Best Router Table for DIY Woodworkers

If you’re looking to upgrade your current woodworking tools, the best router table is a must-have. Routers are very versatile pieces of equipment that can help you create unique shapes and curves in wood, and you can also use them to dig indents and grooves into the wood to create unique designs. In order to be safe and use your router effectively, you need to attach it to a solid router table. The best router tables let you use both hands to guide the wood along while the router curves, cuts, indents, or digs grooves. In turn, you can be far more accurate with how you shape the wood, and you can feel much safer at the same time. 

Since there are so many options available when it comes to router tables, it can be very daunting to choose the best router table out of the lot. This is especially true if you’ve never had one before, or if it’s been a few years since you bought one. Thankfully, I’ve done all of the research for you to pull together a list of the 10 best router tables available on the current market.  You’ll see different sizes and brands, but they all have the same common goal. I invite you to take a look and add this necessary piece of equipment to your arsenal. 

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Woodworking has been around for centuries, but tool advancements allow you to quickly and easily make precise straight or curved cuts, especially if you have the best router table. 

JESSEM Mast-R-Lift Excel II – Top Pick 

My top pick for the best router table goes to JessEm. This is a very rigid and heavy duty product that is perfect for helping you cut any boards you need to create your outdoor bench ideas for your patio or garden. The steel stand has upper and lower stretchers on it to increase the table’s durability factor, and it has an extruded aluminum router table fence with totally adjustable face fences. The aluminum and steel body resists rust and corrosion when you work in humid or wet environments, and it helps it withstand heavy usage or wear and tear without breaking down. 

This phenolic router table top works well with a broad range of routers, and this versatility makes it easy to set up and use in large and small workshops. The threaded feet on this best router table are adjustable, and this allows you to set it to a comfortable working height. You can also adjust it if you let someone else use it, and the custom service team is very responsive to questions or concerns you may have. It’s easy to set up, and there is a written manual with video instructions included in each purchase. 


  • Extruded aluminum fence 
  • Steel and aluminum body 
  • Resists rust and corrosion 
  • Versatile design 
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Threaded adjustable feet 
  • Quick to set up


Grizzly Industrial G0528 Router Table – Step-Up Pick 

This step-up pick for the best router table comes from Grizzly. It’s my step-up pick because it’s extremely versatile, and it’ll easily accommodate any brand of portable router that ranges from ¾-horsepower up to 5-horsepower without being too small. This is a cast-iron table that is very heavy-duty, and it’ll easily resist wear, rust, tear, and corrosion from using it a lot and using it outside. You can tilt this table up to 45° to make it quick and easy to install your router with minimal fuss, and it has both a main table and a sliding table that allows you to work on big or small projects without running out of room. 

There is a hold down toggle clamp included on this best router table that ensures your router stays firmly in place as you work, and this increases how safe you are. The large safety paddle switch is in easy reach if you need it, and you get a very smooth operation due to the sliding table. In turn, you’ll be able to make neat curves and precision designs without worrying about it slipping or getting away from you. There is a 2 ½-inch dust hood included to help keep your work area clean. 


  • Very versatile design 
  • Hold down toggle clamp 
  • Large safety paddle switch 
  • Cast-iron design
  • Smooth operation
  • Dust hood 
  • Can tilt 45°


  • Fence is challenging to work with

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – Mid-End Budget Pick

Anyone who is building a porch or putting molding up in their home can use this best router table to complete your project without breaking your bank. You get a very durable product by a reputable brand at a nice price point, and it has a larger aluminum top that gives you an extended work area, high precision, and excellent durability. There is a rigid aluminum mounting plate that comes pre-drilled to fit a broad range of routers. It also allows you to adjust the height above the table before you work, and there is an adjustable extra-tall aluminum fence with adjustable featherboards and faceplates. 

The fence on this best router table maximizes your versatility and precision each time you use it to ensure you get professional-grade results. There is a standard dust collection port that will fit 2 ½-inch vacuum hoses to keep your work area clean and free of debris. The accessory slot will accept featherboards and other ¾-inch accessoires like a miter gauge to keep all of your tools organized. The storage pocket lets you keep your other accessories close, and there is a six-foot power cord with a cord wrap storage system. 


  • Reputable brand 
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate
  • Fits most routers 
  • Extra-tall aluminum fence 
  • Cord wrap 
  • Accessory storage bag
  • Dust port 


  • Table surface is slightly rough

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Router Table – Bargain Budget Pick 

If you’re on a tight budget but you need one of the best router tables, XtremepowerUS has one for you. This is an affordable and versatile item that every novice woodworker can use. It comes equipped with a push-out pocket fence that makes it compact to store, and it also has jointing capabilities that allow you to straighten out board edges when you work. This is a strong but lightweight option that has a slightly grooved surface that works well to remove chips and dust away from your work area while still giving you a smooth area to work on to give you excellent results. 

There is a built-in scale on this best router table that gives you accurate and fast indexing capabilities, and the dust collection port hooks up to almost any 2 ½-inch shop vac. If you have it on when you work, it’ll suck the dirt and debris away from your area to keep it clean and easy to see. The master power switch is on the front of the table that is within easy reach for quick shutoffs, and it has a very solid design that uses aluminum for the body so it won’t rust or corrode with heavy use or use outside. 


  • Push-out pocket fence
  • Aluminum design 
  • Very solid and durable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Grooved surface 
  • Dust port 
  • Easy to set up 


Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table – Best for Small Projects

Anyone who wants to make smaller raised planter boxes should look at Kreg’s best router table. You’ll get an industrial-quality fence that can handle everything you throw at it without breaking down, and it comes with adjustable faces, vertical jointing, dust collection, and improved cam clamps to make it easier and safer for you to use. It has a full-sized router insert plate that will fit most router brands, and you get precision plate levelers with a new Level-Loc reducing rings to give you excellent control and precise results each time you use it on your projects. 

There is a wider stance on this best router table that lends a great deal of stability to it. You won’t have to worry about it slipping while you work and screwing up your project. When you order this product, you get a MDF top, 3 Level-Loc rings, full-size insert plate, extruded aluminum fence, insert plate levelers, and a heavy-duty steel stand. The rubber feet give you excellent dampers against vibrations when the router is on, and there is a vacuum shroud that leaves you with a clean work station. This is a very quiet table top that reduces your router’s noise output while giving you a rugged work area. 


  • Comes with rubberized feet 
  • 2 Level-Loc rings
  • Less noise output 
  • Very rugged
  • Wide design for good stability 
  • Versatile product 
  • Vacuum shroud 


  • Fence is difficult to lock in place

Skil RAS900 Router Table  – Best for Precision Woodwork

When you order Skil’s best router table, you get accessory storage containers that help you keep everything neat and organized as you work, and you get two containers in each order. There is a quick clamp system with this product that makes setup fast and easy, and you get dual featherboards to help guide your work along to give you more accurate routing capabilities each time you use it. There is also a slightly taller fence with adjustable MDF laminate faces, and this can help ensure you get a smooth work surface for your projects from the start to the finish. 

The bit height gauge on this best router table helps to simplify the setup process while improving your overall cut accuracy. There is a guard with a starter pin that helps to support your piece of wood when you want to rout curved edges to ensure you get even results. There is no leveling required with this product, and you get router mounting with easy bit changes. The efficient folding design with this router table means that it comes all put together and ready to go out of the box, and you’ll need minimal setup. The legs fold down to make storage quick and easy, and this makes it great for an avid DIYer with a small workshop. 


  • Dual featherboards 
  • Taller fence 
  • Adjustable MDF laminate faces 
  • Bit height gauge
  • Comes pre-assembled 
  • Legs fold for easy storage 
  • Offers excellent support
  • Quick clamp system included


  • End supports are plastic 

Bosch RA1141 Benchtop Router Table – Best for Remote Job Sites

If you routinely build extensions and you use a router, you’ll want to look at Bosch’s best router tables. This product works wonderfully for remote job sites because it has an ultra-portable design that features legs that fold under for easy transport from point A to point B or storage. The easy-click router mounting system gives you quick bit changes without requiring any leveling, and this can get you back to work much quicker with minimal interruptions. There is a nice laminated MDF top over this table to help you make precise and smooth cuts from start to finish. 

The onboard storage compartments on this best router table allow you to keep your spare parts and router bits all together when you move around so you have everything you need on-hand. This product comes pre-assembled and ready to use. It has a taller fence with two adjustable feather boards, and this helps to guide your work while giving you extra support and control. The Bistro-height gauge makes it easier to set up your bits to enhance your cut precision. The starter pin and guard give you better control when you’re working with curved pieces of wood to get professional-grade results. 


  • Ultra-portable design 
  • Easy-click mounting system 
  • No need to level 
  • Laminated MDF top
  • Onboard storage compartments 
  • Pre-assembled 
  • Bistro-height gauge


Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table – Best for Big Projects

Goplus offers the best router table for large projects because the table itself has extra-large dimensions, but there are also extension tables located on both ends to give you more working space. Each extension table on this product comes with a big 8-inch by 18-inch size, and there is an easy-slide surface that helps you move your projects along smoothly from start to finish. The fence has a transparent guard inserted without a binding to keep the wood chips and debris from flying off your piece of wood as you use it, and this can help to enhance your safety features when you use it. 

You can use routers up to six-inches in diameter with this best router table from any brand, and it also works with router bits and base plates that fit this measurement to make it a versatile choice. There is a fence on this product that gives any piece of wood you work with additional support around the bit, and there is a jointing fence that will make a vertical jointer. The precise miter gauge helps you make straight cuts, and you can also use it to measure angles. The aluminum alloy frame with steel is very durable and rugged, and it resists rust and corrosion while keeping it relatively lightweight and easy to move. 


  • Detailed instruction manual 
  • Grooved surface keeps dust away 
  • Extra-large dimensions 
  • Easy-slide surface 
  • Works with routers up to six-inches in diameter 
  • Miter gauge 
  • Aluminum alloy and steel construction 


  • Have to make a lot of adjustments to get a good fit

Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table – Best for Outdoor Work 

Do you like to get outside and build your gardening tools and storage options like your potting shed? If so, Leegol Electric’s best router table gives you more than enough room to work with a bigger table and dual extensions. This product uses an aluminum alloy material for the main table that is very durable without adding a lot of additional weight to it. This material resists rust and corrosion, so it’s durable enough for you to use outside without worrying about it breaking down. The stand is a heavy-duty steel that adds a high amount of stability to the table, and this gives you a nice working surface. 

The retractable guard on this best router table has a transparent insert with no binding, and this helps to keep your wood chips and debris from flying back at you or around your workstation when it’s on. As long as your router bits and base plates are six-inches in diameter or smaller, they’ll fit on this table without a problem. The multifunctional fence gives your pieces of wood great support, and you can use it as a vertical jointer. It can help measure angles and give you straight or precise cuts too. 


  • Extensions for the work space
  • Aluminum alloy with steel
  • Very stable design 
  • Resists corrosion and rust 
  • Retractable guard 
  • Multifuncional fence 
  • Dust collector 


  • Instructions are complicated

Rebel W2000 Router Table – Best for DIY Woodworkers 

Rebel’s best router table features a precision-ground cast-iron table that is extremely durable. There is a safety guard with this product that helps prevent the wood you’re working with from coming back at you if you accidentally lose your grip, and it has an easy-to-follow instruction manual that helps you quickly and easily set it up and get it ready to go for your first project. This makes it a very user-friendly option for DIY woodworkers, and you get dual adjustable 3-inch by 12-inch fences. This product weighs in at around 35 pounds, and this makes it a very portable option. 

This best router table helps you make predictable and straight cuts, and it comes equipped with three adjustable built-in stops with two being at 45° and one being at 90°. You push the stop pin in to engage these stops, and they all make it much easier for you to change your miter gauge angle while you work. The split fence design lets you perform offset shaping or straight cuts, and this is a very versatile piece of equipment that works well for novice or expert woodworkers. 


  • Easy-to-follow manual 
  • Safety guard 
  • Very user-friendly design 
  • Three built-in stops 
  • Split fence 
  • Versatile 
  • High-quality materials 


  • Difficult to clamp down 

Best Router Table Buying Guide

Once you start comparing products and trying to choose the best router table to tackle your garden shelf building project, you’ll quickly learn that there are many different tables available. This short buying guide will help you understand what’s important and which buying considerations should stick out and help you narrow down your choices. 

Table Size

Do you have your heart set on performing larger projects, or do you want to tackle small ones first until you get the hang of woodworking? Whatever your needs, you should have a table that is large enough to provide adequate support for the wood pieces you work with. Router tables come in large and small sizes, and some have dual extensions on the ends to make your space even bigger. The bigger tables do usually cost more than the more compact ones. 

The best router table can help you hold your pieces of wood secure when you cut small grooves or make curved cuts with your router saw.

Dust Collection System 

When you use your router, it’ll naturally generate dust, debris, and small wood chips. These things can quickly clutter up your workstation or get in your way by obscuring your line of sight. To prevent this, look for the best router table that features a dust collection system. This system shouldn’t clot when you use it. You can use an adapter to fit this system straight to a shop vac or collection system hose to suck the debris away as you work to make cleanup a breeze. 

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Compatibility with Routers

Many of the best router tables come designed to be universal and work with several different brands of routers. However, they do have limitations. Companies offer insert plates that you match to specific routers. If you get all-in-one insert plates, you’ll have less structural integrity. This is due to all of the holes they drilled into the plate’s surface to give it this universal fit. If you only stick with one or two brands, make sure your table is compatible with them to get the most use out of it. 

Insert Plate Material 

The plate’s job is to help support the router’s weight as you work, and it also helps everything stay flat and even to give you a high level or accuracy with your cuts or grooves. To do this, your insert plate will need to be either aluminium or phenolic plastic material. If it’s not, it could slowly bend or bow, and this won’t give you the level cutting surface you need to pull off your entry table design. Since universal plates are structurally weaker to start with, having a durable material will help balance it out. 

A router table provides the stability you need to make precise cuts like you’d find on wooden garden signs, and they allow you to make small and large signs as long as you have a flat and sturdy insert plate. 

Surface Quality 

The best router tables have a very stable and flat surface that gives your durability and rigidity over time. One way to achieve this is to get a table that uses MDF for the material. If the MDF has a coating made out of high-pressure melamine or laminate, this is even better. Cast-iron tables give you the best surface structure possible while reducing your vibrations. Ideally, your best router table will have at least an inch of MDF material to give you the best surface quality for your work space. 


The warranty on your best router table is very important because they have price points all over the board. Most are over $100, but some can go up to over $1,000. You should choose a product by a well-known brand that uses durable materials. The warranty should last at least a few months, if not a few years. Also, full warranties are battery than limited warranties because they cover more in terms of damage. 

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Bottom Line 

The best router table can be an invaluable tool for beginner and veteran woodworkers and DIYers alike. I’ve listed 10 of the best router tables available on the current market for you, and you can compare the reviews side-by-side to help you make your final choice. The buyer’s guide highlights the important shopping considerations to keep in mind, and you can ship it straight to your door to tackle all of those projects around your home. 

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