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Best Wheelbarrow for Gardening Projects

A wheelbarrow is a very useful tool to help you haul soil and other garden equipment and tools around your yard and garden. They’re durable, versatile, and you can get them in a variety of sizes and styles from traditional horizontal designs to vertical ones. They help you easily cart larger loads around, and the best wheelbarrows can move over a variety of terrains without a problem. This comes in handy if you have softer ground around your garden and rough terrain by the edges of your yard. You won’t have to worry about the wheelbarrow getting stuck.

The best wheelbarrows come from reputable brands, but it’s challenging to narrow down the dozens of choices available on the current market if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. There are buying considerations you want to keep in mind like the style and capacity, and the brand is also important. I’ve picked out 10 of the best wheelbarrows available, and you can compare the short reviews below. Before you make your choice, you can narrow everything down using the buying guide at the bottom of the post.

Wheelbarrow 1 Start
A high-quality wheelbarrow can help you move your projects along at a nice pace because they give you the capability to move large loads from point A to point B without having to make multiple trips.

1. Marathon Yard Rover

First up on the best wheelbarrow list comes from Garden Star, and the Marathon Yard Rover features two air-filled wheels that make it easier to maneuver, balance, and lift, as you work around your garden or fill in your desert landscape design. You’ll get an ergonomic loop handle that lets you pull, dump, and push this larger wheelbarrow around without worrying about it tipping over and dumping your soil or tools out on the ground. This wheelbarrow can hold up to 300 pounds, and it comes with a five-cubic foot poly tray that protects the wheelbarrow from rust, corrosion, and scratching.

You’ll need a flat head screwdriver and a crescent wrench to assemble this best wheelbarrow, and it takes just minutes to do once you get it. This wheelbarrow weighs just 25-pounds, and this makes it up to 25% less heavy than traditional wheelbarrows so smaller people can move it around with ease. The polypropylene material is very durable and resistant to wearing out, and this can help your wheelbarrow last for years. The wide stand makes this a very stable option that won’t accidentally tip over and spill your contents away from your flower beds or area.


  • Has an ergonomic looping handle
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Up to 25% lighter than other models


  • Framework is slightly skinny
  • Tray isn’t extremely durable
  • Uses plastic for the body material

2. Gorilla Carts Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts’ best wheelbarrow comes in several options. You can choose from the cart, the cart and flagging tape, the cart and a shovel, or the cart and a tool holder to tailor your choice to best suit your needs. The product measures 44-inches long by 25.7-inches wide by 26.2-inches high, and you can haul a maximum load of an impressive 1,200 pounds without straining the framework. Weighing in at just 54 pounds, it’s easy to move this cart around your yard without straining yourself. It uses pneumatic tires that won’t pop or deflate when you go over uneven or rough ground.

There is a patented quick-release dump feature on this best wheelbarrow that makes unloading it easy and quick, no matter where you are in your yard or garden. The new frame design is more user-friendly, and this makes it easy to assemble it when it arrives at your door. It also improved the cart’s ground clearance and the maneuverability factor to help you get between tight spaces with ease. There is a 2-in-1 heavy-duty padded handle that allows you to tow or pull the cart by hand around your space.


  • Comes with a padded 2-in-1 handle
  • Uses a quick-release dumping system
  • Can hold up to 1,200 pounds


  • Need additional tools to assemble it
  • Hitch is a very soft metal
  • Dumping clasp doesn’t lock all of the way

3. Polar Trailer Utility Cart

This sturdy best wheelbarrow from Polar Trailer has 10-cubic feet of room to load up to 400 pounds of potting soil before you take it all over your yard and spread it on your flower beds or around your containers. You get a high-impact polyethylene tub that is a slightly thicker plastic that will withstand heavy use without breaking down. The black coloring on this product is very sharp, and it has a gently curved handle that makes pulling or pushing this cart quick and easy. It weighs in at 49 pounds, and this light design makes it easy to pull or push this product around your yard, even when it’s full.

This is a slightly larger product on the best wheelbarrow list, and it measures 65-inches by 29-inches by 29-inches. The lip on the far end of this product makes it easy to dump forward and scrape all of your soil out wherever you want to place it. You get two 20-inch spoked wheels that make this a very sturdy cart, and the solid rubber tires won’t deflate or have trouble moving around rough and uneven terrain. The handle has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip, and the rounded corners prevent injuries.


  • Two larger 20-inch spoked wheels
  • Front dips for easy unloading
  • Holds up to 400 pounds


  • Edges are thinner plastic
  • Wheels are very narrow
  • Won’t stay tipped forward when it’s empty

4. Best Choice Products Yard Wheelbarrow

You can effortlessly haul mulch, wood, gravel, or soil with this best wheelbarrow from Best Choice Products. It has a slightly deeper design that will hold up to five cubic-feet of whatever you want to fill it with to allow you to complete your home improvement or landscaping projects. You get two inflatable 12-inch rubber wheels that are very sturdy while giving you the support you need to easily maneuver and steer this wheelbarrow on rough terrain. The bright green coloring makes it stand out, and you get a stainless steel handle that will resist rust and corrosion for years of use.

There is a thick padding on this best wheelbarrow’s handlebar that can keep your hands comfortable as you push this product around, and it doubles as a sturdy stand when you need it to sit idle. The powder-coating steel frame on this wheelbarrow is extremely durable, and you can easily leave it out in inclement weather without worrying about it breaking down or rusting. This product measures 36-inches long by 20-inches high by 25-inches wide, and you can pack up to 330 pounds in it without it breaking. When you want to store it, you can flip it up on one end to save space.


  • Has thicker padding on the handle
  • Can flip it up to store and save floor space
  • Equipped with all-terrain tires


  • Difficult to fit the frame together
  • Tires can form slow leaks
  • Green paint can scratch off

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Roughneck Lawn Cart

Rubbermaid’s best wheelbarrow is perfect for hauling your lawn equipment around like your pump sprayer, shovels, containers, or potting materials. You get two fixed wheels that increase the maneuverability and control of this product, and they help balance it on uneven terrain. The integrated handle has a molded-in beverage and tool holder so you can keep your tools within easy reach while keeping yourself cool with a beverage. The handle has a slightly higher design that means you don’t have to bend over to push or pull it around, and this can reduce the strain on your back.

This best wheelbarrow will hold up to 3.25-cubic feet when it’s level, or you can heap up to 4.5-cubic feet of material safely. It maxes out at 200-pounds, but this is more than enough room to cover a medium or small landscaping or gardening project. There are two solid legs on this wheelbarrow that allow you to sit it up and scoop your medium out without it tipping over, and you can flip it up on one edge to store it out of your way. If you want to wash it out, you can spray it with a hose and let it air dry.


  • Has a unique design
  • Comes with a tool holder and beverage holder
  • Maxes out at 200-pounds for the carrying capacity


  • Handles are thin
  • Has a slightly bulkier design
  • Uses plastic for the body

6. WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

Worx’s best wheelbarrow comes in several different options that allow you to tailor your choice based on your needs. You can purchase just the aerocart, aerocart and wagon combination, or an aerocart with a leaf blower, tool holder, or a 20-volt pole saw. This product instantly converts between a host of tools, including a trailer tote, rock or plant mover, cylinder carrier, extended dolly, dolly, bag holder, yard cart, and a lightweight wheelbarrow. It weighs 41-pounds, and the dimensions of this wheelbarrow are 19-inches high by 22-inches wide by 58-inches long. The lower profile makes it easy to dump your growing medium in the correct spot.

The dolly and wheelbarrow can hold up to 300-pounds at one time, and there is a volume capacity of three feet. There is a turbo lift design that is unique to this product that can make a 200-pound load seem like it weighs around 17-pounds. You will have to assemble this product when you get it, but this best wheelbarrow goes together easily so you can start working on your projects. It uses a stainless steel body and frame that resists rust and corrosion, and there are legs that fold down for greater stability.


  • Available in several kits
  • Makes larger loads seem lighter
  • Multi-use capabilities


  • Can dent relatively easy
  • Wheels are difficult to attach
  • Sits very low to the ground

7. LUCKYERMORE Garden Dump Utility Wagon

You get a patented quick-release dumping system when you choose this best wheelbarrow from Luckyermore that helps you load and unload your garden supplies and materials like your shovels or dirt quickly and easily. This product comes equipped with a wide wheelbase and pneumatic tires that will handle any terrain you throw at them without breaking down, and they’re durable enough to help haul everything from plants and gravel to mulch and dirt. It has a durable and slightly thicker plastic body on it that allows it to hold up to 550-pounds of cargo at one time, and there is a durable inflatable rubber wheel that can also support this weight.

The handle on this best wheelbarrow controls the front wheels while allowing them to turn 180° to make maneuvering around objects quick and easy, even in tight corners. The steel frame is very durable, and this material will resist corrosion and rust in any weather conditions, including humid environments. The item weighs in at 33-pounds, and it’s 36.2-inches long by 19.7-inches wide by 8.7-inches high. The stable base makes it easy to park it an unload without spilling anything.


  • Quick-release dumping system
  • Pneumatic tires are very durable
  • Can make a 180° turn


  • Not suited for very heavy usage
  • Too small for bigger projects
  • Sits too low to the ground

8. Dual-Wheel Rover Wheelbarrow

When you order this best wheelbarrow from Marathon Industries, you can choose if it comes with flat or air-filled tires to remove the hassle of filing them yourself. This is a very lightweight model that only needs eight bolts to assemble it, and you get all of the parts you need to put it together and start working with it within 20 to 30 minutes. The frame is a very durable powder-coated steel that resists rust, corrosion, scratches, and generalized wear and tear through years of use. It also has a bright pumpkin coloring to help it stand out when you work with it or want to store it in your shed.

The poly tray is five-cubic feet, and it has a rust-proof design that is also very durable. Your loop handle is very comfortable, and it allows you to get an excellent grip so you don’t accidentally tip this best wheelbarrow over. The wheels are 13-inches of solid polyurethane to make them resistant to punctures or leaks, and you get balanced and nicely positioned tires that give this wheelbarrow a very broad base that is difficult to tip over. It’s easy to flip up on the end when you want to store it, and it can hold up to 300 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tires come full or flat
  • Stainless steel frame with a looped handle


  • Thin pin holds the wheels in place
  • Odd shape is challenging to dump
  • Slightly thinner barrel

9. Jackson M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow

Jackson’s bright blue best wheelbarrow allows you to cart around enough grass seed to cover a large lawn without having to refill it. It has a maximum capacity of six cubic feet, and you get a heavy-duty steel tray that won’t chip, scratch, break, or show a lot of wear and tear. Also, you can put fairly corrosive items into the tray without worrying about it breaking the tray down. This adds versatility to this product, and it allows you to use it on small and large projects. The 16-inch tubed tire is very stable, and it has excellent traction to allow you to smoothly move over rough terrain with confidence.

This best wheelbarrow comes with patented leg stabilizers on it that will make this product up to 40% more resistant to tipping over, and this can really save you a headache because there’s less of a chance that you’ll dump it. The heavy-duty wooden handles are 60-inches long, and this gives you more than enough room to grip and lift it up. Also, the longer handles make it easier for people with different heights to lift it without putting a lot of strain on their bodies. You do have to assemble this product once it comes, but you don’t need any specialized tools to do so.


  • Steel tray is durable
  • Comes with leg stabilizers
  • Has 60-inch wooden handles


  • May not come with the tires pictured
  • Finish can scuff easily
  • Will rust if you leave it outside

10. TOMY John Deere Steel Wheelbarrow

The final product on the best wheelbarrow list is perfect for your kids if they want to help you when you work in your yard or garden. They can easily haul it around the yard due to the lightweight design, and it has a fun bright green coloring that makes it highly visible. It uses steel for the body construction, and this helps the wheelbarrow stand up to rough play or accidentally dumpings from your kids. There are free rolling wheels on this product that give them a smooth motion as they push it over the ground, and it can help them make it over rough patches in your yard.

Kids aged two years and up can use this best wheelbarrow without a problem. There are vinyl grips on the handle that ensure your kid gets a good grip when they hold it. This product comes with authentic John Deere coloring and style to make it seem like the perfect miniature of the full-sized option to help get your kids excited about helping out in the yard or garden.


  • Nice dimensions for kids
  • Vinyl grips are soft
  • Has longer handles


  • Very shallow design
  • Coloring can flake off
  • Expensive for the product size

Best Wheelbarrow Buyer’s Guide

Picking out the best wheelbarrow in a sea of choices can be challenging. This is especially true when you consider everything you have to factor in when you start narrowing down your choices and comparing products. Luckily, this short buyer’s guide will outline the most important aspects you want to keep in mind when you start shopping so you can find the best wheelbarrow for your wants and needs.

Material for the Load Tub

You can get wheelbarrows with a load tub or tray made out of metal, fabric, plastic, or wood. Stainless steel is one of the most popular options available because it’s durable. Generally speaking, the more durable this tub material is, the higher load capacity your wheelbarrow can have. So, think about what you want to haul. Do you want to haul something light like peat moss or something heavier like soil? The goal is to strike a balance between the wheelbarrow’s weight and durability, and this is why many people choose to go with a polyethylene plastic or a lightweight metal.

Wheelbarrow 2 Material
A metal-based wheelbarrow can withstand heavy use without breaking down, but it’s important that you find a balance between the material’s weight and the durability factor. Your wheelbarrow won’t do you much good if it’s too heavy for you to lift.

Maximum Volume

The maximum volume of your best wheelbarrow refers to how much space you have to fill on the inner tub area. A lot of wheelbarrows seem to be around 10-cubic feet. A lot of people make the mistake of looking at how much weight the wheelbarrow can carry while ignoring the volume. However, it doesn’t matter if your wheelbarrow can comfortably carry 1,000 pounds if it doesn’t have the capacity to hold 1,000 pounds of material. Plan what you want to use your wheelbarrow for and try to gauge the volume before you buy anything.

Tire Types and Number

Depending on the style wheelbarrow you get, they can come with one, two, three, or four tires. A traditional wheelbarrow has a single tire that can make it hard to maneuver around. But, it’s easier to move up narrow spaces and turn around corners. The two-wheeled version is very common because it’s very stable, but many people all like the four-wheeled garden carts because you can pull it behind you.

The type of tire you want to see on your best wheelbarrow will be a pneumatic tire. These come filled with air like car tires, but they roll very smoothly over different types of terrain. Some less expensive options give you plastic options with no tread, and they tend to break down very quickly and are difficult to move.

Handle Type and Length

Your handles will directly influence how comfortable you are when you use your wheelbarrow. If they’re too long, they can be awkward to maneuver. If they’re too short, you can have trouble dumping your wheelbarrow in your container garden. Wooden handles are very common, but they increase your risk of getting splinters, so many companies made the switch to steel or plastic tubing with padding. This is more durable than wood, and it usually has a powder-coating on them to make them last longer. Having a rubberized grip is another nice point because it reduces the risks of your hands slipping off.

Wheelbarrow 3 Handles
All of the small components you want to consider for your wheelbarrow like the grips, handle type, and handle length are for your comfort. Ideally, you want to be as comfortable as possible so you don’t start dreading using your wheelbarrow when you need it.


When you’re ready to set your wheelbarrow down between projects, it should have small legs known as rests. These rests should be slightly wider to make your wheelbarrow more stable. The best type of rest to have are ones that have a stainless steel body because they’re less likely to wear or warp under very heavy loads. Plastic can crack, and it’s rare to see wooden ones because they’re not very durable.


One of the final things you want to consider when you pick out the best wheelbarrow is the warranty attached to it. This can be an expensive purchase, depending on the size, style, capacity, and brand you choose. You want to see at least a full year warranty attached to it, if not two. You should check to see exactly what the warranty does and doesn’t cover because some are more strict than others.

Bottom Line

The best wheelbarrows will last for years while enabling you to complete all of your planting and home improvement projects around your home, yard, or garden. I’ve picked 10 great options for you, and there’s even something for the kids! You can take a look at the reviews before using the buying guide to help you compare products. When you make your final choice, get it shipped straight to your door so you can start using it straight away!

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