best sling bag brands in India

Sling bags not only look stylish but they are functional bag that can carry to keep your everyday essentials while keeping the hands free. So while there are different designs of strappy sling bags available to choose from, we’ve made a list of the best sling bag brands available in India. For all of the girls, who love cross body bags would agree that a sling bag works perfectly. They give you that freedom of not holding handbags still carrying all of your stuffs. And when your hands are free, you can feel comfortable and at ease. For shopping sling bags are the right bag to carry along as there are no chances, that you’ll forget your bag or you misplace it. It will be over your shoulders and you can be secure. In order to make the right purchase we have brought the top best sling bags available in India.

Best Sling Bag Brands in India

1. Linen Dogs

lino perros sling bag brand

The brand is endorsed by Lisa Haydon and Katrina Kaif. This is one of the best women’s handbag brands in India that also makes stylish and fashionable sling bags. You can definitely make this brand as an integral part of your accessories and wardrobe. You can get a Lino Perros Sling Bags ranging from solid colors to floral prints and even the bags animal print. The use of bold fabrics and the material which last long is exclusive in their designs. To amplify your fashion game, Lino Perros sling bags are good to start with. You can get a Lino Perros sling bag for as low as 500 rupees. Their products are easily available on,,, and many other online shopping sites.

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2. Baggit

baggit sling bag brand

Baggit offers you the latest fashionable handbags, clutches and purses. It’s the most popular, affordable and loved bag brand for men and women. The brand makes different types of handbags and sling bags are an essential part of their collection. Baggit brand of women bag offers different sling bags in classic hues of solid colors, florals, neutrals and even the candy colors. You can choose from the fashionable prints and patterns. Baggit sling bag collection is ready to notch up your style quotient. In fact, you can also play around with the earthy shades from their range. We like Baggit’s color blocked sling bags a lot. You can get a Baggit sling bag for as low as 600 rupees.

Baggit products are easily available on all the leading online shopping sites like,, and

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3. Dorothy Perkins

dorothy perkins sling bag brand

Dorothy Perkins is a brand that offers sling bag in beautiful neutral and pastel colors. It has become a really popular brand of women’s handbags, sling bags, clutches, purses, satchels, totes etc. They have different patterns with magnetic closure, drawstring style and what not. You would surely love their sling bags in the neutral hues. They are also perfect companion to take to office.  You must check out the animal printed Dorothy Perkins sling bags that you would surely love to take with you for your next casual hang out. Dorothy Perkins shimmery sling bags are also good to have in your party wear collection.  You can get Dorothy Perkins sling bags starting from 600 rupees.

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4. Mast & Harbour

mast & harbour sling bag brand

Mast & Harbour is a clothing and accessories brand that is immensely popular for western wear for women and bags. The brand is really become very popular, thanks to the boom of online shopping portals. They offer truly glamorous, feminine and high quality collection. Their bags exude high fashion style and appeal. They have different types of Sling bags that vary as per the size and design. You can get small and even large sling bags for your day-to-day requirements from this brand. Moreover, you can get small sling bags for carrying along while you are in a party or just like to keep few things or basic makeup items and your phone. Mast & Harbour sling bag range starts from 400 rupees.

There sling bags are available in solid colors, neutral colors and in stripes and even in Polka dots. You can get rectangular square and semi circle designs in Mast & Harbour Bag collection.

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5. Dressberry

dressberry sling bag brand

You can definitely up your style game with Dressberry Sling Bag.  The reason is they offer really beautiful and stylish sling bag that you would definitely love to have. The range and the variety that the brand offers are huge. And so does the colors and hues. Dressberry sling bags are extremely affordable and are one of the best choices amongst teenagers and young fashionistas.

Dressberry sling bags have adjustable shoulder strap for ease and useability. Even the Candy color sling bags from the brand are highly fashionable. If you like sequins then they also offer sequined sling bags. While the brand focuses more on the women who are young, sassy and love vibrant accessories, they also have good stuff for formal occasions. Their price range starts from 350 rupees.

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6. Toteca

toteteca sling bag brand

Toteteca is a brand that is known to offer good quality sling bags at very reasonable prices. Yes, you can get a toteteca sling bag starting at 300 rupees with enough space. You can carry Toteteca sling bags while you are travelling to keep your daily makeup essentials like cards, passport, wallets, mobile, headphones and other things. For teenagers, the brand is perfect. They offer small, medium and large sling bags to suit different requirements of a woman. They also have color blocked sling bags that you must take a look at. They have trendy sling bags in neon and candy colors that we simply loved while exploring the range.

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7. Lavie

lavie sling bag brand

Lavie is amongst the very popular handbag brands in India. The brand offers different styles, budget and patterns of handbags, sling bags, laptop bags, clutches and much more. One would certainly be impressed with you when you carry a bag from a reputed brand. And when the brand is Lavie, it’s even better. Lavie offers so many different patterns of Sling bags that you would love to go through their collection. Primarily, they use pastel colors while the bold solid colors are also very impressive. Yes, you can get solid bold colors from the collection. You can expect different patterns in styles with little prints and textures. Their range starts from 600 rupees and it also depends on the sale season.

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8. Caprese

caprese sling bag brand

Caprese is endorsed by Alia Bhatt and the brand has become immensely popular. Caprese offers multiple designs, patterns of sling bags for women. They use colors that are bold and highly fashionable and trendy. It’s not that they do not make designs in neutral color sling bags but it seems like their focus is more on the vibrant and bold colors. The sling bags are spacious and offer that modern appeal to today’s women. Their price range starts from 700 rupees.

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9. Many Canvases

Canvas katha sling bag brand

If you like prints and bold designs, this brand would definitely meet your expectations. They offer bold prints like Aztec, Floral, Stripes, Diagonals, Geometric and what not. If you like carrying something that is different from the regular designs then this brand would be for you. The brand is solely for young women who like prints and patterns.

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10. Accessorize

accesorisize sling bag brand

Accessorize is a brand that has eccentric designs and styles of sling bags. You can definitely unleash your inner fashion diva by carrying their handbags and sling bags. The brand is a little pricier than regular brands but definitely adds a personality and charm. The fashionable designs are easy to maintain and has this high quality that speaks for itself. Accessorize sling bags range starts from 1000 rupees.

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These are the best sling bag brands for women in India that you must check. Other than that there are some other brands that are available. You can also take a look at these brands which are available at major online shopping portals and sites. But make sure you buy only from the reputed websites, so that the product that you purchasing are genuine and not some cheap copy or replica.

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