Best smart ovens of 2020: Amazon, Tovala, June and more

If you’re looking for a smart kitchen assistant, you’ve got more options than ever before. There Smart displays To walk through the dishes or perform instructional, even cooking demos. you can use Bluetooth thermometer For monitoring cooking temples or like a smart large kitchen appliance Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator To be the command center of your smart kitchen and home.

But while we thought the Smart Kitchen stuff was at its peak, smart countertop ovens hit their stride, and they are a lot more exciting than traditional ovens. These microwave-size cookers perform dozens of functions including cooking, baking, roasting, dehydration and even proof of flour. Some work with voice assistants; Others recognize food with an AI camera or scan packages of frozen food or frozen pizza from their local grocery store. The standouts we tested are smart ovens.

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The Amazon Smart Oven is a steal at $ 250. Other countertop convection ovens on this list are much more expensive. The Amazon countertop oven comes with a free third-generation Echo Dot, which you’ll need to connect to Alexa to “preheat oven at 350 degrees” for voice commands like Alexa.

Amazon smart ovens do not have smart food recognition, but this kitchen appliance has scan-to-cook (mostly Amazon-owned whole foods) and great Alexa voice controls for packaged foods. You can use Alexa to control more than 30 preset cooking tasks and more.

This is the only countertop oven we tested that can also serve as a countertop microwave oven, which means that you won’t have to hold more space on your countertop with a second countertop device. You can easily throw away your old microwave oven and replace it with this multifunctional smart oven. You can also use it for a convection oven, a food warmer and air frying.

In our testing, the Amazon Smart Oven has the cooking ability to deliver great whole chickens, delicious air-fried French fries, and solid 1,000-watt microwaving power. For all those reasons, this smart oven is the most capable we tested and our top recommendation for countertop ovens. Read our Amazon Smart Oven Review.

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The $ 299 Tovala Smart Oven is built around Tovala’s chef-curated meal kit. Those meal kits are priced at $ 12 per serving, but you can buy an oven without food and still make plenty of use.

This is because the Towla Smart Oven can scan 750 different grocery items from your local store and use the steam, bake, broil and toast functions to cook your dish during the cooking process. There is no voice assistant compatibility, but there is a towla app where you can control the oven, see recipes and more.

Amazon’s smart ovens also scan foods, but only a handful and most of the whole foods come from the list. If you are interested in towla countertop toaster ovens, I will try to give dining kits, as they are easy to make, tasty and interesting. The oven is often on sale or other promotions for less than $ 299 MSRP, so if the price is a constraint, check the Tovala website for deals. Read our Tovala Smart Oven Review.

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The June oven in its second generation is the best oven we have identified when it recognizes food. There are plenty of cooking options, with onscreen recommendations for cooking various foods and many useful items. Use it for air frying and dehydration, or as a convection oven for baking and convection cooking, or as a toaster oven for toaster.

June Owen works with Alexa for voice commands, and the June app lets you control the oven from anywhere and watch live video of your meal while cooking. A smart cooking task tracks the main temperature for the correct cooking time.

You can buy the oven in a standard package that includes a food thermometer, roasting rack, baking pan, wire shelf and crumb tray for $ 499 or a gourmet package for $ 699 which includes a baking pan, air-fry basket, a The recipe is a subscription and extended warranty. (Note: This item is currently out of stock, but availability on Amazon fluctuates.) Read our June review.

Smart oven comparison chart

Amazon Smart Oven June oven Towla Smart Oven

$ 250

$ 499

$ 299

Dimension (W x H x D)

21.8 inches x 13 inches x 21.4 inches

19.6 inch x 12.75 inch x 19 inch

18.5 inches x 11.75 inches x 12.32 inches

Voice assistant compatibility



No one

ways of cooking

Microwave, Convection Bake, Auto Roast, Fry Air, Fry Air

Confection Bake, Toast, Air Fry, Dehydrate, Slow Cook, Broil, Keep Warm

Steam, Toast, Broil, Bake

Included goods

Long and short grill rack, temperature probe, air fry pan

Thermometer, Roasting Rack, Baking Pan, Wire Shelf, Crumb Tray

Oven Mitt, Baking Pan, Wire Oven Rack, Measuring Cup

we’ve only Just Begun

This category is only a few years old, and we have seen considerable growth. We recently tested a limited-release smart oven WLabs of Whirlpool. Souvy Kitchen Robot Launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and began shipping last year; It uses water to cool and cook your entire meal. Then there is Anova, whose CEO Stephen Svejian announced plans for a new smart oven from the kitchen subsidiary brand in September. It is expected to be released later this year.

These ovens may be the best there right now, but they certainly won’t last. More and more companies are expressing interest in this category, so we will continue to test the new model.

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