best vitamin e oil brands in india

Best vitamin E oil brands

Have you ever thought, how Vitamin E is used in every other beauty product, be it for hair or skin. Vitamin E is natural skin healing agent that also fights the skin aging and skin’s dryness. It revives the dry skin. Vitamin E also makes the skin tone supple due to which the skin also appears nourished from deep within. So, when you apply skin care products rich in the vitamin E you get not just beautiful skin but also a smooth skin.

Vitamin E oil can be used for a lot of purposes to get good skin. It can be applied regularly to smooth out the lines and wrinkles. Moreover, vitamin E is also used for the prevention and fading of the stretch marks on the skin. It improvises your skin’s natural tone and texture and also prevents the onset of wrinkles on the skin. Men should also use such products to get skin renewed faster on its own. This oil is also sold in the capsules forms. Yes, you can also get vitamin E oil capsules from the market to use for nails, skin and hair as well.

Benefits and how to use Vitamin E oil for beauty

  1. It can be applied over the dark circles to lighten them. Just take few drops and gently massage on the eyelids and under eye area.
  2. Vitamin E oil can also be used along with some lemon juice to lighten the acne scars and pimple marks on the face.
  3. This oil can make your skin glowing. Make a mask using honey and few drops of vitamin E oil. Apply, massage and leave for 15 minutes. This brings a healthy glow on the face.
  4. Mix some with your shampoo to get rid of the itchy scalp and scalp dryness.
  5. Can also be applied on the dry hair ends to make them less frizzy and manageable.
  6. You can mix few drops of this oil in your night cream and then massage on the face. Doing so gives you extra nourishment in winters.
  7. Mix some with the other essential oils like avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil etc to use this as a body moisturizer.
  8. To get beautiful smooth lips, you can mix few drops of milk cream with this oil and massage the lips.
  9. To reduce dark circles apply one to two drops around the eyes and massage gently for two to three minutes every night.

Best Vitamin E oils in India

1. Healthvit E-VIT Vitamin E Skin Oil

This is 100% organic and pure vitamin E oil can help you minimize the stretch marks and blemishes on your body. Moreover, you can also utilize the power of vitamin E oil to get rid of the dry skin within no time. Daily application of this oil at night can be extremely helpful. Just take few drops of this organic oil and then massage on the skin.

Price: 60ml for 80 rupees

2. Khadi Vitamin E Oil

Khadi vitamin E oil brand is one of the best as khadi products are quite organic. The oil is suitable for massaging the dull and dry skin. For the body massaging as well, Vitamin E is recommended. You can get rid of the dry itchy skin with the help of the this oil.

Price: 40ml for 200 Rupees

3. Animate Facial Oil & Aloe Vera Vitamin E Capsules

The vitamin E oil capsules are used for variety for purposes like to prepare the homemade face serums, under eye cream sand also for the removal of the darkness on other areas of the skin and body. Moreover, this vitamin E oil can also be applied at night like a skin serum. Just cut open the capsules and use the oil inside.

Price: 255 rupees for 50 capsules pack

4. Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil

Cococare Organic  Vitamin E Oil is rich in the anti-oxidants that can heal the skin and also gives you the skin lightening benefits. The dullness of the skin can also be removed using the mixture of vitamin E oil along with the lemon oil or lemon juice. The anti-oxidants in this can also help fight the skin again. For dandruff care as well you can use Vitamin E Oil on the scalp. It retains the moisture balance and reduces the itching.

Price: 15ml for 999 rupees

5. Grasse International Vitamin E Oil

Grasse Vitamin E Oil is a multi purpose oil which can be used for the dryness cure and to get rid of the dullness. You can apply this on the face and scalp as well. The dandruff infection and itchy scalp can be cured by the use of Vitamin E Oil.

Price:199 rupees for 25ml

6. Alentaz Vitamin E Oil

Alentaz Vitamin E Oil is a skin and hair nourisher. For dry hair care, apply some of this oil on the dry ends and then wrap the hair in a plastic sheet. Leave for overnight and do this oil treatment everyday or on alternate days to get good results.

Price: 150 rupees for 100ml

7. Glowing Buzz Herbal Vitamin E Oil

Glowing Buzz oil is a pure oil that is rich in the vitamin E, It can give you smooth and supple skin and gives you smoother and younger looking skin. You just have to apply three to five drops of this oil on all over the face. Massage gently in circular movements. To remove the dark circles as well, you can daily apply few drops of this oil and massage lightly. It can also make the under eye brighter.

Price: 100ml for 270 Rupees

8. Richfeel Vitamin E Oil

Richfeel Vitamin E Oil helps erase the stretch marks. These can be due o the weight loss or sudden weight gain or common cause on many women is the pregnancy. This oil application makes the stretch marks lighter and skin firmer. Price is also affordable as the product is around half litre for 799 rupees.

Price: 799 rupees for 500ml

So, this is the list of the best vitamin E oil available in the Indian market. Have you used this oil before? How you use this vitamin E oil? Do share with us in the comments.

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