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Best Tips to Pull Off the Best Home Wedding

Having a wedding does not need to be a stressful time to plan. Having a wedding at home can be as easy as it would if it were conducted at a venue. In fact, a wedding held at home can be a great idea when you have the space to pull it off. It also allows you to control the number of guests that you have actually invited.

Besides these, below are a few more tips to consider for your home wedding.

Best Home Wedding
Best Home Wedding

Keep Your Budget in Mind

If anything else, your budget will need to be on your mind up to the point where all of your purchases are made. Your budget needs to include every detail from the table cloths to the Prosecco wine.

Have Designated Spaces for Changing

A wedding at home will need to have designated changing spaces for both men and women. This will be necessary if you do not plan to wear your wedding attire during the reception. By having a designated changing space, your outfits will remain secure while allowing for a simple transition.

Watch the Weather

Being aware of what the weather will be like on the wedding day will make a big difference in having a wedding and canceling a wedding. Not only that, but the rain could even alter the number of guests if the inside of the home is a lot smaller than the home’s yard.

Create Your Unique Setting

Your home wedding should have different areas catering to specific functions of the wedding. These areas could involve the area for photos, dining, and dancing. You can make these areas even more unique by adding decors such as floral arrangements or other items that have sentimental value.

Maintain a Clean Home

Planning a wedding at home will require the home to be spotless and clean. This is especially true for the spaces that your guests will frequent often. Make sure to remove items that will seem out of place so that more space is made for times when glasses are placed on an end table. Make sure the books and magazines are stored away.

Break Out Good China

Of course, you could use the normal paper plates or rent some nice plates from the caterer. However, if you have some nice china in the kitchen, now would be a great time to bring it out of the box. If your china is not much, then you can just incorporate it for those of the main wedding party.

Pitch Special Occasion Tents

Pitching tents that you rent will cost a little extra, but when they are included in your budget, then they won´t be much to worry about. They work great to provide shade during the hot months and rain cover for those unexpected drizzly days.

Acquire Necessary Permits

Depending on your town or city, you may be required to be permitted to hold the wedding at the home. This may likely be true if there will be a significant amount of guests attending. You should be in contact with the authority to get the permits.

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