Big Ed Parties With Over 12 Young Ladies On Weekend

It’s no secret that Big Ed loves younger women, but this weekend the reality star outdid himself and snapped selfies partying with over a dozen women.

Ah, Big Ed—some fans love him, other fans love to hate him. But either way, he’s one of the most compelling stars of 90 Day Fiancé. His first romance on the show fizzled, but now he’s back on the prowl. Big Ed has a reputation for dating younger women, and he seems to be fully embracing it. The reality star has been getting cozy with a lot of young women lately, and this weekend looked like an all-time high, as he was spotted in selfies with no less than 13 different women.

Big Ed’s first relationship on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days went bust within one season, but it set a precedent for his romantic type. He’s been honest about wanting to date young party girls because he feels he is young at heart. Big Ed has gotten a lot of criticism from fans who don’t think it’s appropriate for a man in his 50s to be interested in women young enough to be his daughter. Despite his haters, Big Ed still gets a lot of attention from fans when he goes out to party.

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The reality star posted a glut of selfies of himself partying over the weekend. There were photos of Big Ed with older fans and one on what looks to be a boat brunch cruise, but followers quickly saw there was a pattern to who he snapped a selfie with. Big Ed shared selfies with over two dozen fans this weekend, but at least 13 of them were the kind of women he’s looking to date—young and hot. He’s had racy encounters with fans before, but these photos were fairly tame. The fans in his pictures may have been all smiles, but the ones in his comments weren’t amused.

Big Ed certainly had supporters in the comments of his many Instagram posts over the weekend, but several fans were critical of how close he was with women half his age. Some called him a “sleeze” or “cringey.” One fan theorized the women were hanging around him for clout, and another pointed out “you can post all the posts you want but these young girls are not going to stick around with you.” Overall, there were many fans who wanted to know why he doesn’t want to date women his own age.

Many fans are turned off by Big Ed, but they would be surprised to find out that he has a lot of devout followers. There are several fans who send him thirsty messages and eagerly slide into his DMs. For a lot of people, age is just a number and if both parties are interested in each other, it’s no one’s business. But it still feels icky to many fans who are grossed out by the drastic age difference between Big Ed and the women he pursues.

Big Ed might get a lot of attention from 90 Day Fiancé fans, but how genuine is that attention? Sure he gets several racy messages from fans, but there are a lot of people who want to be with someone famous just because they’re famous. The fact that Big Ed is looking to date a young woman makes it even riskier. Perhaps if he were to date a woman who is more age-appropriate, he could feel secure that she’s with him because she loves him, and not because he’s on television.

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Source: Big Ed/Instagram

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