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Best Time to Buy Prom Dress

Prom Dress :There are many important milestones during a young person’s upbringing. Getting a driver’s license, going out on a first date, your first day of high school, your first sporting events, and many many others; one of those big moments is your senior prom.

Prom Dress
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Prom is a dazzling night for high school seniors to gather together one last time before graduation. One last night to be together before heading off to their separate colleges, before heading off and possibly never seeing each other again. It can be an emotional time for many, but it is also a time of great spectacle. The dance hall is decked out with amazing decorations and the entire class is there with their dates, to celebrate the biggest night of their high school careers. Of course, for a night as momentous as this everyone comes dressed to impress.

This is exciting, but can also be stressful for some. Shopping for a prom dress is a once in a lifetime happening, and the experience should be an enjoyable one that is fondly remembered for years to come. However, finding the perfect dress in the right style, color and cut to match certain body types can be difficult for some would-be prom queens. For many, the most challenging part of the process simply comes down to deciding where to shop.

Locating a website or store that carries authentic, top designer prom dresses isn’t always easy these days because there are such a large number of knock-off retailers which sell nothing but fake products. That is why we’ve compiled a few useful tips to help guide through your prom shopping adventure and ensure that its the magically memorable experience it should be, without all the unnecessary stress and headaches.

Prom Dress
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A dress for the prom should be bought well before the actual date, we recommend at least one month before the prom. This way, you have time to really think about if the dress is for you. If your mind changes, or styles happen to change, you have time to return your original buy, and purchase something that suites your style better.

Allowing sufficient time for your dress to arrive before the date of the prom is also extremely important if you’ve decided to buy your dress online. Shipping can sometimes take anywhere from a couple days to several months, depending on where you are located, if the dress needs to be special ordered for custom alterations, and many other variable factors which you may not realize at the outset.


Taking a chance with ordering too late and having your prom dress not be delivered in time for the event isn’t a risk worth taking, especially since the vast majority of online designer dress retailers very rarely offer refunds and only accept returns in the form of exchanges and/or store credit.  Being sure that you order the dress early enough can potentially help rid you of that worry, but you also want to be 100% certain of the estimated delivery date.

The best way that this can be done is by speaking to one of the website’s customer service representatives prior to placing your order, and making sure that all of your questions are adequately answered before you click to finalize your online checkout. Remember, if an e-commerce website does not have a phone number available to reach somebody in customer service who can help you out, there’s a strong chance that you may be dealing with a counterfeit website which exists for the sole purpose of either stealing your money or identity. Be sure to do your research and make sure that other customers from where you live have been able to successfully have a dress delivered to a nearby location using that website.

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When shopping in person at a local retailer, it is also important to keep in mind that the number of dresses in stock will dwindle more and more as the dates that most schools schedule their prom approaches. Just because you are shopping in person, doesn’t mean the retailer will have the dress you love available in your size, which means that they will still need to custom order the dress and you’ll have to wait the same amount of time that you would have to if you ordered the dress from a website online.

A great option is to find a website which also has a physical showroom location where you’ll be able to try on multiple dresses in advance to help decide on the perfect style. Even if you aren’t able to make the trip to visit the store in person, in general, most websites which have a traditional showroom/outlet also have a much greater number of prom dresses already in their inventory which is ready to be shipped the same day as your order.

This time of your life shouldn’t leave you feeling stressed and broke, especially when it comes to shopping to find the right dress that is uniquely you in every way. You want to be able to focus on creating lasting memories with friends who will hopefully be part of your life for many, many years to come. Hopefully some of these tips will help you find the dress of your dreams that will make you feel like a princess, while looking like a [Prom] Queen!

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