Best Prime Day Smartwatch Deals 2022: Early Discounts

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We’re already looking forward to the 2022 Prime Day deals due to land tomorrow, and you may be contemplating taking advantage and picking up a new smartwatch for yourself. Luckily, Prime Day brings the biggest tech discounts you’ll see until Black Friday rolls around, so it’s a great time to pick up a smartwatch, if you need (or want) one. The best Prime Day smartwatch deals are sure to please, but if you can’t wait until the official sale (which runs tomorrow and Wednesday), there are already some bargains worth shopping now — and we’ve got them right here.Also keep an eye on the best Best Buy Prime Day deals and the best Walmart Prime Day deals as well, since those retailers are pushing out some early deals too.

We’ve collected some of the best offers you can already score, along with some tips on navigating this year’s Prime Day sale.

Best Prime Day Smartwatch Deals 2022

  • Fitbit Charge 5 —
  • Fitbit Versa 3 —
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 —
  • Fitbit Sense —
  • Apple Watch SE —
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic —
  • Apple Watch Series 7 —

Fitbit Charge 5 — $127, was $150

A woman smiling outdoors wearing sports wear and a Fitbit Charge 5 on her wrist.

Why Buy

  • Great battery life
  • New and improved ECG and EDA
  • Onboard GPS
  • Bright and easy-to-see display

The Fitbit Charge 5 is the top-tier fitness tracker from the company, and with quite a few upgrades from the previous entry, it’s great for those who want to jump into the world of fitness trackers but don’t necessarily want the smartwatch capabilities. While the Charge 5 has some smartwatch features, such as seeing a message or notification from your phone, it can’t do stuff like letting you control your music from the device. That’s OK, though, since the main focus here is on fitness rather than the ability to use it as a supplement to your phone.

With its new heart rate monitor, the Charge 5 does an excellent job of properly counting your heart’s beats per minute (BPM), plus it can detect any cardiac arrhythmia, which is important if you exercise often and need to keep track of how your heart is doing. It also has 20 exercise modes for you to pick from, and even offers GPS tracking, which helps a lot with the accuracy of tracking different workouts. The auto-tracking feature detects when you’ve started a workout and there’s also a sleep cycle tracker that we appreciate.

There’s also an improved blood oxygen saturation monitor and an electrodermal activity monitor, both of which can help you get a better idea of how your workout is going. While all the information on the watch is easy to see with the AMOLED display, much like the previous Fitbit, it relies heavily on the companion app, where you’ll see most of the stats the watch can track. While not as good as a higher-end smartwatch, the Charge 5 is easily one of the best fitness trackers on the market and is one of the best Prime Day Smartwatch deals.

Fitbit Versa 3 — $164, was $230

Fitbit Versa 3 on wrist

Why Buy

  • Gorgeous display
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great fitness tracking

While the Fitbit Charge 5 is an excellent fitness tracker with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, the Fitbit Versa 3 also tries its hand at being a smartwatch, and while it won’t ever compete with a full-fledged device like those from Samsung or Apple, it does a good job of doing a little bit of everything. For example, things like Google Assistant, Alexa, notifications, the ability to take calls, online-only Spotify, and more don’t typically appear on traditional tracker-online watches. On the other hand, notification interaction is minimal, limited to sending pre-canned messages on Android and no messages at all on iPhone. App selection is also minimal and usually needs to be paid for in some way.

That being said, Fitbits are fitness trackers first and foremost, and the Versa 3 does a pretty excellent job of that. It has a myriad of tools, including a heart rate sensor and blood oxygen (SPo2) monitor, and itcan even sense your skin temperature. So you get quite a few stats, although keep in mind that the more advanced stats and track are locked behind a Fitbit Premium subscription, which comes in at $10 a month or $80 a year, so factor that into the cost of the watch if you want those extra features. It also has a GPS tracker, which can help supplement the workout tracking that the Versa 3 can handle. That’s a nice added feature, especially for runners. Unfortunately, it is missing an electrocardiogram, which is to be expected given the price point and what the watch is trying to do.

One of the biggest selling points of the Versa 3 is how comfortable and easy it is to wear. With two different band options and a 40mm case, it fits easily on most wrists and under most clothes, and the 42-gram weight means you don’t feel it most of the time. Battery life is also pretty good, sitting somewhere between a traditional smartwatch and a fitness tracker and giving you about seven days worth of battery if you have everything but the always-on watch face running. The Versa 3 does the job it’s made to do, although we’d suggest checking out a deeper breakdown of the Fitbit Versa 3 vs Fitbit Versa 2 in case the older generation might serve you better . It could even end up being a bit cheaper among the best Prime Day smartwatch deals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 — $217, was $250

Sam Miró and the Galaxy Watch 4.

Why Buy

  • Works excellently with Samsung devices
  • High-end fitness and health tracking
  • New Wear OS
  • Lightweight and comfortable

If you’re looking for a top-end Android smartwatch that can rival even some of Apple’s higher-end stuff, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the one to look at. It’s quite an interesting iteration on the Watch 3, especially as Samsung has chosen to ditch its operating system and instead go for one co-developed with Google called Wear OS, with the version on this smartwatch being Wear OS 3. It’s a considerable OS upgrade, providing things like Google Play support, offline music support for Spotify and YouTube Music, and media controls for most apps, making this a great complement yo your smartphone.

Another big design change is ditching the bezel, at least a physical one that you can turn with your fingers. Instead, the bezel on the Watch 4 is a haptic one, so you can still use it to navigate — it just won’t have the tactile feel of the Watch 3 bezel you may be used to. Even so, it’s still a beauty, with a 40-millimeter AMOLED display that supports a resolution of 450×450 and 330 pixels per inch, which is quite impressive for a device so small and means you get some sharp and detailed images that are visible even in daylight.

As for fitness and health tracking, it does an excellent job of it and even throws in a new measurement stat, Body Composition, which can be a little hit-and-miss since it requires an awkward gesture to run, and the stats don’t tell you much at first glance. Even so, it still has all the other bells and whistles like a heart rate monitor and electrocardiogram, sleep tracking, step tracking, sleep cycle tracking, and workout tracking that work both manually and automatically. You’d think the battery wouldn’t last long with all these features, but you can get about two days out of it on a full charge, which is less than a fitness tracker, but about on par for a smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense — $218, was $300

A carbon colored Fitbit Sense is worn on a mans wrist.
Fitbit Sense

Why Buy

  • Excellent stress logging
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Includes GPS
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integration

The Fitbit Sense tries to get as close as it can to being a smartwatch while still being a full-fledged tracker, and while it won’t necessarily compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it gets pretty close. Some things that help with that goal is that it’s well-designed, has a rounded square case and a clear display, and is covered by Gorilla Glass. it’s pretty durable. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel bulky, easily fitting under a sleeve 24/7, including when you’re sleeping.

Being able to wear the Sense while sleeping is a big plus since the sleep tracking is pretty excellent, providing you with a sleep score that you can use to gauge how your sleep is going. It also has all the great fitness-tracking features, including a heart rate monitor and more, with q really advanced stress management and detection sensor that can help you manage stress. The most advanced features are locked behind the Fitbit Premium subscription, which costs $10 a month or $80 a year and includes things like advanced health insights, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, and more. GYou do get a six-month subscription with the watch.

Battery life is also pretty good, and even with the use of the onboard GPS, you can still get roughly six days of use out of it. There’s also some excellent social integration through the Fitbit app, with different groups you can join, such as Vegetarians or Sleep Well. You can even work together with people in your contacts list if they also have the app, which is a nice added feature. It’s a pretty great watch overall and one of the better Prime Day Fitbit deals you’ll find, although we suggest looking at a deeper breakdown between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs Fitbit Sense to give you a better idea of which watch might work better for your needs. Either way, they’re both among the best Prime Day smartwatch deals.

Apple Watch SE — $230, was $279

A person wears an Apple Watch SE displaying its apps.
Andy Boxall/

Why Buy

  • Lots of customization
  • Excellent fitness tracking
  • Great value
  • Gorgeous design

The Apple ecosystem is great if you want something that has nearly zero hassle and allows you to move between products easily. Of course, the downside is that Apple gear tends to be expensive, which makes the Apple Watch SE one of the best Prime Day Apple Watch deals out there since it has all the great features you’d expect from an Apple device while still being relatively affordable. Not only that, but it has the same look and feel as the Watch Series 5 and Series 6, with a 1.78-inch Retina screen and a 326 pixel-per-inch density. While it comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, the one listed here is the 40mm version, which is a bit smaller and easier to fit under a sleeve.

One thing we appreciate about the Watch SE is that it comes with Apple’s latest WatchOS 7, which comes with many new features, including bigger buttons and a much more intuitive and better UI that makes going through the watch pretty easy. It also has newer and better tracking features, including workout tracking, which is pretty excellent, although keep in mind that it doesn’t have the electrocardiogram (ECG) or blood oxygen (SpO2) monitors you’d expect on the more expensive Apple Watches. Even so, it does have a heart rate monitor that can detect arrhythmia, as well as fall detection, and the sleep tracker and wind-down features are surprisingly good for what is considered a budget Apple smartwatch.

Of course, the whole watch experience is much better, with deeper integration into the iPhone, which starts with notification alerts and goes up to pre-canned replies to messages, emails, and even apps like Microsoft Teams. While this isn’t the cellular version, you can still make and receive calls when connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and the audio is pretty good both ways, which we appreciate. As for battery life, expect somewhere around two days, depending on your usage, which is about standard for a smartwatch. Overall, if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and already have an iPhone, we strongly suggest picking this up during the Prime Day smartwatch sales if you want a budget Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic — $300, was $350

Person holding a frisbee while holding the Samsung Galaxy watch4 classic fitness.

Why Buy

  • Physical bezel
  • Bigger screen size
  • Great build
  • Comes with Wear OS 3

While the Samsung Galaxy 4 is a great smartwatch in its own right, those coming over from the Galaxy 3 probably miss the rotatable bezel that is now just a touch bezel on the Watch 4. Well, you’re in luck because Samsung has thought of you, too, in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which brings back the rotating bezel, although at a slightly higher price than the standard Watch 4. It also comes with a few other improvements, including two bigger screen sizes, 42mm and 46mm, although this listing is for the 42mm version, which weighs around 47 grams, with the larger version weighing around 52 grams, making it quite a hefty watch.

There are also more detailed refinements to the watch compared to the Watch 3, such as a more subtle blend between the watch case and the strap, oblong buttons that are better placed against the case, and smaller ridges on the bezel. The Watch 4 Classic remains much the same as the Classic 4, introducing the new Wear OS 3 that’s been developed in cooperation with Google and is an improvement on Tizen, providing you with a more intuitive UI and smoother smartwatch experience.

Health tracking is also very much improved compared to the Watch 3, with the new Body Composition feature acting closer to a smart scale rather than a smartwatch, as it provides similar stats such as BMI, BMR, and a few other things that can help you understand your health at a glance. It also has a Bio-Electrical Impedance sensor, an ECG, and a PPG heart rate sensor, which you can use to track your workout and overall health, although most of the data is found on the Samsung Health app. As for battery life, expect roughly two days if you have it in always-on mode, which is about what you’d expect for a flagship smartwatch, so no issues there. Overall, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is an excellent smartwatch, especially if you’re coming from the Watch 3, which is why we’d definitely recommend picking it up if you’re browsing through the Prime Day Samsung Galaxy Watch deals for something good.

Apple Watch Series 7 — $329, was $400

Scribbling on the Apple Watch Series 7

Why Buy

  • Large screen
  • Lots of choices in strap and case color
  • Best-in-class fitness and health tracking
  • Inclusion of QWERTY keyboard

If you’re looking for the proverbial crème de la crème when it comes to Apple watches, then the Apple Watch Series 7 is the one you want to go for. While it shares many similarities with the Watch 6, it comes with a larger screen in two options — 41mm and 45mm — making it up to 20% larger than the previous generation. It also comes with a whole new operating system, Watch OS 8, which is one of the best smartwatch apps on the market, especially when you pair it with the latest iOS 15 release.

While it may not seem immediately useful, one of the biggest changes the new OS brings is the inclusion of a QWERTY keyboard that finally allows you to type out replies to messages and emails, as opposed to how it was before, which was a bit painful. Even better, because it has larger buttons and a more streamlined UI, typing doesn’t feel as tiring on the Watch 7 as you’d expect. Watch OS 8 also brings upgrades to golden oldies, such as the Breathe app, which has now been transformed into a whole Mindfulness system. It also adds a lot of improvements to health and fitness tracking, including additional workouts like tai chi and Pilates, which are a lot of fun to work along with.

Other improvements include the slimmer bezel around the screen, and the larger buttons on the side, making them much easier to use, especially if you don’t have a lot of dexterity in your fingers. As for performance, it’s surprisingly good for being the same chip in the Series 6, even though the screen is bigger and there’s a new OS. Finally, battery life sits around a day or two, depending on whether you switch sleep tracking on or off, and is maybe a little worse than other flagship devices like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, although not so much that it should majorly factor into your decision-making process.

Prime Day Smartwatch Deals FAQ

Is Prime Day a good time to buy a smartwatch?

For the most part, yes, Prime Day tends to be the best time of the year to pick up electronics, and that certainly applies to smartwatches as well. The only other times that are good for electronics are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although these tend to be overstock events and don’t usually have a large quantity of products, meaning you’ll have to be on top of looking for deals from the get-go. Ultimately, it’s better to pick up a smartwatch among the Prime Day smartwatch deals than wait until later.

That being said, the answer is a bit more complicated when discussing Apple products, especially because Apple itself tends to keep a tight rein on the prices. Even so, Prime Day should still see some excellent deals on the Apple Smartwatches for the year, so it’s definitely worth picking one up on Prime Day instead of waiting.

When do the Prime Day smartwatch deals start?

Amazon recently announced that the Prime Day 2022 dates are going to be July 12 and July 13, so that’s when the main deals are going to take place, although Amazon also mentioned that it’s going to start with some deals on products starting June 21, nearly a month ahead of time. It also mentioned that it would work with some third-party brands on bring earlier sales, with Samsung being one of the brands mentioned, so we may see Samsung Galaxy Watch deals before Prime Day, although if we were you, we’d probably wait until the 12 or 13 to make sure you get the best deal on smartwatches.

Should you shop the Prime Day smartwatch deals now or wait until July 12?

With Prime Day so close, it doesn’t make sense to buy things now, especially since we’re already seeing deals pop up here and there at retailers besides Amazon. The more important thing now is to be well-informed going into Prime Day to make the best choice with your money. If you’re not tied to a particular company or platform, check out the best smartwatches to get an idea of what’s available and the base prices and features you should expect. On the other hand, if you are tied to a particular platform, say Android, it may be a good idea to look at the best Android smartwatches to find something you like and keep an eye on.

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