Best security cameras that run on batteries

Not only battery powered Security cameras You give better installation flexibility than their wired counterparts, they are also usually weatherproof for outdoor use. This means that you can install a wireless security camera on a fence, in a tree – or anywhere – until your Wi-Fi network reaches it – to make your home security system larger, Keep an eye on your home and help prevent intruders.

I have chosen three models that I particularly like for various reasons, although I have taken into consideration things like video quality, field of view, whether it offers a mobile app and a recording option if it is from your existing hooks up Smart home Setup and, of course, battery life. Arlo Pro 3 My favorite camera is. Period. Since it is also battery operated, it is my favorite for this list. I like it BXT2 For its reasonable price – $ 100 – and its long battery life (up to two years). Third and final camera in the list, Logitech Circle 2Offers a wide range of compatible accessories to further enhance its battery-powered feature (and as a security camera running on battery power, it is already very convenient). So, keep reading if you are looking for the best battery powered security camera to meet your wireless outdoors Need protection.

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The Arlo Pro 3 Home Security Camera is battery-powered so you can climb a tree or fence without thinking about the annoying power cord. This wireless camera is also weatherproof to deal with the elements and will last for a few months on a single charge depending on usage. Originally, it is perfect for external security.

In addition to its convenient rechargeable battery, the Pro 3 has many more features: a built mermaid; Hand / disarm mode; And Person, Animal, Vehicle and Package Motion Detection Alerts (with an optional Arlo Smart membership plan). The device also allows for two-way communication and has both color and black and white night vision for a clear view of what’s going on in your yard. And the video quality is at the top.

If you want to incorporate your wireless outdoor security camera into your existing smart home system, the Pro 3 works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Read our Arlo Pro 3 review.

Best budget


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The eyelid XT2 costs $ 100. For your money, you get a battery powered camera and a sync module. The sync module is supposed to extend the camera’s battery life and helps the app and camera communicate via wireless signals.

If you already have a sync module from the previous Bpurchase, you should be able to use it with XT2 as well. If so, you will need to buy a standalone camera for only $ 90. And, at that price, you can get something for the entire security camera system.

The camera features 1080p HD live streaming, alerts, free cloud storage, night vision and weather resistant housing. It sends push notifications through an app on your smartphone when its sensor moves. The weatherproof device also provides two-way communication. It runs on two AA lithium-metal batteries, lasting two years.

I have done a test since July 2019 – and it is still going strong. BXT2 works with Alexa. Read more about Palak XT2.


The Logitech Circle 2 comes in two versions – the $ 180 wired model and the $ 200 battery-powered model. I reviewed the wired model, but spent time testing both.

The battery-powered Circle 2 is a solid camera. Like the Pro 3 and BXT2, the Circle 2 connects to your wireless network and is weather resistant. It has 1080p HD live streaming for crystal clear picture, night vision, two-way talk and time-lapse features. It is supposed to last between one and three months on a charge. It also provides free 24-hour cloud storage, with 10 to 60 seconds of motion-based video. On detecting the camera movement, push notifications are sent to your phone through an app.

It also works with a wide variety of accessories – $ 30 plug mount, $ 40 window mount and $ 20 magnetic mount. If you use a plug or window mount with your Circle 2 battery-powered camera, it will work with Siri (via Apple HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video) as well as its standard support for Amazon Alexa.

Typically, the battery-powered Circle 2 does not support Apple HomeKit without plug or window mount accessories. (Read more from Logitech on that.) Read our Circle 2 (Wired Model) review.

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