Top 10 Best Smelling Body Powder in India (2022) For Women

best smelling body pwoders for women in india

Body powders or talcum powders are used by women and men to keep their body fresh and sweat-free. These powders also help in keeping the skin wetness free and free from the heat rashes. Application of powders help in keeping the skin dry in areas where sweat and rashes are more likely to happen. Areas like the back of your knees, neck, elbows, below the breast etc are the places where women tend to experience sweat and discomfort. Talcs are extremely helpful and very affordable for these benefits. Smelling good is another benefits that women get after applying talcum or body powders. There are some best smelling body powders that keep you smelling good for decent number of hours. There are lots of talcum powder available in shops and Indian market, but here we are listing the perfumed body powders for women in India.

Best Perfumed Body Talc for Women in India (2022)

Talcum powder is also applied to prevent heat rashes, sweating and chafing in addition to get the perfumed subtle smell. So, below is the list of the best smelling talcum powders in India for girls.

1. POND’S Dream Flower Fragrant Talc in Pink Lily

POND'S Dream Flower Fragrant Talc in Pink Lilly

This fragranced body talc gives freshness and pleasant aroma in just one application. It will make your entire day joyful and playful. This contains natural pure white lilies that create a soothing and attractive pleasant. This Pond’s body powder is very affordable and can be used in day and night time.

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2. Mysore Sandal Talc

Mysore Sandal Talc

The Sandal body powder is ideal for day wear. It contains sandalwood extracts that give calm smell entire day. Sandalwood is the symbol of beauty, it is a natural medicine for ages and treats all kinds of skin problems. It makes you feel fresh and young all, the day long. This is the traditional talc that mature women simply swear by. It is one of the best smelling body powder.

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3. Yardley London Morning Dew Perfumed Talc for Women

Yardley London Morning Dew Perfumed Talc for Women

Yardley London talc gives elegant and sexy feel comes under a gold range. It gives a soft and smooth look that makes your day really special. The perfumed body talc is good for everyday sue and gives that fresh vibes upon application. This fragrance will last one day or two.

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4. Enchanteur Romantic Perfumed Talc

Enchanteur Romantic Perfumed Talc

Enchanteur  body talc is loved by women, especially in night to create a romantic aura in the room. It signifies love and beauty both at the same time. The body powder for women gives fresh feel and protection from the dryness. You can wear this talc even in the daytime after taking shower. It is a perfumed talc which means it has natural rose fragrance.

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5. Spinz Talc Exotic Body Powder

Spinz Talc Exotic

This is a famous brand that is very old too. You must have used the Spinz deodorants as well. This talc gives long lasting fragrance and has pure natural white lily extracts. This is a simple talc not a deodorant one. It will give you a cool and calm feel in the summers. This powder is economical and comes in an attractive packaging.

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6. Pond’s Starlight Perfumed Talc (Orchid & Jasmine)

Pond's Starlight Perfumed Talc

Pond’s Starlight talc is a new launch and is known for its attractive and aromatic fragrance. The talc helps you to stay fresh and lively throughout the day. The body powder contains real orchid flower extracts. This rich flower powder has mild and pleasant aroma that is a perfect choice for a day and night time. It also has jasmine notes which are a perfect blend with orchid. It is a perfumed talc hence does not come under strong fragrance category.

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7. Yardley London Royal Red Rose Talc for Women

Yardley London Royal Red Rose

Yardley London talc is favorite of women having simple and yet classy taste in fragrances. It has royal red roses which makes your day happy and romantic. Yardley body powder for women comes in a very classic and elegant packaging. Women should give a try because it is a very good choice of talc available in the market.

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8. Oriflame Natural Secret Talc Floral Bouquet

Oriflame Natural Secret Talc Floral Bouquet

Oriflame nature secret talc comes in a tiny bottle kind of packaging. Oriflame is an herbal brand and its products are not easily available in the local market. But because its products are made with natural ingredients, this talc will not cause any irritation or redness on the skin. It keeps you smell good and fresh for decent hours. The body powder can be reapplied when needed to keep smelling good.

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9. DeBelle Fairness Talc

DeBelle Fairness Talc

Debelle body powder  s not just a talc, claiming to give you a refreshing feel and also improves skin complexion. It comes with a magic glow that adds radiance on your face and entire body. The subtle fragrance is good for everyone and women with all age group can try it.

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10. Cinthol Lime Talc

Cinthol Lime Talc

Cinthol lime talc gives a cooling sensation on the skin. The brand is very huge and this talc is ideal for summer use. It prevents excessive sweating and skin infections like acne and red bumps. It keeps you fresh for long hours which is the most important aspect of the deo talc.

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These are the best perfumed body powders for women in India. Have you tried any of these talcs? Which is your best smelling body powder in India? Do share!

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