Best Tax Software of 2022

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Jackson Hewitt’s Tax Pro From Home service gives you an option for a hybrid online tax preparation experience that puts the heavy lifting in the hands of a professional tax preparer. We chose this software as the best for expert guidance.


  • Access live support or pay extra to have a tax professional take over

The inconvenients

  • Additional audit support requires additional charge

  • Few software options mean you could pay more depending on your needs

  • Do-it-yourself software offers less robust customer support

Jackson Hewitt is a household name in tax preparation. Although many people know this brand from its network of offices in the United States, it also offers online software to complete your taxes on your own: Tax Pro From Home.

If you want expert advice while working on your taxes, you have several upgrade options. The online software includes online support and access to real-time customer service. If you’re willing to pay more, you can take advantage of a hybrid online tax preparation service where you upload your documents and a professional preparer takes care of the rest. With Tax Pro From Home, your taxes are ready in seven days.

You can also take advantage of Jackson Hewitt’s tax resolution services if you need help with IRS issues, including back taxes or real estate liens. It comes with a free consultation and additional prices vary depending on your needs. This service is available in all states except Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire and North Dakota.

Jackson Hewitt includes a lifetime tax accuracy guarantee. You can upgrade for additional auditing support and protection, including identity theft protection. If you think you’ll probably be able to do your taxes yourself, but also want the option of leaving everything to a professional, Jackson Hewitt is a good choice.

File online File your return online with a tax specialist
$25 including federal and unlimited states $99
All tax situations included Full-service tax prep with video and live chat available