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Best Prime Day 2020 Alexa deals: Show 5, Echo Auto and Echo Dot for Kids on sale right now

This is part of the story Amazon prime day, Tips Clear’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon, and this year you will have a 48-hour window on October 13 and 14 to take advantage of these deals. Amazon has already started a series Prime Day Countdown Deal, And like competitors Walmart and Target Discounts are confirmed during the same window of time, but we can expect the best price cuts on our own days. If you are displaying an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker and Echo Show, it is possible that it will be a good year to find deals. We will keep this story updated with the latest deals.

Prime Day deals on smart speakers and displays

  • Amazon just announced New echo speaker, Echo dot, And Dot with clock. In the past, Amazon announces fall Have arrived After Prime day Since we know what’s coming, though, we can predict even bigger discounts for Amazon’s smart home devices – especially those being phased out. Last year, Third-gen echo dot The low landed on Prime Day at $ 22, and with a new version coming in just a few weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see lower prices. Likewise, Second-Gene Echo Below $ 50, and we may see a third-gen Eco drop this year as well.
  • Echo smart displays are already seeing big discounts this year. Second-Gene Echo Show Probably a soon to be released cost drop Show 10 It will replace Last year, Eco show 5 Reached a low price of $ 50 (which was $ 40 off), and the second-gen Echo Show sold for $ 160 ($ 70 per second).
  • Look for discounts on competitors and limits. Google‘s Nest audio One can see some discounts around Prime Day to compete with Amazon’s products. In addition, Amazon‘s latest speakers are now open for preorder, and those devices may see some reduction in price before shipping later this month. The Echo Show 10 is not yet available for preorder, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see open borders with promotional pricing, so keep an eye out That product page.

Display the best smart speakers and prime day deals ever

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

On Prime Day last year, the Echo Show 5 – the smallest smart display from Amazon – was below $ 50. This year, if you use a Prime Credit Card, it is already at $ 45, or $ 40.50. If you want to video chat, watch Netflix, or use it as a smart alarm clock, then Show 5 is a very small gadget.

As a bonus, you can add a BMini Smart Cam or TP-Smart Plug for just $ 5. You can also add a 1-year subscription to the Food Network Kitchen Cooking App for free. Read our Echo Show 5 review.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

The Echo Show 8 is one of our favorite smart displays, as the screen is large and high-resolution enough for comfortable video chatting and Netflix binge, and the sound is great. Right now, you can scoop up a Show 8 for $ 105. While the deal will probably improve in the coming days, the $ 25 rebate is one of the solid options for one of the best smart displays around.

What makes the deal more delicious is the addition of a 1-year subscription to the Food Network Kitchen, a cooking aid app. Just make sure to select the option before checking. Read our Echo Show 8 review.


Okay, this is not the brand new 2020 version of Echo Dot for children. And good discounts can be received next week. But if you want a child-friendly Alexa smart speaker, this older version is currently a steal at just $ 35.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

The Amazon Echo Auto is a clever little device that ports the Alexa to your car, allowing the voice assistant to speak and play music through your stereo. At $ 30, the Eco Auto is a solid deal for anyone who wants to make their non-voice-equipped car smarter.


Amazon’s brand new, Spherical Amazon Echo Smart Speaker will ship on October 22, and the company already has a small deal on the device. When you check out, if you use a discount code ECHO2PK, This will give a total of $ 200 to $ 30 off required to purchase two new Echo speakers.

If you want an Echo for yourself and a family member or friend, it’s not a bad deal – and I’d be surprised to see the price drop of the new Echo speaker in two weeks before its launch.

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Everything You Need to Know


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