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What Are the Best Smart Thermostats For Your Home?

What Are the Best Smart Thermostats For Your Home?

Smart thermostat is one of the most useful tools you can use in your home. A smart thermostat will learn the weather situations in your home and adjust itself based on conditions outside and inside the house. You can also adjust parameters for when the thermostat will start and stop, not to mention standards for specific times in the day.

It’s no surprise that there are so many competing models available. But what is the best option for your home? Let’s look at some of the top models around. Each unit has distinct features, not to mention it’s easy to get them all set up to keep your home cool.

Smart Thermostats
Smart Thermostats

ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

The first option to see is this ecobee3 thermostat. It features two-room sensors that you can place in spots to identify how well the air feels. Occupancy and temperature sensors will let your thermostat know what is working.

It takes about half an hour to install the setup. You can also adjust the thermostat with most mobile devices for added control.

Emerson Sensi Touch

The helpful display on this Emerson smart thermostat lets you know how well the air is being cooled or warmed. It identifies the humidity in the room and adjusts the fan based on how well the rating is.

The unit can to your smartphone. The thermostat will adjust the thermostat and control the general location setting based on what works. The flexible scheduling setup also lets you control the temperature based on the time of the week, thus having an extra sense of control.

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Thermostat

Another option that works based on the day, this Honeywell model uses a helpful layout that uses four program periods for use each day. The flexible layout in this unit ensures it is easy to keep the air comfortable at different times. You can adjust the setting based on how often you use a room at specific times.

Smart alerts also identify when the temperature is too high or low. You can also use the thermostat to see the local weather based on its connection to a wireless network. You can also get an alert for when the unit loses its connection to a network.

Vine Smart Programmable WiFi Thermostat

It won’t take long to get this Vine smart thermostat ready. You only need about thirty minutes to get the thermostat running. You can use multiple warming and cooling settings on this thermostat model. The design also lets you adjust the target humidity. The unit will activate the fan in your HVAC system to work together to reach the proper humidity level. The arrangement provides an approach to cooling, especially since it does not create any excess fatigue of other concerns.

Suchinm Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

The last option to note is this Suchinm model that features a Wi-Fi remote control option. A schedule and timer let you control specific settings based on certain times. A button lock feature also ensures children will not unintentionally adjust the thermostat.

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