Big Ed Gets His Face Tattooed On Leg

Viewers were grossed out when they glimpsed Big Ed’s face tattooed on his leg. What did fans and franchise alum Robert Springs have to say about it?

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life, Big Ed Brown hasn’t come across in the best light, and now he made his image even worse when fans spotted an interesting tattoo. So far, Ed has been pursuing a relationship with a woman named Liz, who is young enough to be his daughter and whose interest in Ed seems tepid at best. Fans collectively cringed when Ed attempted to land a kiss on Liz that ended in disaster. But nothing could have prepared viewers for a moment in the last episode when they caught a glimpse of what looked like a tattoo of Ed’s face on the side of his leg.

Big Ed has always expressed an interest in young women, and this season, Liz is the object of Ed’s obsession. He has been aggressively pursuing her all season and has continued to press forward towards a romantic relationship, despite Liz’s concerns about his age and her own readiness for a serious relationship. But despite the red flags on both sides, Liz agreed to be Ed’s date to an upcoming wedding. In the preview for the next episode, Ed teases a “surprise” for Liz and hopes he gets to sleep in the same bed with her on their trip.

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Despite his epic awkwardness with Liz in the last episode, it was one of Ed’s tattoos that viewers honed in on. It appears he has a tattoo of his face on the side of his calf. It’s not clear whether it’s a temporary tattoo or not, but either way, it’s extremely narcissistic. Even 90 Day Fiancé alum Robert Springs commented on Pillow Talk, “Ed has his own face tattooed on his body, what type of s*** is that?” Many fans were turned off by the tattoo and complained about how much TLC has been featuring him on the franchise.

Getting a tattoo of yourself, even if it’s only temporary, demonstrates a highly inflated ego, which could be the result of Big Ed’s overnight fame. Between the fans who love him and the fans who love to hate him, Big Ed has gained a large amount of notoriety in a relatively short amount of time. It’s hard for anyone to handle that level of attention and not let it go to their heads, and Ed is no exception. Whether he’s being criticized or praised, Ed seems to thrive off of people talking about him, and getting his face tattooed on his leg is just one more way to keep viewers buzzing.

There’s no saying whether the tattoo will help or hurt his chances with Liz on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life. Most fans see it as the mother of all red flags, but then again, Liz has put up with a lot of problematic behavior from him so far. Her tolerance of him has begun to provoke the ire of the fans, who accuse her of sticking with Ed for fame. However, Big Ed is still the main target of their criticism, and his narcissistic leg tattoo isn’t helping.

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