Best Watering Can to Water Your Flower Pots

A watering can or a watering pot is a quick and easy way to water plants manually. They come with a spout and a handle, and most standard-sized cans can hold between 1 and 2.5-gallons of water. You can get the best watering cans in metal, ceramic, or plastic. Watering cans have been in use for centuries, and they’ve undergone many design improvements to streamline them. Metal watering cans were very popular, but they’re mostly decorations today. A high-quality watering can should be easy to fill and empty into your flower pots, and the best watering cans help you water all of your indoor plants quickly. 

There are a lot of watering cans on the market today, and this can make it challenging to pick out the best one to water all of your plants. You can use them indoors and outdoors, and this can further complicate the buying process. Luckily, this isn’t an expensive investment, and I’ve picked out 10 of the best watering cans on the market. I’ve written short reviews on each one so you can compare products side-by-side, and the short buying guide will highlight everything you want to keep in mind when you shop and browse through products. 

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The best watering cans can add a whimsical touch to your home while still being very functional. You can customize your choice based on the plant type you have, and you can use them to create a focal point in your home or on your patio.

yourjoy Galvanized Metal Watering Can – Top Pick 

Although metal watering cans aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, my top pick for the best watering can comes from yourjoy, and it features a metal design. It uses a galvanized zinc that is very resistant to damage, and it has a powder-coated finish that allows you to leave it out on your patio next to your faux fireplace in all weather conditions without it rusting or corroding. It can hold up to a full gallon of water, and this allows you to water many planters spaced inside or outside of your home without having to go back and refill it before you finish. 

There are two handles on this best watering can that make it easy to get a firm grip when you use it so you don’t accidentally spill it. You can adjust the top handle to get a better grip, and this watering can also come with a removable spout to make storage easy. This is a practical and flexible model that you can use to create either a pour or shower, depending on what you want to water. It has a broad base that makes it very stable when you put it down, and the wide mouth at the top of the watering can make it easy to fill it without worrying about water spilling out. 


  • Galvanized metal design
  • Durable powder coat 
  • Can remove the spout
  • Two adjustable handles
  • Large mouth 
  • Broad base 
  • Available in three colors


  • May not hold a full gallon of water 

Best Choice Products Watering Can – Step-Up Pick 

The best watering can for my step-up pick comes from Best Choice Products. I chose it because it comes made to last with a weather-resistant galvanized steel design that prevents water damage and rust. It has a solid price point for most budgets, and it comes designed to be very lightweight to carry around. The one-gallon capacity lets you water a bunch of flower pots without having to refill it halfway through, and you get dual ergonomic handles that make it easy to get a firm grip before you pour to ensure you don’t accidentally overwater your plants. The top handle makes it easy to carry, and it has a slightly wider design that sits into your hand’s natural shape. 

This best watering can has a very elegant and rustic design that will add a classic touch to your patio or deck, and it has beautiful copper accents that add a touch of country charm. You can remove the spout to give your plants a more direct stream of water, or you can leave it on for your more delicate plants to give them a gentle stream of water. It’s a convenient size for carrying around, and there is an O-ring on the spout that prevents it from leaking all over the place when you pour.


  • Galvanized steel body
  • O-ring prevents leaks 
  • Elegant design 
  • Dual handles 
  • Copper accents
  • Removable spout 
  • Easy to carry


  • Copper accents can peel off

IKEA Vattenkrasse Watering Can – Mid-End Budget Pick

Ikea’s best watering can is both decorative and functional, and this makes it a great conversation piece to keep out by your outdoor benches. It has a galvanized steel body at a nice price point, and this put it into the mid-end budget pick category. It seamlessly fits into a broad range of decors and styles, and it has a white coating on the outside with a gold handle to make it look chic. The galvanized steel prevents it from rusting with repeated use, and it’s a smaller design that perfectly suits watering your smaller flower pots around the house. The broad base makes it difficult to tip over. 

It has a slightly wider mouth on the top of this best watering can that makes it easy to refill it between uses, and the longer, thinner spout gives you a high amount of control over how much water you pour into your plants at one time to prevent overwatering them. The handle design makes it easy to pick up from the top and grip in the back to pour, and it’s lightweight when it’s not full of water to make it easy to move from point A to point B. 


  • Elegant design
  • Galvanized steel body 
  • Wide mouth
  • Unique handle 
  • Slimmer spout 
  • White protective coat
  • Well-known brand


WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can – Bargain Budget Pick 

This sleek and modern best watering can from WhaleLife has a Nordic style that brings out a fluent line design with a chic aesthetic feeling. It uses a thickened resin body that is strong enough to withstand repeated use while being transparent enough to allow you to see exactly where your water levels are so you know when it’s time to refill it. Since the water level is highly visible, it makes it quick and easy to control your water flow so you don’t add too much to one pot and not enough to another. This is a model that works better inside, but you can use it outside without too many problems. 

This best watering can is able to hold up to 1.4-gallons of water, and this gives it a slightly larger capacity than other options on the list while still being a lower price point. The longer spout makes it more comfortable to water, and there is an ergonomic handle that can reduce fatigue. It has a slightly wider base design that makes it challenging to tip over, and it has a chic green coloring that blends well into almost any decor. 


  • Sleek and modern
  • Nordic design
  • Semi-transparent body 
  • Holds 1.4 gallons
  • Longer spout
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Thicker plastic body


Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can – Best for Stylish Patio Decor

If you’re after a retro design, this is the best watering can available and it’ll fit right into your stylish patio decor. The stainless steel design ensures that it’s resistant to rust and corrosion for a long life, and it has a vintage gold or copper paint that allows you to use it in several fun patio ideas to spruce of the space. The retro design means that this watering can come with a slightly longer spout that allows you to reach higher planters without having to stretch or strain your body as much, and this is good news for people who have a lot of hanging plants around their home. 

This is a smaller design with this best watering can that makes it nice to use if you only have a few plants. You’ll have to refill it several times if you have a lot because it doesn’t hold that much water. However, it has a larger mouth that makes it quick and easy to fill without spilling all over. The rounded handle allows you to easily carry it and change your grip to water without dumping the whole thing on your plants, and the water actually flows through the handle before it goes out to the spout for a unique design element.  


  • Slightly longer spout
  • Retro design 
  • Can reach into higher planters 
  • Copper coating 
  • Welded seams for added durability 
  • Comes with a spout cover
  • LIghtweight and portable 


  • Only holds a small amount of water

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can  – Best for Large Flower Pots

This best watering can is perfect for anyone who has larger flower pots spaces around their home or patio because it holds an impressive 2.6-gallons of water per fill that is more than enough to give your plants a good drink. You get a nice dual handle on this product that has one stationary and one hinged handle that makes it easy to carry around and pour while easing the stress and strain on your arms and wrists. This handle design also improves the product’s maneuverability, and it fits nicely in a broad range of spaces. It uses 100% UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic in the construction that resists wear and tear. 

There is also a 2-in-1 adjustable water spout that rotates to offer a heavy stream or a light shower of water depending on what your plants need. When it’s time to clean this best watering can, you can unscrew the spout to make it easy to clean. The thicker walls on this product won’t leak or crease with heavy use, and it comes with the filling hole on the side so it doesn’t weaken the handles or get in the way. It’s a BPA-free watering can that can withstand extreme weather conditions. 


  • Dual handle design
  • Holds 2.6 gallons
  • 2-in-1 adjustable water spout
  • Thicker walls 
  • BPA-free
  • 100% UV-stabilized polypropylene
  • Remove the spout to clean it


  • Drain lid can come loose 

KIBAGA Decorative Watering Can – Best for Indoor Pots

Anyone who has low-maintenance plants like succulents will appreciate this best watering can from Kibaga. It holds up to 40-ounces of water, and this smaller design is best suited for watering smaller plants or plants that don’t need a lot of water. It comes with durable stainless steel that is resistant to leaks and rust, and it has an attractive copper coating on it to give it a timeless design. It also has a whimsical handle and spout design that makes it easy to use, and the longer spout gives you precision control of where the water goes when you pour it out. 

The spout also has a longer design on it that makes it easy to reach hanging plants, and the bright finish on this best watering can will go a long way in sprucing up your decor. The ergonomic handle has a lot of space between the handle and the body, and this makes it easy to grip or carry around. This best watering can comes with durable welded seams around the spout to prevent leaks and keep it looking nice for years of repeated use. 


  • Compact design
  • Durable construction
  • Copper finish
  • Longer and thin spout
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Retro feel 
  • Lightweight


  • Only holds a small amount of water

Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can – Best for Hanging Planters

Bloem’s best watering can will easily hold up to ½-gallon of water per fill, but you can choose from four different sizes and 12 different colors to tailor your choice to suit your design aesthetic, wants, and needs. It has a very comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry around and pour the correct amount of water into your planters, and the slightly longer and thinner stem makes it an excellent choice for those hanging plants that you have to stretch to reach. The thinner stem design allows for slightly slower water flow, and this ensures you won’t overflow them when you water. 

The single piece construction on this best watering can eliminate the possibility of it developing leaks, and this can help it last much longer than other options. This product features 100% UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic, and this allows you to leave it outside in the sun without worrying about it breaking down or developing weak areas that fold or crack. It has a smaller mouth that makes it easy to fill, but it’s not close enough to the handle to compromise the handle’s structural integrity. The handle also gives you an ergonomic grip. 


  • Different colors and sizes
  • Holds ½ gallon
  • Single piece construction
  • UV-stabilized plastic 
  • Thinner stem 
  • Very sturdy build 
  • Ergonomic handle 


  • Color can fade over time 

Cado 63065 Watering Can – Best for Small Flower Beds

If you have small flower beds or a collection of hanging plants, Cado’s best watering can will help you give all of the appropriate levels of water. It comes in four colors and a one or two-gallon design with the choice of a package of 3, 6, or 12 products in one order. This allows you to choose how many you get, and you can pick out the color that matches your needs. It has a 1.5-inch opening that makes it easy to add water in, and the opening is on the back of the handle up higher than the body to make it more challenging to spill it as you move around your yard. 

This is a plastic blow mold design to ensure that every product comes out looking identical, and this is useful if you plan to order more than one to have around your home or business. It’s made in the United States using high-quality materials, and this ensures that it’ll last season after season without a problem. The larger sprinkler head creates a gentle shower of water that is great for more delicate plants, and it has an ergonomic handle with a wide gap to accommodate people with bigger hands. 


  • Available in multi-packs
  • Blow-mold design
  • Made in the United States
  • Easy to fill 
  • Larger sprinkler head 
  • Single-piece design 
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Pour spout can be very slow 

Fasmov Plastic Watering Can – Best for Deep Planters

The final product to make the list for the best watering cans comes from Fasmov. This is a plastic can that you can use both indoors and outdoors without worrying about it breaking down, and it works well in a host of different weather conditions. This best watering can works well for deep planters because it comes equipped with a longer, slender spout that gives you excellent control over your water flow, and this design also helps you reach deep into the planters to get water right on the roots to encourage healthy growth. There are two points to grip onto the handle, and this makes carrying it and watering easy. 

This best watering can will hold up to a gallon of water per fill, and this can reduce the amount of times you go back and forth to fill it. The broad base helps to prevent accidental spills, and the hole where you fill it is perfectly placed in the middle of the top so it doesn’t weaken the handle. The thicker plastic design resists wear and tear very well, and this can help it last from season to season without breaking down or cracking. 


  • Works for indoor and outdoor use
  • Dual grip spaces on the handle
  • Thicker plastic body 
  • Holds up to a gallon 
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Longer spout 
  • Easy to clean


Best Watering Can – Buying Guide 

When you start to shop for the best watering can, there are several things that you want to look for, especially when you compare products. Using this short buying guide will help you figure out which is the best watering can to suit your needs, and it also ensures that you get a product that is durable enough to last for years at a time. 


The capacity of your watering can is extremely important because this will dictate how much you can water before you run back to your expandable hose to fill it again. Many of the best watering cans on the list could hold at least one or two gallons. Smaller products may only hold a half gallon or so. The trick is to figure out what types of plants you want to water and how many you have. Succulents and cacti don’t require nearly as much water as other picks, and this will influence how big you need your watering can to be. 

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A larger watering can may be more difficult to lift when it’s full, but it gives you enough water to give a lot of plants drinks before you have to go back and refill it. 

Stream Style 

There is more than one stream style that watering cans can have, and some products allow you to seamlessly switch between the two by taking off the end of the spout. You can choose from: 

  • Sprinkler – A sprinkler-style head releases water that looks like raindrops. It allows you to spread your water evenly over your plant, and it works well for younger plants that can’t handle heavy streams. 
  • Targeted – This type of stream style features a single hole that pours a dedicated stream of water out. You can focus the water where you want it to go, but it’s easy to over-water your plants using it. 


The materials your watering can is made out of will play a large role in how long they last. Galvanized metal with stainless steel are very popular choices because they can withstand the elements without rusting or corroding, and you can tuck them into your outdoor storage shed without worrying that they’ll break. Plastic is the other popular material, and this is a lightweight option that can come UV-stabilized to prevent them from breaking down in the sunlight. Make sure whatever materials you choose are durable enough to withstand repeated use without issues. 

Spout Length

The spout length will decide how easy it is for you to water your plants. For example, if you have deeper pots or hanging plants, you will most likely want a longer spout length to help extend your reach. Longer spouts are also more aesthetically pleasing than shorter spouts. However, if you’re just going to water plants that are at eye or waist-level, you can get away with a shorter spout. 

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Watering cans can double as eye-catching garden-themed decorations. They’re durable and able to withstand different weather conditions without breaking down, and this makes them a versatile gardening tool you want to have around your home. 

Bottom Line 

Picking out the best watering can doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, and every product on the list is budget-friendly enough to meet almost any price point. Take your time and decide which size and materials will work best for the plants you have in and around your home. When you have a good idea, you can use this shot buying guide with product reviews to make your final choice and ship it straight to your door. 

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