Billionaire Jack Ma Is Trying To Save The World From Coronavirus

Billionaire Jack Ma Is Trying To Save The World From Coronavirus. Founder of Alibaba Jack ma not only is China’s richest man, but he is also determined to help save the world from COVID-19, as well as to fix the reputation of his homeland. He recently opened his own Twitter account and so far almost all of his messages have been about his campaign to have medical supplies delivered to almost every country in the world. Jack the organizer of a large-scale operation to ship medical supplies such as face masks and respirators to more than 150 countries around the world.

Jack Ma is not the only technological billionaire involved in the fight against coronaviruses. Twitter and Square’s Jack Dorsey donate $ 1 billion to the cause. Other major donors to the cause include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, ByteDance, and MasterCard. Alibaba is 12 years old on a list of private COVID-19 donors.

Jack Ma Donation

Of course, China has strict guidelines for just about everything regarding its citizens. So far, Ma’s donations have followed the guidelines of the Chinese Communist Party. None of his donations of money or equipment have gone to countries with which China disagrees, such as Taiwan, its diplomatic rival. Ma said on Twitter that he is donating medical supplies to 22 Latin American countries. States and countries that side with Taiwan cannot be included in the list of 150 countries to which Ma donates. So far, all the donations that have been delivered have generated a big thank you to the billionaire. He, or rather China, does not disclose the names of the countries that have been excluded from the list because of diplomatic relations (and the general secrecy of the Communist Party).

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To date, Ma has supplied more than 150 countries with 120 million face masks, 4.1 million test kits, and 3,704 respirators. Ma’s gifts have been received and put into use. Unlike the Chinese government, which has come under heavy criticism for sending defective or broken supplies to a number of countries, all of Ma’s supplies are in working order. In fact, Ma’s gifts have been widely celebrated across Africa. Ma is committed to visit all African countries. Since his retirement in 2018, he has frequently visited this continent.

Can Ma alone provide most of the PPE, test kits, and ventilators she needs? It remains to be seen. We have reported on the 500,000 tests and the million masks he promised in the U.S. He has also donated $ 14.4 million to date to the effort to find a vaccine for the virus. With his net worth of $ 44 billion and his strenuous efforts to ensure that more than 150 countries have the necessary tests and medical equipment, he is perhaps the most credited person with the most important role in the fight this virus and, indirectly, save thousands, if not millions, of lives.

Mr. Ma, wherever you are right now, thank you!

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