Best Prime Day Apple Deals 2020: What To Expect

Prime Day 2020 is just around the corner, and even if it’s a little late, it’s still evolving to get customers the same bargains as always – and if rumors are true, these Prime Day deals could even run for several days as well give you even more opportunities to save. With a few exceptions, Apple devices are some of the most expensive technologies on the market, but these Prime Day Apple deals could be your best opportunity to evaluate MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and more at the lowest prices and deepest discounts that You’ll see them until the holiday season (and maybe even all year round).

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The best Apple deals for today’s Prime Day

Prime Day hasn’t landed yet, but if you can’t afford to wait (maybe your iPhone or MacBook tipped the balance and you need a new one ASAP) there are plenty of great Apple deals out there already to be picked up, and we’ve listed a large handful of the best below. Amazon also likes to do teaser deals before Prime Day whets customers’ appetites. So we’ll round these off as soon as they go live in the run-up to the big sale.

  • Apple iPhone SE 32 GB (2016, AT&T) – – Free with unlimited plan, was $ 350
  • Apple AirPods with wired charging case – – Free when you buy a Mac or iPad, was $ 159
  • Apple AirPods with wireless charging case – – $ 155, was $ 199
  • – – $ 169, was $ 199
  • Apple iPhone XR 64 GB (Sprint) – – $ 240 ($ 10 / month) with new line or account, was $ 500
  • Apple iPhone 11 64 GB (AT&T) – – $ 350 ($ 11.67 / month) with qualifying activation, was $ 700
  • Apple MacBook Air (13 inch, Core i3, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD storage) – – $ 950, was $ 999
  • Apple MacBook Pro (13 inch, Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) – – 1,200 USD, was $ 1,400
  • Apple MacBook Pro (16 inch, Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) – – $ 2,099, was $ 2,399

When are the best Prime Day Apple deals?

We expect to see the best Prime Day Apple deals during the sale itself, but as mentioned above, Amazon loves to annoy shoppers with early bargains starting the week before. These early offers are often as good as the ones you will see on sale. So don’t hesitate to jump on one that catches your eye – there’s no guarantee you’ll see it again at a lower price on Prime that day, or that it’s on sale again at all. If you see it cheaper during the sale, you can always buy it at the lower price and return the more expensive one.

What Prime Day Apple Expects

It’s no secret that last-generation products see the biggest price drops when seasonal sales are large, as retailers use these events to clear the shelves of older inventory. This year’s Prime Day Apple Deals won’t be an exception, though that’s not a bad thing. Apple products tend to age very well, and last-generation products like the Apple Watch Series 3 or the 2018 iPad Pro are still great purchases in 2020. Apple continues to make and support these older devices for a reason – they are still very popular. not least because they are so affordable.

Even so, Prime Day is a sale that only competes with Black Friday, and there are sure to be some Prime Day Apple deals on newer technology out there at the lowest prices we’ve seen yet. However, these Lightning Deals are the ones that go the fastest. Hence, time shopping is of the essence for them. When you see something you want, don’t hesitate to toss it in your shopping cart. You can rest assured that Amazon’s generous and easy return process ensures you don’t get stuck on something that turns out to be unsuitable for you.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

These Apple products are currently heavily discounted, with some items saving as much as $ 300 by Prime Day. However, we don’t expect the prices of these products to change much on Black Friday compared to Prime Day. There’s also a good chance that if any of these devices sold out for Prime Day, we won’t see any supplies until Black Friday. Amazon also experienced significant shipping delays during the pandemic. Hence, it is wise to take advantage of these Apple Prime Day deals for the holiday season before you miss your chance.

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