Billionaire George Soros Announces $220 Million Pledge Towards Racial Justice

Billionaire George Soros, who is sometimes referred to as bad by the right-wing media for his financial support for the causes of social justice, announced another engagement of this type that will probably not change this dynamic. Its Open Society foundations recently announced $ 220 million in new contributions to “power-building organizations and leaders in black communities across the country, betting on their ability to build momentum today for a better future.” “, according to the organization’s press release.

$ 150 million of this will go to five-year grants for “black-led justice organizations that helped create and maintain the momentum for racial equality”, the idea being to provide these organizations provide long-term financial support rather than just one-time cash donations. As Tom Perriello, executive director of the American branch of the Open Society, said in the press announcement:

“The success of this movement, the most important in the history of the United States, will be measured over the years, not weeks, and we cannot say that the life of the blacks counts and not to engage on several years in a strategy established and centered by black leaders and organizations that changed America’s sense of what is possible. “

Some of the organizations receiving these five-year grants include Black Voters Matter, Circle for Justice Innovations, Repairers of the Breach and Equal Justice Initiative, which focus on a myriad of aspects of social change in the United States, from organizing elections to police reform and beyond.

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The remaining $ 70 million will go to “more immediate efforts to advance racial justice”, including combating voter repression, investing in cities “reinventing public safety, transcending the culture of criminalization and incarceration, and aimed at creating safe, healthy and racial conditions just for the communities ”and the engagement of young people.

Soros public society foundations established a racial justice initiative in 2003, but it was an unusually large and ambitious project even for him.

More details on these Open Society grants will be released soon.


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