Guide To Choosing The Best Term Insurance Company

The Best Term Insurance Company

Best Term Insurance Company: Life, as we know, is full of uncertainties and surprises, not all good though. Sometimes, these mishaps happen without any warning. One must be able to rise to the demands of the situation and be able to overcome it.

Life Insurance is one of the best tools that can come to our aid at these difficult times. However, given the staggering number of life insurance plans and benefits offered by several insurers. It often becomes difficult to select a policy that aligns with our insurance needs.

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Guide To Choosing The Best Term Insurance Company 1

When you are in the process of shortlisting and choosing the best term insurance company. That suits your requirements, here are some pointers that you should consider:

  1. Insurer’s Profile

In general, we like to take a close look at the history and profiles of people before concluding. It is advisable to do the same for life insurance companies. Go through their website to gauge information regarding their brand presence. Product outreach, values and missions, leaders of the company, community involvement, and strength in terms of financial security.

Do not forget to check the reviews section. Where previous and existing customers feel free to drop in a line or two about their experience with the company in question. This is the best way to judge the positives and negatives of the company from a user or potential customer’ perspective.

  1. Claim Settlement Ratio

Insurance claims keep pouring in all the time. How does the prospective insurance company handle these claims? If there comes a situation, will the company be able to pay your claim? These questions can be answered by understanding the financial strength of the insurance company, primarily through their claim settlement ratio.

insurance companies work with independent rating agencies that review the financial results and then assign a grade or score. Follow up with the company to see which grading system they use. Among leading insurance companies in India, Max Life Insurance offers the highest claims paid proficiency by settling 98.74% of the claims received in the financial year 2018-2019.

  1. Price and Coverage

As the rule of thumb, you must compare the premium amount payable versus the coverage you will have, for different term plans. There are various reasons why different insurers offer insurance plans for different coverage amounts. Usually, a lower price may mean more moderate coverage. Hence, it would help if you thoroughly went through the policy benefits provided along with the associated terms and conditions. Understand the deals offered to gauge the performance of the company better.

  1. Customer Service

Communication and accessibility is the key here. Assess how simple it is to communicate with the insurance company via online transactions. Also queries, social media activity, and around the clock customer service. However, what matters during the time of need is smooth communication. Which is an essential deciding factor during the selection of the best term insurance company? Reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance have a team of dedicated Claims Relationship Officers. Who will guide you through the process required so that the nominee can withdraw the insured amount on time, in a hassle-free manner?

  1. After Sales Support

Once you have purchased an insurance plan, the insurer should be able to guide you through the process seamlessly. They should be competent enough to keep you posted about any changes in clauses, or new terms or other updates that are related to your policy. With a robust after-sales support mechanism in place, customers could reach out to the insurers via the company’s website, through an agent, the nearest office, via email and by phone, whichever is convenient.

  1. Reliability

How reliable is the insurance company when the need arises? And how seamless is the process of claiming the insurance benefit? How helpful is the insurance company throughout the claim settlement process? Top-performing insurance companies in India boast of a hassle-free death claim process. Also, these insurers promise to pay interest on the insured sum if they are not able to settle the claim within the agreed settlement period.

  1. Referrals

While most insurance companies try their best strategies to convince you to do business with them, nothing can beat the power of referrals. Talk to your family and friends and discuss their needs and what their personal, first-hand experiences with an insurance company have been. That way, you will have a more realistic approach and idea about the insurance company in question.

  1. Complaints

Though this data is not very easily accessible, try to dig your way in to see what complaints have been filed against the insurance company. The type of complaints and its frequency can talk a lot about the shortcomings of the insurance company and its processes. Consider this factor before you choose your insurance company.

Life Insurance Can Be Your Best Friend in Crisis

Once you have done your homework, you will be able to compare the pros and cons of the different insurance companies. There is no “right” or “wrong” choice. Choose the company that works for you based on your needs and life goals. Ultimately, the insurance company you choose must be able to live up to its end of the bargain, when the need arises.

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