Best Spray Paint for Metal to Revive Your Yard Decor

Your garden decor may look fantastic the first year or two you have it out, but it’ll eventually start to peel, chip, and fade due to normal wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements. While there’s not much you can do to prevent this except keep it inside, you can use spray paint for metal to help breathe new life into it and bring it back to like-new condition. A few coats can help seal out the moisture and weather while protecting the metal from rusting or flaking. You can even color match to the current shade or try something totally different to make the yard decor look like you bought something new. 

However, there are so many different types of spray paint for metal available that picking out the best one to suit your metal type and situation can be a confusing task. This is why I’ve rounded up 10 excellent spray paints for metal from a few well-known brands. My goal is to give you short reviews that you can use to compare the products and narrow down your choices. When you get one or two, the buying guide will highlight important features you want to keep on-hand to help you make your final choice. 

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Yard decor can slowly fade and look shabby after a few years, and spray paint for metal can help restore it to like-new condition. It can seal it against the weather, prevent it from breaking down, and help it last longer. 

Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint – Top Pick 

The first product on the spray paint for metal comes from Pintyplus, and this is a multi-application paint that is very fast drying. This makes it perfect for quick projects like decorating your apartment or spraying multiple layers on your outdoor ornaments. You can use it both indoors and outdoors without a problem, and it will adhere to a large range of materials like metal, wood, paper, stone, cardboard, and some types of plastic. You can decorate your beaches, garden tables, charis, pipes, and industrial equipment without worrying about it peeling or flaking off. 

Each can of spray paint for metal will cover up to 22-square feet before running out, and the paint will dry after 15 minutes. However, you can repaint your object in just five minutes after you apply the first layer to keep your project moving along quickly. You should stand 25 to 30-centimeters away from your surface before you spray it, and you want to apply thinner layers in a horizontal pattern before spraying it vertically. This helps ensure you get an even coat that will last for years, even if you expose it to the elements. You reverse the can and push the nozzle when you finish to prevent the nozzle from clogging. 


  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Dries in 15 minutes
  • Can apply a second coat in 5 minutes 
  • Covers 22 square feet per can
  • Works on a host of surfaces 
  • Eight colors available 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Can take slightly longer to dry with thicker coats

Krylon K05356507 – Step-Up Pick 

Krylon is a very well-known brand for producing the best spray paint for metal, but you can use it on several different surfaces without worrying about it smearing like metal, wood, and plastic. You can use it indoors and outdoors without it fading, but it does have a slightly stronger smell that means you have to apply it in a well-ventilated area if you can’t apply it outside. You can choose from flat, gloss, matte, metallic, primer, satin, semi-gloss, and semi-flat for a style, and it has two sizes with over 30 colors available that let you tailor your choice to suit your needs. 

This spray paint for metal will dry in as little as 10 minutes of less when you apply it to stop it from running or sticking when you pick it up, and it leaves brilliant colors that create eye-catching decor and signage. There is durable Covermax technology in this spray paint that ensures you get the most coverage possible for each can of spray paint, and this can save you money because you’ll use fewer cans to complete your project while breathing new life into your yard decor. It also has a durable color staying power with each coat. 


  • Adheres to different surfaces 
  • Dozens of colors 
  • Several styles 
  • Dries in 10 minutes 
  • Indoor and outdoor use 
  • Covermax technology 
  • Bright and lasting colors 


  • Colors can vary from what’s advertised 

Seymour 620-1433 Spray Paint – Mid-End Budget Pick

Seymour’s best spray paint for metal is perfect for touching up or repainting your potting benches without being super expensive, and this makes it our mid-range budget pick. You get an impressive three or four times more coverage with a single can of this product as you get with typical aerosol spray paint products, and this paint won’t sag or run to give you a professional-grade finished product that you can’t wait to work on or show off. It can stick to different materials ranging from wood and plastic to metal, and this allows you to use it on new and old gardening benches and tools without having a problem. 

This spray paint for metal will protect your items against corrosive chemicals, gasoline, oil, rust, and most weather conditions. It acts like a sealant to lock out moisture to help your decor last much longer, and this can prevent the metal from rusting and corroding and the wood products from rotting or swelling. This product is very resistant to heat and abrasion, and this is great for people who live in very hot and humid environments because it won’t peel away. This is a slightly thicker formula that has single coat hiding technology that reduces the amount of spray paint you have to use. 


  • Three to four times the coverage 
  • Won’t run or sag
  • Professional-grade finish 
  • Works on wood, plastic, and metal 
  • Protects against corrosive chemicals 
  • Heat-resistant 
  • Single coat hiding technology 


Rust-Oleum 7798830 – Bargain Budget Pick 

Rust-Oleum’s spray paint for metal uses a premium oil-based formula that gives you great rust prevention and a durable protective coating that will lock out the elements without breaking your bank. You can choose from 17 colors and a one or six pack to tailor your order to suit your needs. It has a nice semi-gloss finish that will make your yard decor look like new, and it costs less than five dollars per can. Each can has enough paint to cover up to 15-square feet, and this is more than enough to do one or two pieces of decor before you have to open another can. 

This spray paint for metal will dry within two to four hours of the application, depending on how thick you apply it when you spray it on. It won’t fade or chip, and this is important with decor that is outside and exposed to things like sunlight or different weather conditions. It’s also resistant to abrasions, and this is important if you knock it against things when you move it or store it, and this can help a single coat last much longer than other spray paints. 


  • Oil-based formula 
  • One or six-pack available 
  • Covers 15-square feet 
  • Semi-gloss finish 
  • Dries in a few hours 
  • Won’t run 
  • Won’t chip or fade


  • Only covers a smaller area 

CRL Touch Up Paint – Best for Aluminum Decor

This spray paint for metal from CRL works best for smaller touch-up applications on aluminum decor, and it would work great on aluminum-sided outdoor storage sheds. This is an aerosol paint that comes in black/bronze or medium-bronze aluminum coloring that you can match to your current color to give it a seamless finished look. It was originally meant for the glazing industry, but you can use it on everyday items to help re-seal your metal to prevent it from rusting or corroding with humid or wet weather, and this can help your aluminum items last much longer than they originally would. 

This spray paint for metal seamlessly covers pits, mars, scratches, and surface discoloration with one simple coat, but you shouldn’t use it as a full coat because it goes on very thick. Once you apply it, it can take up to 10 minutes to dry enough to apply a second coat. It gives you an excellent durability factor and color retention capability, and it comes in an aerosol can that goes on evenly. This paint will go on darker if you put multiple coats on, and this can help you match darker aluminum. 


  • Dries in 10 minutes 
  • Covers scratches, mars, and pitting
  • Very thick formula 
  • Aerosol can 
  • Matches aluminum siding 
  • Professional-grade finish
  • Prevents rust and corrosion 


Design Master 746  – Best for Planters

If you have planters you want to upgrade to an elegant and classic look, Design Master’s spray paint for metal is a great option because it has a quick-drying formula with a nice satin finish. All of these means you can get a bright planter that looks like new, and it’s fresh flower safe. This means you can spray it, let it dry, and pop your flowers inside it without worrying about particles of spray paint getting into the dirt and harming your newly planted flowers. This is a semi-transparent pigmented spray, and this means that it can take more than one coat to completely cover your planter, unless you put it on thick. 

You get a very versatile product when you purchase this spray paint for metal because it works well on wood, terracotta, plastics, and different types of metal without flaking or chipping off. It also won’t fade with sun exposure, and this is great news for outdoor planters. The metallic finish is very classy, and it goes with a lot of different decors. It works for professional and DIYers, and it goes on thinner to reduce the total amount of time it takes to dry between coats. 


  • Semi-transparent paint
  • Metallic finish 
  • Won’t chip or flake 
  • Fresh flower safe 
  • Quick-drying 
  • Classic look 
  • Easy to put on


Rust-Oleum Antique Brass 260728 – Best for Multiple Surface Types

Adding a coat of this spray paint for metal to your raised planter boxes is one way to lock the moisture out and ensure they last for years, and it works well on metal, wood, wicker, concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and plastic. It has a slick oil-based formula that offers an excellent level of adhesion for your projects, and it resists chipping or fading. You’ll get a long lasting finish that won’t fade with exposure to the sun, and it’ll stop metal from corroding with exposure to moisture. This is great if you have a lot of older yard decor that you want to upgrade and make more weather-resistant. 

This spray paint for metal will cover up to 15-square feet per can to help you finish all of your decor, and it has a fast-drying formula that takes 30 minutes to dry to the touch once you apply it. You’ll get a rich, attractive shimmering metallic finish on most surfaces that looks classy, and it’s very easy to apply. You do have to shake it for a minute before you use it, but it goes on evenly to cover any imperfections. It comes in an 11-ounce size, and it comes in 21 color options. 


  • Broad range of colors 
  • Oil-based formula 
  • Long-lasting finish 
  • Fade-resistant 
  • 30 minutes to dry 
  • Shimmering, rich color 
  • Easy to apply 


Seymour 620-1415 – Best for Protecting Against Rust

Rust can cause your planters and yard decor to fall apart or leak, and Seymour’s best spray paint for metal can help seal it to keep moisture out and preserve the metal. You get three or four times the coverage you would get with a standard can of aerosol spray paint, and this allows you to get further in your project without having to swap out paint. This paint has a slightly thinner formula that adheres to the surface to prevent sagging or running, and this gives you a very professional-grade finish while helping you update your faded and worn-out paint. 

This spray paint for metal will protect your decor against corrosive chemicals, rust, gasoline, oil, or weather. It also has heat and abrasion-resistant properties to make it more durable, and this is great for people who live in areas that have harsh weather changes. You’ll get single-coat hiding capabilities, and this makes every can of spray paint go much further. In turn, this can help save you a lot of money. You can choose from 24 colors, and they have a semi-gloss finish that looks nice on both indoor and outdoor decor. 


  • Three or four times the coverage 
  • Slightly thinner formula 
  • Protects against chemicals
  • Heat and abrasion-resistant 
  • Single coat coverage 
  • 24 colors available 
  • Semi-gloss finish 


  • Slightly smaller paint can 

KILZ L540746 Chalk Spray Paint – Best for Upcycling Garden Decor

Anyone who wants to chalkboard paint their furniture or lawn decor should try this spray paint for metal by Kilz. This is a decorative paint and primer all in one, and it has a quick-dry formula with a nice matte finish. It comes with enhanced adhesion and durability on a large range of surfaces, and this makes it useful for working on projects with your kids to ensure you get a nice finished product. It works best on smaller indoor or outdoor projects or on intricate, detailed surfaces on metal, wood, plastics, wicker, cast stone, concrete, fiberglass, and more. 

You’ll get an average coverage area of 12-square feet per can, but this depends on the porosity, surface texture, and on your application method. You can further enhance anything you coat with this spray paint for metal by adding Dark Sealing Wax or Kilz Clear Sealing Wax. Once you apply it, you should give it an hour to dry to the touch. You can coat it again after two hours, and a quart of the paint can cover up to 100 square feet. You can use soap and water to clean it if it gets dirty, and you should stir it very well before you use it since it comes tinted with colorant. 


  • Paint and primer 
  • Quick-dry formula 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Broad surface application 
  • Smaller and more detailed work 
  • 11 colors available
  • Choose from two sizes 


Design Master 239 – Best for Large Coverage Areas

The final spray paint for metal comes from Design Master, and it works well for any project that requires a larger coverage area. It is suitable for most paintable surfaces ranging from metal and wood to plastic and fiberglass, and you’ll get professional-grade results that look great for years after you apply it. It dries very quickly after you apply it as long as you use thinner layers, and you get a very durable finish that won’t chip, fade, or crack when it’s out in the sun or exposed to different weather conditions. You’ll get a scratch-resistant finish on any hard surfaces you spray it on. 

This is a modern metal line that comes enriched with very neutral hues that will complement most decor styles or colors with this spray paint for metal, and it’ll create a luxurious modern look with sleek accents. This product dries very quickly to the touch, and it allows you to apply several coats over the course of a few hours to get a professional-grade finish that lasts from season to season. It has a semi-gloss finish that goes on slightly thinner, but it won’t run or sag as it dries. 


  • Works on metal, wood, fiberglass, and concrete 
  • Durable finish 
  • Won’t fade with sun exposure 
  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Modern metallic line
  • Semi-gloss finish 
  • Quick-drying formula 


Spray Paint for Metal Buying Guide 

When you start shopping for spray paint for metal, there are several things you want to consider when you shop. Doing so will ensure that you get a product that covers everything from your watering cans and planters to your yard ornaments and benches. This short guide will give you the buying criteria you want to consider when you shop so you can make an informed decision. 


The durability is one of the biggest factors you want to consider when you shop. This will determine how long your spray paint for metal holds up against the elements like sunlight, humidity, or moisture. Ideally, your spray paint will last at least two or three years before you have to redo it, and this can help your yard decor look like new for much longer. It also cuts down on the amount of money you spend on replacement spray paint each year. 

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More extreme weather conditions will require more durable spray paint for metal to adhere to your yard decor without bubbling or peeling off with the heat. 


How far do you need your spray paint for metal to cover? If you plan to cover a bigger outdoor bench, you’ll need a paint that covers a larger area. For smaller decor like planters or tables, you can get away with a slightly thicker paint that has a smaller coverage area. Many paints on my list have a maximum coverage area that ranges between 10 and 20-square feet. Double-check the coverage area before you buy anything, and try to match it to your decor needs. 

Drying Time 

Do you need a quick-dry paint spray paint for metal, or can you let it sit for an hour or two until it dries to the touch? The drying time can range from 10 minutes up to two or three hours after you apply it, and this can drastically slow your project time down. Make sure you take a look at the recommended drying time before you buy anything, and get a shorter drying time if you want to put multiple layers of your spray paint for metal on your decor. 


There are several different types of finishes available with spray paint for metals, and it ranges from matte and semi-gloss to full-gloss. Maybe you have unfinished furniture that would look better with a flat finish, but you want a garden table that has a glossy finish. You can match your finish to your project, and many people choose semi-gloss for outdoor projects. This is slightly shiny, but it won’t be blinding if the sunlight hits it. 

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The finish on your paint will determine how it looks. Matte is very flat, and it’s not as durable as gloss or semi-gloss, and a lot of outdoor decor requires you use at least a semi-gloss so it lasts. 


Your spray paint for metal should have a higher versatility factor. This means that you can use it on metal, wood, plastics, fiberglass, concrete, and more. The more surfaces the paint will stick too, the more use you’ll get out of it. In turn, this can help you save quite a bit of money if you have different types of yard decor that you want to upgrade or refinish because you won’t have to buy new paint for each one. Some paint on our list is for metal only, but others are very versatile. 


The thickness of the spray paint for metal you use will determine how well it covers and how long it takes to dry. If you wood burned a garden sign and you want to paint it, you’ll most likely use a thinner paint that dries much quicker. For heavy-duty projects or things that need a lot of restoration work, it’s a good idea to get a slightly thicker paint that will cover imperfections. Just make sure you get enough time lined up for each layer to dry between coats so it doesn’t wrinkle or chip when you touch it. 

Bottom Line

The best spray paint for metal will give you even coverage that restores your garden decor and items both inside and outside of your home. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality spray paint for metal and reviewed them for you. You can compare the various products to get a good idea on what’s available on the current market. When you narrow it down, use the buying guide to pick out the best spray paint for metal to suit your needs and have it shipped straight to your door. 

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