspaper Le Figaro. French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to Dassault on Twitter, writing, “Olivier Dassault loved France. Industry captain, deputy, local elected officer, reserve commander in the Air Force: During his life, he served our country. Never ceased to do, for value. ” Its property. His sudden death is a great loss. For their family and loved ones. “The pilot of the helicopter was also killed. There was no one else on board.

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