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Best Tattoo Shops in Seattle: Check The Top Artists’ Portfolio

Seattle is a sprawling city in Washington State, an area attracting subcultures due to its location on the west coast of the United States.

Luckily, there is no difference in the world of body art and modification, as the artists here are famous for their work.

No wonder, here you will find some of the top tattoo artists in the country and different conventions with the body art theme.

Diversity and acceptance are actual values in Seattle, and this is why you will see lots of people walking and showing off their body art pieces.

So, from grunge to coffee shops and tattoo studios, yes, Seattle prides itself as a welcoming place for local art flavors.

Find The Artist You Love And Have A Chat

As previously mentioned, Seattle is the home for extremely friendly tattoo artists who will do their best to offer you professional body art designs.

Visit one of them and have a chat about your ideas, the tattoo techniques, as well as the details of the ink they will be using.

Once you have checked the style and design of your future tattoos, it’s time to research the best tattoo shops around.

Most of these studios will provide you with the artist’s portfolio and their previous works, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Others will show their official position on their website, while some studios will suggest you check their professional Instagram account for more details.

However, if there is one thing you should keep in mind, always go with the best reputation and do good research first.

Luckily for you, I have already done this work and found out about some of Seattle’s top tattoo shops.

Instead of searching every single day for the best studio, better check out the list below.

As such, your task will be much easier once you have this file of the top tattoo shops in the area. All you need to do is read ahead, then make the appointment.

Tattoo Shops’ Pricing in Seattle

Before checking the names below, it’s essential to have some knowledge about the prices here.

Well, deposits for basic tattoos are around $50, while for tattoo pieces that take a couple of hours, you will need to pay a bit more, even double. Talk to the artist first, and establish these numbers from the initial instance.

Why Pick These Tattoo Shops In Seattle?

Because I know how important it is for tattoo enthusiasts to get the result they expected, my goal was mainly to connect these people with the top local experts.

As such, I took every single tattoo studio from the list below and checked them in terms of hygiene, types of equipment, tattoo techniques, and artists’ skills.

The shops with the highest results are down below, so start reading to find more.

Top Tattoo Shops In Seattle. Check These Tops Names

So here they are. The list of what I consider the best 14 tattoo shops in all over Seattle. Check them out with calm and pick your favorite.

522 Tattoo

522 Tattoo 1
Image Source: Instagram
522 Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram

522 Tattoo Studio first opened in 2014. The artists here have 30 years of combined tattooing experience, so no wonder why people are looking for the skills and ingenuity of the people here.

Furthermore, the services are excellent, along with the staff’s care for each tattoo enthusiast.

If you still cannot decide, don’t worry; the studio accepts walk-ins and appointments by phone or email. Once you come to 522 Tattoo Studio, you will feel the safety and cleanliness of this place.

Website: http://522tattoo.com/

Google Location: 522 Studio

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Anchor Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram

Anchor Tattoo is one of the top Seattle tattoo studios open for body art enthusiasts seven days a week. The studio has some of the best artists in this area, including Trucy Zumwalt, Curtis James, and Jacob McCallum.

The staff here has vast experience in tattooing styles, meaning they can provide almost anything you want, from traditional tattoo designs to Japanese works or futuristic tattoo ideas.

Website: https://www.anchortattoo.com/

Google Location: Anchor Tattoo

Slave To The Needle Tattoo

Slave To The Needle Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Flower Tattoo on Shoulder
Image Source: Instagram

Slave To The Needle Tattoo Studio has been in Seattle since 1995, and it is a famous award-winning tattoo studio all over the world. The staff here is providing some of the top tattooing services in Seattle.

If you don’t want to get inked, piercing services are also available at Slave To The Needle Studio.

The tattoo studio has a group of friendly, talented tattoo artists that can transform your body art dreams into reality. They will carefully listen to your ideas and visions, and finally, create the perfect tattoo.

Each of the artists excels in a specific tattoo design, such as floral tattoos, geometric designs, or neo-traditional body art pieces.

Furthermore, these talented people are experts in also creating custom tattoo artworks. If you do not have any idea of the tattoo you wish for, there are thousands of designs to choose from once you are in the studio.

If you want anything else but a tattoo, ask the staff to provide you body piercing, using professional body jewelry in a wide selection.

Have a walk-in to the Slave To The Needle Tattoo Studio and get a free consultation option for both tattoo and piercing services.

Best in: Eagle, Black and Grey Tattoos, Horror, Dragon Tattoos, Fish, Haida, Traditional, Geometric, Floral, Cover-Ups, Portrait, Realism, Wildlife, Owl and Skull Tattoos.

Website: https://slavetotheneedle.com/

Google Location: Slave To The Needle Tattoo

Cicada Tattoo

Cicada Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Cicada Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram

Cicada Tattoo Studio in Seattle is open six days a week, so you have plenty of time to step in and have a chat with one of the artists here.

The studio has five talented artists who are enough experience to offer the clients a unique body art experience.

There is a wide range of tattoo styles to choose from, as well as a relaxed, friendly tattooing environment to feel secure.

The studio is one of the most active ones in regional tattoo conventions, so don’t be surprised if you will find these artists at those conferences.

Website: http://cicadatattoo.com/

Google Location: Cicada Tattoo Studio

Laughing Buddha Tattoo

Laughing Buddha Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Laughing Buddha Tattoo Arm
Image Source: Instagram

If you are willing to go to an elegant tattoo and piercing studio, you should choose Laughing Buddha Tattoo Shop, owned by Christy.

The staff here has a wide range of experience in the body art domain and provides their customers with quality tattooing services and piercing facilities.

The main principle of this tattoo studio is to deliver to its customers some high-end body artwork at affordable prices.

This is how anyone can step in and benefit from the tattoo services here. The selection of tattoo designs is exclusive and varied, from traditional to modern artwork.

So whether you wish for portrait, watercolor, realism, floral or brand new custom work, here, you will find the top artists to make your dream come true.

Furthermore, the staff here constantly adds new designs to their studio, so the environment is very creative.

Have a chat with the artist you mostly like, and establish the body art piece you love most.

Now, in terms of hygiene, this tattoo studio has high standards of safety and health, which is essential, considering how needles will get through your skin.

The Laughing Buddha Tattoo Shop uses the most modern sterilization and aseptic techniques to keep their clients safe.

Among the top designs, there are the Celtic, Tiger, American Traditional, Flash, Custom, Color, Dragon, Linework, Illustration and Japanese tattoo designs, and other body art ideas.

Send an email to the shop to book your spot.

Website: https://www.laughingbuddhatattoo.com/

Google Location: Laughing Buddha Tattoo

Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor

Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor
Image Source: Instagram
Plum blossom Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram

Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor is a high-quality tattoo and piercing shop, well-established among the Seattle community. The studio offers both traditional and custom tattooing and full-service body piercing services.

Don’t mind the environment, as here you will find a sterile, clean atmosphere, where tattoo artists will transform any body art into pure masterpieces.

Since 2007, tattoo artists will make everything they can to change any tattoo idea you have in an elegant piece of artwork. Just have a quick chat with them, express what you are wishing, and give them the best advice.

Furthermore, they will tell you which design and colors would suit best to your skin tone.

Because it is a high-quality tattoo studio, Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor follows medical-level protocols and the artists follow hospital-grade sterilization standards.

If you want anything but a tattoo, then you can enhance your body with a piercing.

There are lots of pieces of jewelry to choose from, and the artists will provide you with aftercare instructions for each body part.

The specialties of this tattoo studio are floral, octopus, tiger, rose, cover-up tattoos, grey color, butterfly body art, traditional or modern tattoo designs. So what is your wish these artists can make come true?

Website: https://www.piercedhearts.biz/

Google Location: Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor

Dark Age Tattoo

Dark Age Tattoo Sleeve
Image Source: Instagram
Dark Age Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram

Dark Age Tattoo Shop is one of the top Seattle studios, with many talented tattoo artists and staff. The atmosphere is more than pleasant, while the professionals here will provide custom tattooing services.

Whether you are willing to have traditional body art, realistic designs, or a Japanese-inspired piece of ink, Dark Age Tattoo is a welcoming place to be.

The artists are already familiar with lots of tattooing styles, so don’t hesitate to chat with them. The best part? This studio is open every day.

Website: https://www.darkagetattoo.com/

Google Location: Dark Age Tattoo Shop

Dark Horse Tattoo

Dark Horse Tattoo on Arm
Image Source: Instagram
Dark Horse Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram

Visit Dark Horse Tattoo in Seattle and meet Sasha King and Josh Carr, some of the most experienced and professional artists.

With more than 15 years of combined tattooing experience, these artists’ work is versatile and professional.

Choose the colorful, black and grey, or realistic body art pieces and enhance the way your body looks.

Website: https://darkhorsetattooing.com/

Google Location: Dark Horse Tattoo

Dzul Ink Lounge

Dzul Ink Lounge
Image Source: Instagram
Dog and octopus tattoos
Image Source: Instagram

If you are looking for an upscale, lounge-like ambiance, or a contemporary tattoo design, check the work of Dzul Ink Lounge in Seattle.

This studio has four different stations, among which you will find a VIP room with private tattooing and piercing services.

This tattoo studio also includes an art gallery that showcases different art pieces, like paintings and photographs from famous artists.

The tattoo artists here are specialized in all kinds of tattoos, such as simple word designs, back pieces, floral body art, or modern body arts.

Website: https://www.dzul.com/

Google Location: Dzul Ink Lounge

Fenix Tattoo and Piercing

Fenix Tattoo and Piercing on Back
Image Source: Instagram
Fenix Tattoo and Piercing
Image Source: Instagram

Since 2000, Fenix Tattoo and Piercing Shop has been a body art business specialized in photorealism, traditional and custom-made tattoo designs.

The artists here have a lot of experience creating colorful designs, tiny minimalist tattoos, sleeves, and everything in between.

Of course, the creative staff can create other colorful designs, depending on the customer’s wish. The shop also has a wide range of jewelry that can perform great as a variety of piercings.

Furthermore, the staff here offers their customers prep skin instructions and aftercare suggestions for getting some top results.

Website: https://www.fenixtattoos.com/

Google Location: Fenix Tattoo

Fist Full of Metal

Fist Full of Metal
Image Source: Instagram
Fist Full of Metal Tattoo on Thigh
Image Source: Instagram

Fist Full of Metal is a Seattle-famous tattoo studio, open seven days a week. The shop is open to appointments and has five artists among its staff that provides excellent body art pieces.

The over 30 years of combined experience is your guarantee for a fantastic tattoo. There are tens of tattoo styles to choose from, so don’t hold back only on the basic designs.

Website: https://www.fistfullofmetaltattoo.com/

Google Location: Fist Full Of Metal

Hidden Hand Tattoo

Hidden Hand Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Hidden Hand Tattoo 2
Image Source: Instagram

Since its very start, in 2007, Hidden Hand Tattoo is one of Seattle’s most appreciated tattoo studios. Owned by Jeff and April Cornell, this creative place gathers great artists with almost 100 years of everyday experience.

These talented people have specializations and excel in various tattoo styles, from traditional body art pieces to striking color pieces and tribal designs.

Just choose one model, and they will do everything to enhance the ink piece.

Furthermore, the staff is friendly and welcoming so that you will feel like in a first-class studio.

Website: https://www.hiddenhandtattoo.com/

Google Location: Hidden Hand Tattoo

Idolize Tattoo

Idolize Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Idolize Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram

The Idolize Tattoo Studio has been operating in the body art industry for 20 years already, so you can expect to find some of the top experienced artists in the area.

No matter the tattoo design you wish for, the artists will know precisely what to do to enhance your body appearance. From old-school styles to contemporary body art, no tattoo style cannot become true at Idolize Tattoo.

Website: http://www.rentontattoo.com/

Google Location: Idolize Tattoo

Jackson Street Tattoo Company

Pomegranate tattoo
Image Source: Instagram
Jackson Street Tattoo Company
Image Source: Instagram

When you think about a tattoo on your skin, you want to go to the best artists in this domain. If you are traveling to Seattle or a resident, pass by the Jackson Street Tattoo Company, a studio open seven days a week.

The artists here have 30 years of combined experience and can give life to a wide range of tattoo designs.

There is much this studio can offer to its clients: a welcoming, clean environment, professionalism, as well as stylistic tattooing expertise.

Website: http://www.jacksonstreettattoocompany.com/

Google Location: Jackson Street Tattoo Company


Still have questions about the best tattoo shops in Seattle? Here are more answers.

Q: Is smoking allowed in Seattle tattoo shops?

A: No, smoking and eating are forbidden.

Q: Can you get a tattoo at the artist’s house in Seattle?

A: It is illegal to perform tattoos in unlicensed locations such as private homes.

Q: Can I get a tattoo in Seattle if I am 16?

A: No, you will have to be 18 years old. However, you can get a piercing.

Last Thoughts

Seattle is by far one of the best locations in the world for being creative. The wide range of tattoo and piercing shops offers every client the chance to choose their favorite artists and finally enhance their body art.

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