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Best Xbox Series X and Series S Deals for February 2022

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles.

If you’re looking for Microsoft Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S deals, you’re going to need a little patience because they don’t happen too often, especially with the high demand for next-gen consoles. Worse still, due to low stock availability of the Series X and Series S consoles, they are being offered at twice the list price or more in some markets, especially for the more powerful Series X. The same forces of supply and demand are affecting the players. looking for the latest PlayStation deals for PlayStation 5 game consoles. Officially, Microsoft and its authorized retailers sell the Xbox Series X and Series S console at list prices: $500 for Series X and $300 for Series S. That’s a fact , but there is a twist. Since Microsoft released the new game consoles last November, shipments have routinely sold out in minutes. Some believe that the imbalance between supply and demand may be easing because, in some cases, big box retailers like Best Buy and Target may keep the Series X and Series S in stock for a couple of hours. You may take the risk of finding a Series X or Series S console at list price today, but you’ll be competing with a host of other buyers, many of whom set up product availability alerts when consoles are in stock. Stay tuned and you’ll get your new console!

The best Xbox Series X and Series S deals

  • Far Cry 6 (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One) — $30, it was $60
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One) — $30, it was $60
  • PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S — $32, it was $45
  • 6 month Xbox Live Gold membership — $32, it was $41
  • Halo Infinite (Xbox Series X, Xbox One) — $52, it was $60
  • 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription — $59, it was $83
  • 4 Blood Ultimate Edition (Xbox Series X) — $60, it was $100
  • Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 — $140, it was $180

Play with thousands of color combinations, hundreds of vivid colors, three Spectra zones, and two LED modes with this controller. It also features two assignable buttons and three-way trigger locks.


Don the armor of the Master Chief once again in the latest installment of the legendary series. Save humanity in Campaign mode and interact with your friends in multiplayer mode.


Play as a Yaran local, Dani Rojas, in the fight to liberate the island from the rule of a ruthless dictator. Recruit allies and assemble a deadly arsenal of weapons to fuel the revolution.


Play like a pro with the Elite Series 2 controller, featuring interchangeable sticks and paddle shapes, up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life, and unlimited customization options.


Take the lead as Star-Lord and call the shots for the Guardians of the Galaxy as you take on a cosmic threat in an all-new story. Overwhelm your opponents with signature attacks.


The Ultimate Edition includes the Back 4 Blood base game, an Annual Pass that includes upcoming DLC, a skin pack, and additional in-game digital items.


Get blazing-fast online multiplayer games, free games, exclusive access to weekly sales and more for 12 months.


Take gaming to the next level with blazing-fast online multiplayer, free games, exclusive access to weekly deals and more for six months.


Lead your team to victory in this high stakes game. Each season brings new content, operators, and abilities for exciting 5v5 gameplay.


Dance alone or with friends following the movements on the screen. Use your smartphone to follow along with the Just Dance Controller app, featuring your choice of music through custom playlists.


Get blazing-fast online multiplayer, free games, exclusive access to weekly sales and more for three months with this CD Keys offer.


Travel across the open landscapes of Mexico behind the wheel of one of hundreds of the world’s best cars. Explore deserts, jungles, and beaches as you take on challenges for rewards.


The Xbox Wireless Controller in Carbon Black features sculpted surfaces and refined geometry, so you can experience extreme comfort while gaming.


Protect your Xbox Series X in multiple ways when you’re not gaming with this water-resistant, anti-scratch, dust cover case.


What is Xbox Series X?

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is the more powerful of the last two iterations of gaming powerhouse consoles. The X-Series has an AMD Custom Zen 2 octa-core CPU running at 3.8GHz, an AMD custom RDNA2 graphics processing unit running at 1.825GHz, and 12GB of RAM. A 1TB solid-state drive is standard, as is a 4K UHD Blu-Ray optical drive. The Series X outputs up to 8K video and ships with a fourth-generation Xbox Wireless Controller and UltraHDMI cable. Of the two new consoles, the Series X is the only one that plays games.

Theoretically, the Xbox Series X retails for $500, though availability is very limited and resellers often post new units for more than double the list price. You can also sign up for a 24-month Xbox All Access subscription that includes an Xbox Series X console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $35 per month. If you don’t want the most powerful of the latest Xbox console without compromises, the Xbox Series X is your choice.

What is the Xbox Series S?

Microsoft Xbox Series S plays all the games and other content you can play on Series X, just slower. The Series S is slightly below the Series X, with a slower CPU and GPS, slightly less memory, half the storage space, support for maximum 4K video, and no optical drive. The Series S can stream gaming content, but it can’t play hard media that you already own or buy.

The Series S console is priced at $300, or you can buy it with a $25 per month Xbox All Access subscription for 24 months. The Xbox Series S console is a lower-priced option for gamers who don’t want to spend $500 on a game console or who are more casual about their game. With the current shortage of Xbox consoles available, you’ll probably have to pay close to $500 to buy a Series S console anyway, unless you get lucky and find one during the brief availability windows when a new shipment arrives at a retail store. or website. .

Should you get an Xbox Series X or Series S console?

In a direct evaluation of the Xbox Series X and Series S, Clear Tips praised the Series X for its “cutting-edge gaming experience from Microsoft, delivering games at resolutions up to 8K in a minimal, compact form factor.” The same evaluation noted that the price of the Series S allows more gamers to enter the world of Xbox without breaking their budgets.

So which one should you buy? Assuming you can actually buy both consoles, the additional cost of the Xbox Series X’s $200 list price is worth it. The Series X console is more powerful than the Series S overall, including a faster CPU, support for 8K video compared to the Series S’ 4K limit, more memory, and twice the SSD storage. Additionally, the Series X console has a 4K UHD Blu-Ray optical drive. The drive has two big advantages: it can play games on physical media, plus it can play Blu-Ray media.

The Series S lets you play all the new Xbox games, so if that’s your only motivation for buying the next-gen Xbox console, it makes sense to save $200. However, if you want to play games with the most powerful console and the highest video resolution, Xbox Series X is still the smart choice.

Another way to get a Microsoft Series X or Series X at a great price

Microsoft has a second way to buy Series X or Series S consoles besides direct console purchases. If you sign up for a 24-month Xbox All Access subscription, you get a Series X or Series S console plus Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass Ultimate includes a library of over 100 games, including online multiplayer games and EA Play, a second library of Electronic Arts titles. Plus, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can play Xbox Game Studios games immediately after release, plus you can play Xbox games on compatible smartphones or tablets. The Xbox All Access subscription for the Series X console is $35 per month for 24 months, and the Series S All Access subscription is $25 per month.

If you were going to sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription anyway, the normal cost is $15 per month. With the Xbox Series X and Series S 24-month Xbox All Access subscription, you save $20 for Series X and $60 for Series S. Buying an Xbox All Access subscription hoping to get your hands on a Series X console X or Series S However, the older version doesn’t work because Microsoft sells the Xbox All Access bundles through the same retailers that sell the consoles for one purchase cost.

If you want to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S console right away, you may need to buy one of the inflated price deals. We found Series X consoles on Amazon, for example, for $1,099 and $1,149, more than double the list price of $500. Xbox Series S consoles have similar markings. Resellers barely sweeten the pot by throwing in a second Xbox Wireless Game Controller, an extra HDMI cable, a USB stick, or a cheap bottle of water.

So the deals we list below aren’t really Xbox Series X or Series S deals or sales, but are the best prices we could find. Realistically, we don’t expect Microsoft to catch up with the massive demand for the Xbox Series X or Series X consoles until sometime in 2022. Until then, we’ll continue to monitor the retail channels and update this article with the best Xbox Series X and Series X prices we can find. We will also continue to include Series X and Series S accessories, some of which are slightly discounted.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details and availability of the products and offers in this publication may be subject to change at any time. Be sure to check that they are still valid before making a purchase.


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