Best Subscription Box Services 2021: Food, Beauty, Grooming, Flowers

Now that you can go back to the mall, leaving the house to go “pick up a few things” is more convenient than ever. But that means you’ll just have to brave the regular retail inconveniences again—long lines, sold out products, not being able to find an employee to help you. Just because we’re not necessarily stuck at home, doesn’t mean that getting important daily essentials needs to be a nuisance. That’s where a good subscription service comes in.

From vitamins to food to personal hygiene products, these subscription sites deliver basic necessities and helpful everyday products to your door every month, ensuring that you are well-stocked, whether you’re still staying in, or heading back out.

1. Ritual

Launched in 2016, this cult-favorite vitamin brand makes it easy to start a daily “ritual” of taking vitamins. While most generic multivitamins contain ingredients you already get from food, Ritual focuses on nine essential ingredients that you may have trouble getting organically. The list includes Omega-3 (for immunity), Folate (to boost mood), Iron (for red blood cell formation), Magnesium (for heart health and bone function) and Vitamin B12 (for brain health), among others.

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While it started as a vitamin brand for women, Ritual just introduced its Essential for Men line last year. Choose from a multivitamin for men ages 18-49, and a special formula for men 50+. Ritual says its team of scientists has done extensive research to create a vitamin that only includes what you need, in “bioavailable forms” your body can actually digest and use. Their capsules are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made without colorants, allergens or fillers. Ritual sends you a bottle of vitamins each month for just $30; they’ll send you an alert ahead of time in case you need to pause or cancel anytime.

I’ve been taking Ritual vitamins for months now and their daily multivitamin is an easy to take and easy to digest capsule that has left me feeling more energized and recharged. There’s no chalky aftertaste like some generic capsules, and no side effects either; just two capsules daily, taken with your without food.

What we like: Ritual is continuing its long-term partnership with Food Forward, a non-profit that fights hunger and prevents food waste by “rescuing” fresh surplus produce, and redistributes it to people in need across Southern California. The company says every new Ritual subscription will allow Food Forward to distribute 10 pounds of fresh, healthy produce to communities experiencing food insecurity across Southern California.

Ritual Vitamins

2. Dollar Shave Club

Even if you’re growing out your facial hair, you’ll still want to keep your beard or mustache nicely groomed, and the rest of your body looking good too. That’s why we’re fans of Dollar Shave Club, which may have started as a great place to order razors and shaving cream, but has quickly become a one-stop-shop for some of the best men’s grooming tools and accessories in the market today.

Fill out your preferences on the Dollar Shave Club website, then pull from their online shop, which stocks everything from deodorant to hair products to moisturizer and cologne. What we like: DSC has super convenient, portable body wipes in stock.

Add products to your box and have them shipped directly to your door. Switch out or remove items at any time.

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Dollar Shave Club

3. Birchbox

Birchbox has gone from being a beauty subscription box, to an easy way to stock up on skincare essentials while discovering new faves. Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for (your skin type, hair type, etc.) and Birchbox will send you a customized package with a mix of deluxe makeup, hair, and skincare samples, along with tips on how to use them. Choose what you like to re-order or spin the figurative wheel to test out a whole new box of products next month.

Birchbox has been a great way for us to test out pricey and trendy products without committing to paying full price for the whole thing. It’s not just for women either; there are a ton of gender-neutral products available at and they also launched Birchbox Grooming, which is stocked with more male-focused balms and creams and lotions.

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Courtesy Birchbox

Birchbox Subscription

4. Hims

Hims has quickly become a go-to site for men dealing with more sensitive issues that they’d rather not have to pick up products for in person. In particular, Hims’ line of hair loss and erectile dysfunction treatments, can be easily added to your cart for discreet home delivery. Sign up for a subscription so you never have to worry about running out of these hair and performance-boosting aids (everything is shipped in simple packaging that doesn’t reveal its contents).

Hims offers a wide variety of treatment options too, from supplements and shampoos (say for thinning hair), to premature ejaculation sprays and pills that promise to get rid of cold sores in as little as 24 hours. Hims also offers skincare hacks, vitamins and can even arrange primary care consultations too, all done securely and conveniently online.

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Him Wellness Products

5. Care/of

Care/of is the personalized wellness brand that delivers vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and more directly to your door. Customize your pack of vitamins based on what you need or lack (I.e. elderberry for immunity, probiotics for digestion), and the company will send you a box of individually-packaged vitamins for each day of the month. Care/of also offers pre-natal vitamins, protein and recovery powders, and “specialty” supplements like adaptogenic mushrooms. The convenient pre-packs makes it easy to take your vitamins on the go, whether you’re at the office or traveling.

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Care/of Vitamin Packs

6. DrnxMyth

DrnxMyth is one of the easiest ways to get ready-to-drink craft cocktails, essentially bringing the whole bar menu straight to your door. Using specialized and patented “Twist-to-Mix” tech, the bottles have separate chambers for the juices and spirits to ensure peak taste and freshness for cocktail favorites like Margaritas, Rum Punch, and Bourbon Sours (although they feature master mixologist-level drinks too, like their smoky mezcal-based Hibiscus Haze).

Speaking of juices—everything is cold-pressed, with ingredients batched and mixed same-day from local California farms. In the spirit of drink innovation, DrnxMyth’s website also allows you to submit your own cocktail recipes for a change that it’ll get made. If you can’t get to your favorite local bar, or are just hyped up to host dinner parties again, DrynxMyth’s a great way to shake things up.

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7. Sun Basket

Even as restaurants open up more capacity, for everyday weeknight meals, it’s still a great time to subscribe to a good meal delivery service. We’re big fans of Sun Basket, which offers home delivery of both full meals, and individual items for “all-day healthy eating” (think: protein bars, jerky, nuts and crackers).

Sun Basket, and other meal delivery services like it, have become an easy way for people who may not be able to get to a grocery store to access fresh meats and produce. In my household of three people, Sun Basket had meals for someone who was gluten-free, a vegan and someone on the paleo diet, too. The site also offers a number of diabetic-friendly meals, in association with the American Diabetes Association. There was more than enough variety for us (we made everything from Malaysian noodles, to chicken, to a jambalaya-style shrimp) and the dishes were all ready in 30-40 minutes (including prep time). Oh: they were pretty tasty too.

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Sun Basket

Sunbasket Meal Delivery

8. Talkspace

Human connection has never been more important after a year in quarantine, and even it might be a little easier to physically be next to someone right now, having someone to talk to can go a long way towards easing us out of this quarantine healthy and thriving.

The site, Talkspace, offers “online therapy,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Sign up for Talkspace and the site will pair you with a licensed therapist that you can chat with over text, audio or video calls. Just like a regular in-person appointment, you’ll have the same therapist every week, and he or she will provide “homework” for you to go over between sessions. With Talkspace, you can also send your therapist a message whenever you’re near a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and he or she will respond once or twice a day (plans can be customized for more frequent communication too).

Your dedicated therapist is chosen based on a detailed survey you fill out about your needs and areas of concern. Talkspace offers programs for teens and couples as well. Every conversation is protected by banking-grade encryption to keep it safe and confidential.

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9. Winc

If there’s one thing we could all use right now, it’s a stiff drink, and there are a number of sites that offer alcohol delivery these days. For convenience and variety, we like Winc, an online wine club that sends you a box of wine every month according to your preferences. Choose from red, whites, rosé and bubbly; mix and match from hundreds of fun, unique offerings on the Winc website (they have vegan, organic and natural wines too).

Swap out your order at anytime (say, if you want to switch your full-bodied reds for a fun rosé). Don’t want to subscribe? Winc lets you order individual bottles as well, and they offer custom baskets for a great gift delivery option too.

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Wince Wine Delivery

10. GETMr.

GETMr. is great for starting a skincare routine without a lot of bells and whistles. Their simple and clean signature product is called “The Daily”, and it’s exactly what it sounds like—an all-in-one solution that works as a moisturizing face lotion, broad spectrum weightless mineral SPF 30, and soothing aftershave.

With dermatologist-approved ingredients like non-nano zinc, niacinamide, and antioxidants, The Daily is for when you want smoother, stronger skin in one step (one step that isn’t just splashing your face with water, that is). You can get it delivered on a monthly basis, which we recommend, since GETMr. says that with repeated use you can help reduce up to 90% of the signs of skin damage—think wrinkles and brown spots. For skincare minimalists, you can’t beat the simplicity and quality of GETMr.

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GETMr. The Daily

11. The Bouqs Co.

Nothing brightens up someone’s day like a bouquet of fresh flowers, and we like ordering our stems from Bouqs. The first time I used Bouqs, it was to send a gift subscription to a friend who had just started a new business. Every two weeks, Bouqs would send a big flower arrangement to his shop, ensuring that he always had fresh blooms for his window display and counter.

I’ve used Bouqs to send a flower subscription to my parents too, and for a much-loved housewarming gift. The great thing about a Bouqs subscription? They don’t all have to be sent to the same person. You can sign up for a personal subscription and use it to get flowers for mom one month, a friend’s birthday the next, and for yourself the month after that.

Choose from a variety of classic bouquets and hip “farmers market” favorites. You can also choose the frequency of deliveries and the size of each arrangement. Not looking for a subscription? Bouqs also offers single orders on hundreds of beautiful florals, plants and succulents — many of which can be delivered the next day.

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Bouqs Floral Subscription

12. Farmbox Direct

Prepackaged meals and meal delivery kits can work for hectic nights, but if you want to whip up your own grub, then Farmbox Direct is the best way to get organic and natural produce delivered throughout the continental U.S. Their menu changes every week, but that just means you’ll receive a box of fruits and vegetables d by what’s in season, and what’s most fresh.

Just enter in your zip code, and see if delivery is possible in your area (hey, it’s not called ‘farm-to-table’ for nothing). At the beginning of each week, Farmbox Direct will send out an email letting you know what is being harvested by their farmers for the current week’s box. You can also add up to five substitutions, per box as well as add on extra artisanal items.

If you’re feeding a big family you can check out the Only Organic Large produce box, or save a few bucks and spring for a couple choice offerings with their All Natural boxes, which will still give some good-quality items. Getting your produce delivered with Farmbox Direct is a great wait to cut down on running to the store for a few basic staples, or if you want to try out new recipes with ingredients you don’t normally eat.

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Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct

13. Jetson

The name “Jetson” may conjure up images of the futuristic family living with flying cars and robot maids, but “Jetson” is also the name of a new probiotic brand, which offers up convenient home deliveries of “seasonal probiotics” designed to help with energy and well-being.

For $35 a month, get fresh, science-backed probiotics shipped to your door. Jetson rotates its formulas every three months, with strains developed for the different health issues associated with each season. During the spring, the formula, “Outside,” helps address spring allergies. The formula, “Fit,” has six clinically proven strains to support healthy immune functions, normal fat metabolism, reduce bloating, and increase energy.

While probiotics are commonly used to help with digestion, Jetson says the right strains can also help you deal with eczema, autoimmune disorders and help ease your mood and mental health conditions (I.e. stress).

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Everything is Made in the USA and produced fresh to order, with no preservatives or additives. The capsules are easy to take, and vegan-friendly too. Don’t want to sign up for a subscription? You can also order each formulation individually.

Jetson Subscription

14. Watch Gang

Whether you’re looking to add a statement piece to your outfit for a special occasion, start a watch collection, or just want to replace the same old timepiece you’ve had since college, we guarantee that Watch Gang as something for everyone. Dedicated to delivering you a new watch every month, you can feel confident that you’ll be stepping out in style, no matter what selection they send you.

Watch Gang offers a short questionnaire based on your style preferences, and then you’ll be shipped a mystery 40mm timepiece within 3 business days. There’s various tiers to choose, but the watch styles in the Original subscription vary greatly from month to month, from classic, to sport or even military to name a few. You can always check out the Black or Platinum subscriptions if want to get more recognizable brand names and build a seriously classy collection. Bonus: every week, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer and Seiko watch, too.

You get to keep every watch you get, but the only downside is that they don’t offer refunds if you don’t like any specific watches—but they can also make a super special gift for any occasion, such as Father’s Day.

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Watch Gang

Watch Gang

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