Billionaire Roundup: Has JK Rowling Lost Her Mind? And Kanye West For President Of The United States?

Party people! How was your July 4th? Were you masked and far from society or were you celebrating like in 1999 and we did not know what a pandemic could do? Over the course of the long weekend, our favorite billionaires have lived up to their habits like repairing their superyachts, slamming trans people on Twitter, declaring a race for the presidency while benefiting from a loan from the protection of the pays (for shame!) And three billionaires donate to political campaigns much more often than the rest. Well, when we talk about Dennis Washington, JK Rowling, Kanye West (twice), Sheldon Adelson, Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer… we better get to work.

Billionaire Dennis Washington’s Mega Yacht Arrives in Vancouver for Repairs

US billionaire Dennis Washington’s superyacht Attessa IV has arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia despite a non-essential travel ban between the United States and Canada due to the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 to the states -United. valued at $ 250 million. The 328-foot-long ship arrived in Vancouver from Port Angeles, Washington on Tuesday June 30 with a crew on board. The Washington company claims that the yacht is in British Columbia for the necessary repairs, all crew members have been tested for Covid-19 and the ship has been cleared by the Canada Border Services Agency. The IDKs, with film and television production stopped – and it’s a big deal in Vancouver, it looks like the billionaire could have greased the wheels to allow his yacht to enter Canada.

Someone should remove JK Rowling’s Twitter and tell them about trans rights

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has to leave the special soap box she tweeted for weeks. Last month, we reported on some transphobic tweets from the billionaire author. Rowling did not learn his lesson and returned there during the 4e of the weekend of July. Sunday July 5e, Rowling tweeted:

“Many health professionals are concerned that young people struggling with their mental health will be bypassed to hormones and surgery when it is not in their interest.

Twitter has rightly lost its mind because it is very easy to interpret Rowling’s tweets as accusing the medical community of pushing gay adolescents towards gender confirmation surgery. This tweet was just one example in which she tried to defend herself after being called in to compare the anti-hormonal drugs currently administered to trans men and women with antidepressants. Each time Rowling tweets, she appears more and more like a Karen out of touch who is transphobic. This is not beautiful. Millennials, who grew up with Rowling’s beloved books and the movies that came out of them, are # neutralizing them left and right.

Oliver Contreras – Swimming pool / Getty Images

Kanye West is the last person to join the race for President of the United States

Well, who had Yeezy presidential candidate in 2020 on his Apocalypse bingo cards? I certainly didn’t, but we all woke up on Sunday July 5 to the news that Kanye is running for president. But is it really? Or is it another hit of “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” from the rapper who surely has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder. However, the November ballot dates have already passed in several states, which means that he would probably be forced to make a writing effort. If anyone can do it, it’s Kanye West. And all he would likely do is take voters away from Joe Biden and hand the election over to Donald Trump. A quick read of Twitter shows that he has a number of supporters of this mane scam, including Travis Scott. Fortunately, there isn’t even a single sign that Kanye has filed the necessary documents to run for president. And he just dropped a new single, so I bet it’s a publicity stunt. 2020 has treated enough BS recently.

Kanye West Received a Pay Protection Program Loan – Shame on Him!

In other news from the planet Kanye West, he managed to get one of the coveted payroll protection loans. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, he and Trump are friends and Yeezy has been a very active supporter of Trump. Yeezy, LLC. has received a multi-million dollar loan between $ 2 million and $ 5 million under the CARES law, designed to provide economic relief to small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Yeezy, LLC says 160 jobs have been saved thanks to the loan. It seems that Kanye, with a net worth of $ 3.2 billion, could easily have saved these 160 jobs without a loan designed for struggling businesses. Yeezy and his wife and in-laws are the exact opposite of the troubled businesses that the PPP was designed to help.

Three billionaires on both sides of the aisle are the campaign’s biggest donors

This year, more than any other in the history of the country, it is important to go out and vote for the candidate (not for Kanye West, damn it!) Which most faithfully reflects your problems and your moral compass. This is what the billionaire donors of today’s political campaigns are doing. In fact, American billionaires spend 20 times more on political donations than in 2010. Ten years ago, billionaire political donations amounted to $ 32 million. In 2018, they reached $ 611 million. In 2018, Democrats received $ 314 million from billionaires, while Republicans received $ 278 million. In 2016, Republicans received $ 371 million and Democrats $ 309 million. The main billionaire political contributors are Sheldon Adelson, Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg.


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