Bill Gates Is The Largest Owner Of Farmland In The United States

Bill Gates is not one of the wealthiest people in the world, a co-founder of Microsoft and a prominent philanthropist – he is also the largest private owner of agriculture in the United States. Gates and his wife Melinda own a 242,000-acre farm in the US. The Gates portfolio of Farmlands consists of 18 states. His largest holdings are 69,071 acres in Louisiana, 47,927 acres in Arkansas and 20,588 acres in Nebraska. Gates near Phoenix also owns about 25,000 acres of land, which is to be developed as a suburb with 4,000 acres for 80,000 homes, schools, shops and offices and 3,400 acres of open space.

It is not surprising that Gates is heavily invested in farming. In 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation promised $ 300 million to help low-income farmers in Africa and Asia adapt to climate change. In 2018, the Gates Foundation invested $ 40 million to help breed chickens that lay high-quality eggs and cows that produce more milk for farms in Africa and South Asia.

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Stewart and Linda Resnick are not far behind Gates in terms of Farmart. The co-founder of The Wonderful Company, which owns Wonderful Pistachio, Pom Wonderful and Wonderful Hellos, has 190,000 acres of farmland in the US

Bill and Melinda Gates may be the largest owners of farming in America but they are far from being the largest landowners overall. The biggest landowner in America is probably nobody you have heard of. He is a cable TV mogul, who currently owns the $ 24 billion company Liberty Media. John Malone has been in the cable TV industry since the early 1970s. He is also part owner of the Atlanta Braves, Formula 1 Racing, Discovery Communications and Lionsgate / Starz. He is a billionaire and owns 2.2 million acres of land in the United States. One of Malone’s first purchases was the Bell Ranch of New Mexico. He bought a 290,100-acre, 453-square-mile farm in 2010. The purchase price was not disclosed, but the property was listed for $ 83 million. He went on to acquire land in Colorado, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Wyoming, he owns one million acres of woodlands in Maine and New Hampshire. In 2013, Malone bought the 800-acre Bridlewood Farm in Florida for $ 14 million. Owned by Malone in 2017, one of Tonerite’s horses won the Belmont Stakes. Malone has also purchased some high-profile properties in Ireland, including Hameed Castle in County Wicklow. The 32,668-square-foot palace occupies 427 acres of land that he bought for $ 11 million.

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