Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cases and Covers

With a 6.2-inch display and gorgeous curves, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus proves big can be beautiful — but it’s also breakable. If your smartphone slips from your hand, cracks and scratches can mar the glass exterior, while chips and dents slowly destroy the metal frame. Repairs don’t come cheap, so it makes sense to take precautions. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers, whether you’re into rugged protection or something sleeker. It may be smart to pair some of these cases with one of the best Galaxy S8 Plus screen protectors for complete coverage.

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Pitaka MagCase

If you’re not a fan of the bulk and extra weight that come with some cases, look no further than the Pitaka Magcase. It’s grippy, sports an industrial design, and it’s thin enough to make your Galaxy S8 Plus feel case-less. The Magcase is made of aramid fibers, a tough but smooth material that’s used in military jets, spacecraft, and race cars. Weighing as little as 0.6 ounces (18 grams), the case will make your phone feel as light as it is, while giving it some additional scratch-resistance. While the case isn’t the most protective and you definitely shouldn’t rely on it to save your phone from drops, it’s perfect for minimalists and those who want something simple.

Caseology Coastline Case

The Galaxy S8 Plus is available in very attractive finishes like Coral Blue, Maple Gold, and Arctic Silver. To keep that premium glass looking flawless, throw on a Coastline case by Caseology. Caseology is known for its high-quality and simplistic offerings, and its take on a clear case is the one to consider if you’re in the market. A frosted layer of TPU coats the sides of your phone, making the case feel soft and resistant to scratches. The coating also keeps the clear case from yellowing — a common downside of transparent covers. You’ll also find a colored frame on the back, which goes hand-in-hand with the color of your Galaxy S8 Plus. It’s subtle, but makes the Coastline a standout in a sea of clear cases.

Speck Presidio Grip Case

Speck Presidio Grip case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Combining a stylish, ridged design that aids grip with solid protection from drops of up to 10 feet, the Presidio Grip is an easy case to recommend. There’s a raised bezel around the screen, generous openings for easy access to ports and camera, and good quality button covers with plenty of give. There are various, more eye-catching color combinations available beyond the classic black that’s pictured. This is a relatively thick case, but it won’t interfere with wireless charging or NFC. Speck also offers a lifetime warranty.

Ringke Fusion Case

These cases from Ringke have a clear polycarbonate back panel so you can see the S8 Plus inside. The hard back is paired with a flexible TPU bumper that takes the sting out of bumps and drops and comes in clear, rose gold, or smoke black. Despite being fairly slim, this case still offers decent drop protection and sports a lip at the top and bottom of the screen to keep it from touching surfaces. The cutouts are pretty generous, so you shouldn’t have any issues with accessories, the button covers work well, and Qi wireless charging works with the case on.

Peel Super Thin Case

Peel Super Thin Case

Chunky cases distract from the slender beauty and feel of the S8 Plus, so you may prefer to opt for something minimal. Thankfully, Peel’s cases are the thinnest we’ve come across. They’ll fit your Samsung phone like a second skin. The cutouts for your phone’s buttons, ports, camera, and other features are accurate — meaning you’ll barely notice there’s a case on your phone — but it does add grip and guard your device against scrapes on both the back and sides. We wouldn’t rely on it for drop protection and the screen is left exposed, however, minimalism is the aim here and so it’s very thin and free of garish logos or text. These cases are slightly translucent, too, and come in black, gray, or silver.

Skech Matrix Sparkle Case

If you’d like to add a little sparkle to Samsung’s stunning design, then this Skech case is for you. It features a clear, hard, polycarbonate back with a flexible TPU bumper. It’s a transparent case with glitter embedded in it, though you can get a crystal-clear version. It has a special coating that adds grip, reduces scratches, and resists any yellowing than the sun’s rays might cause. Drop protection is good from up to 8 feet, there’s a raised rim to safeguard your screen, and the slim button covers do their job well. You’ll also find accurate openings for easy access to everything.

Nomad Folio Wallet Case

Here’s a classy S8 Plus case for anyone who wants to leave the wallet at home. The exterior comes in brown or grey leather, and it’s neatly stitched. Open it up and you’ll find three card slots and a larger pocket for cash. There’s also a plastic shell to hold your S8 Plus in place, and it has large cutouts for easy access to buttons and ports. There’s a good-sized opening on the back for the camera and fingerprint sensor, too.

Silk Innovation Base Grip Case

This is a slim, flexible case that’s easy to fit and offers basic protection for your Galaxy S8 Plus. It does have a raised lip around the screen and cushioned corners, so it should protect your phone from bumps, scratches, and minor falls, but don’t expect rugged drop protection. The highlight is the textured bumper portion which aids grip. The button covers are very thin and the cutouts are accurate. This affordable S8 Plus case comes in a teal blue or black.

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper

What we love about this bumper is that it doesn’t cover the screen or back of the S8 Plus and yet it offers solid drop protection from up to 11 feet. It won’t interfere with the camera, NFC, or wireless charging like some S8 Plus cases can. It also features generous openings for the ports and it can be used in partnership with most screen protectors. The downside is that it’s a chunky, hard polycarbonate frame and the button covers are stiff at first.

Noreve Horizontal Wallet Case

When it comes to premium, supple leather cases, Noreve should be at the top of everyone’s shortlist. This horizontal wallet case protects your Galaxy S8 Plus from all sides, unlike some other wallet cases that leave the corners exposed. The camera, flash, and ports are easily accessible, so you can take pictures without any hassle. It has pockets for two cards and, as is typical with Noreve cases, you can order it in a variety of leather finishes, textures, and colors.

Samsung LED View Cover

Samsung’s wallet case for Galaxy phones mixes typical wallet case features with a bit of tech. The case offers some protection from slight bumps and scratches, but the standout feature here is the LED notifications. When you press the power button on your Galaxy smartphone, you will be able to see things like the time, alarms, and also answer or reject calls. You can also assign custom caller ID icons to specific contacts using the LED icon editor app. The case comes in black, silver, blue, and orchid gray.

Case-Mate Naked Tough

Here’s an eye-catching option from Case-Mate. The Naked Tough line is usually transparent, but this iridescent version brings a splash of color. The back is still translucent, so you can see the Samsung logo and the design beneath. The flexible bumper around this case keeps your S8 Plus safe from drop damage. You’ll find generous openings for the ports and camera, and there are stylish metallic button covers. This case also comes with a lifetime warranty.

UAG Pathfinder Case

The UAG Pathfinder case combines a very lightweight build with impact shock resistance that meets military drop-test standards. There is a heavily textured pattern on the back and sides of the case for extra grip. Samsung stuck with a headphone jack on the Galaxy S8, but charging and data transfer come via the USB Type-C port. Thankfully, the case features oversized ports so that you can use this case with most headphones, earbuds, or charging cables.

Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Otterbox Defender is one of those cases that offers no apologies. It is big, bulky, and boasts some of the best drop protection of any case. Like other Otterbox cases, it comes certified by Otterbox’s Drop+ protection. One important thing to note is that the Defender case for the Galaxy S8 Plus is a screenless design, so keep that in mind if you were looking for a rugged case with a built-in screen protector. Just because the case is big and rugged doesn’t mean that you have to get it in black; Otterbox does offer some very nice two-tone color combinations including the bizarrely-named marathoner (blue and gray), vinyasa (purple and pink), and the more straightforward aqua mint gray.

Lifeproof Fre

If you were looking for a case that doubles down on waterproof protection and has a built-in screen protector, then you’ve just found it. We’re sure you know by now that the Galaxy S8 Plus has IP68 dust and water resistance, but you may want a case that is not only waterproof, but dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof as well. Lifeproof’s waterproofing also offers slightly more protection than the native IP68 water resistance of the Galaxy S8 Plus. This case is submersible to a depth of two meters for up to one hour. It’s a pretty bulky case, but the features and ports are easily accessible. The case is available in a few colors with silly names, including asphalt black, second wind gray (pictured), and twilight’s edge purple (which is actually pink, purple, and turquoise).

Patchworks ITG Level Case

This classic combination of shock-absorbing TPU with a tough polycarbonate shell should keep your S8 Plus safe from drop damage caused by minor falls from up to 4 feet. It features a smart design with textured sides for enhanced grip, button covers that are easy to find and press without looking, and a sloping cutout on the back that offers easy access to the fingerprint sensor and ensures there’s no flash splashback. It’s good that you can still enjoy your curved screen with this case on, but we have doubts about how protective it will be if your S8 Plus lands face down. It comes in red or black.

Tech21 Evo Go Case

At first glance, the Tech21 Evo Go case looks like a typical thick, rugged case. But there’s more there than meets the eye. Starting with the real leather trim on the back, which provides a touch of class and excellent grip, this S8 Plus case has a lot going for it. The cover uses Tech21’s FlexShock material and employs three-layer impact protection that is able to withstand drops from up to 10 feet. In short, its capabilities exceed military drop-test standards. You may not see it at first, but this case also has hidden card storage. The panel closes magnetically, offering space and protection for up to two cards. The Tech21 Evo Go case comes in black, or a beautiful orchid (purple and pink) color.

VRS Design Crystal Bumper

Here’s a good option if you want an S8 Plus case to showcase Samsung’s stunning design. This transparent, flexible TPU shell is very easy to fit. It sports accurate cutouts and slim button covers. It has a reinforced polycarbonate bumper that comes in a couple of shades of silver, gold, or blue. It’s a simple, slim case, but it should offer protection from minor knocks. Plus, it extends to the front to protect that huge screen.

Incipio Esquire Series Case

Incipio brings a small touch of incomparable luxury to your smartphone with the Esquire Series. The basic case offers a familiar blend of transparent, touch TPU with a flexible bumper section designed to absorb impact shock.

But it makes things a little more interesting with an ultra-soft cotton finish on the back. It’s a durable case for basic protection, with openings and button covers where you need them. If you don’t like the black color, there are many other designs to choose from.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This Spigen case features a polycarbonate exterior, making it flexible yet long-lasting. Pairing malleability with durability creates an appealing two-tone case designed to protect your phone from damages such as scratches, dents, and minor bumps. 

This case offers cushioned edges for maximum screen protection and a raised, uneven back that gives users a firm grip. You also get convenient button cover cutouts in the package that are cut precisely to match and safeguard your camera, fingerprint sensor, and the rest of your phone ports. 

Hopefully, now you see from our list that, when it comes to a military-grade phone case, you can easily achieve optimal security while still being able to choose from various styles and shapes. 

You don’t have to leave your Samsung Galaxy S8 vulnerable to damage for the sake of style. It’s easier than ever to sustain your S8 Plus’s gorgeous appearance with one of the cases we’ve mentioned and still experience all the wonderful features that make it fragile in the first place.

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