Billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov’s Son Says He Lost $50 Million Trading Stocks

The ongoing divorce between billionaire Farhad Akhamedov and ex-wife Tatiana Akhamedov has revealed a very interesting statistic about his son Timur’s bad investment experiences. After Bloomberg accused his father of concealing assets, Bloomberg reported that Temur testified in court that he would in fact lose more than $ 50 million a day of business while studying in college.

Temur says the money was lost on the stock market, not to conceal it from his mother, in order to save him from a court-ordered divorce settlement, whose total assets are reported to be around $ 600 million. In a legal filing presiding over the divorce in a London court, Timur said that his father was not happy when he came to know about the great loss of his son.

“I suspected he was thinking that he would never have made the same mistakes that I had … For him, it was a shocking sum, especially so quickly.”

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TOLGA AKMEN / AFP via Getty Image

It is unclear how long it took Taimur (pictured above) by Day Trading to lose $ 50 million, but he says it happened after a hot hot streak while attending school at London’s Economics School. In trying to reclaim his initial fortune, he was making about $ 50 million in damages.

While Tatiana claims she would have known her son to lose such a large sum, Timur says otherwise, and is not involved in any attempt to hide the property from her:

“And although those amounts are now ‘beyond reach’, it’s only because I invested them badly and the amount was lost.”

The divorce between Farhad and Tatiana Akhamedov has been the largest single divorce case in Britain. In the current dispute, Tatiana pleads to prosecute her ex-husband and pay $ 600 million for bail in court, which Farrakhad has refused to pay. Tatiana has pursued legal action in at least six countries including attempts to seize the billionaire’s SuperArt in Dubai and his $ 140 million art collection in Lichtenstein. Both attempts were unsuccessful.

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