Bill Self Now Has A Lifetime Contract With Kansas — How Much

The Bill Self and Kansas Jayawks looked to end their 2020-21 season in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. The team suffered its worst tournament defeat, losing 85–51 at the hands of the USC Trojans. But that did not stop the jewelers from doubling themselves – potentially forever.

One day before the last four, Kansas announced that it restructured its own deal. In theory, this is a lifetime contract. In practice, this is a five-year rolling agreement that adds one year at the end of each season. As long as Kansas continues to perform at a high level, Self will remain in charge.

The timing of the deal was curious. In addition to the announcement in the shadow of the Final Four, it came on the same day that Arizona fired Sean Miller. And the Jayhawks were still without an athletic director, so it seemed a bit odd that they would first re-sign their coach (the Jayhawks signed Eddie from former Northwestern Administrator Travis Goff).

Kansas has been under investigation for more than three years since September 2017 as a result of the FBI basketball scandal. The university is accused of five levels of violations, which the NCAA considered “arrogant” and “serious”. But the university did not leave itself behind and gave its support behind the self.

Kansas Shared a new version Of the contract, and contains some interesting elements. For every year beyond the initial five, Sway will receive a $ 2.5 million retention bonus. And that $ 7.2 million already owed to his old deal will be repaid over the next six years.

He can also earn up to $ 775,000 each season. He would earn $ 25,000 if he wins the Kansas Big 12 regular season, $ 50,000 to make the NCAA tournament if Kansas wins the Big 12 regular season, if he wins Coach of the Year, and $ 100,000 to reach the Sweet. , $ 150,000 and $ 200,000 16, winning the Final Four, and the National Championship respectively.

If at any point the Jaywaks decide to fire themselves, they will only pay a yearly salary of $ 5.41 million.

The 58-year-old has coached the Jaiwakas for 18 seasons. Cannes won the title in 2008 and won the Big 12 title 15 times during Self’s tenure. He joins Kentucky’s John Calipari as the men’s basketball coach who has signed lifetime deals with his schools. Calipari and Kentucky agreed to a lifetime contract in April of 2019.

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