Best Pole Saw for Keeping Your Trees Trimmed and Healthy

The best pole saw acts like a convenient mix of a stepladder and a traditional chainsaw. They allow you to cut down branches and trim trees or shrubs from a good distance away. There are many models that will easily trim leaves or trees, they’re also capable of cutting away unwanted branches or twigs in hard-to-reach places. If you need to get rid of thin trees while staying a safe distance away, the best pole saw is the tool you want to have on hand. However, it can take time and consideration to figure out which is the best pole saw for you since there are so many options available. 

You have to consider the different brands, what you want to use it for, the reach you get, how durable it is, and much more when you start comparing products. Luckily, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best pole saws for you with short reviews to make comparing them easy. The short buyer’s guide at the end of this post will guide you through the buying process to help narrow down the best pole saw for your wants and needs. 

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Best Pole Saw for Keeping Your Trees Trimmed and Healthy 1

Finding the best pole saw available and tailoring your pick to your needs is one way to get a versatile piece of equipment that can help you trim up your shrubs and trees. In turn, this can make your yard look better and boost your home’s curb appeal.  We suggest Juno Beach arborists for tree trimming services.

BLACK+DECKER 20VPole Saw – Top Pick 

The first product on the best pole saw list comes from Black+Decker, and it’s a full kit. You can choose from 11 different styles that ranges from just the saw to a saw with an extra battery and more. This makes it an excellent choice to help you shape and trim your boxwood because you can easily slice through thin branches and branches with a diameter up to six-inches thick. You get an eight-inch cutting bar with a chain that packs a lot of power into this compact and lightweight design, and the extension pole screws on to make it easy to choose the correct working height for your projects. 

This best pole saw runs on a lithium-ion battery that has a very long life while being lightweight. As a bonus, you can swap 20-volt batteries with any other Black+Decker 20-volt batteries you have on-hand when the one that goes in the kit goes dead. There is an included screw that helps you tighten up the chain to keep it running in peak-performance, and it comes with a sleek black and orange color scheme that increases your visibility when you set it down outside. 


  • 11 styles available 
  • Eight-inch cutting bar 
  • Cuts branches up to six-inches
  • Extensions screw into place
  • 20-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Can swap 20-volt batteries amongst Black+Decker tools
  • Sleek color scheme 


  • Battery lasts less than an hour 

DEWALT XR Pole Saw – Step-Up Pick 

The step-up pick for the best pole saw comes from DeWalt, and it gives you a larger 15-foot reach that helps you safely trim branches while staying out of their path when they fall. This makes it a good choice for people who have taller trees or shrubs in their yard that they want to trim to keep healthy and thriving. There is also a metal bucking strip with a tree hook that gives you an excellent cutting grip that safely lowers the branches to the ground to keep them out of the tree and from falling haphazardly you cut them loose. It has an auto-oiling feature to keep the chain running in top shape. 

The brushless motor on this best pole saw is very durable, and it gives it enough power to make up to 96 cuts per charge when you use it on 4×4 pressure-treated wood. It comes equipped with an eight-inch low kickback full compartment chain and bar to increase your cutting capabilities, and you get an ergonomic handle with an easy operation trigger that reduces user-fatigue. The metal pole resists rust and corrosion while keeping the tool lightweight and balanced. 


  • 15-foot reach
  • Tree hook 
  • 96 cuts per charge
  • Auto oiling feature 
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Durable but lightweight
  • Very balanced 


  • Heavier at full extension 

Worx WG309 Corded Pole Saw – Mid-End Budget Pick

If you want to use a chainsaw to clean up your yard but you don’t have a full-sized option available, this best pole saw by Worx can easily fill in. It comes equipped with a powerful eight-amp motor that gives you consistent performance whether you’re cutting through thin branches and twigs or thicker branches from your trees. It has a rating voltage of 120-volts to 60-hertz, and your chain speed clocks in at 8.5-meters per second to quickly and easily slice through your medium and keep your projects on track. This is great if you have overgrown trees or shrubbery around your home that you want to return to a tidy state but don’t have much time. 

This best pole saw comes with an oil tank capacity of 120-milliliters, and this gives you more than enough oil to tackle several larger projects back-to-back without worrying about having to put more in. The eight-foot extension pole allows you to reach the middle of higher foliage and the top of shorter shrubs, and it has a tool-less installation process that won’t interrupt your workflow to add or remove it. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use for extended periods without stalling.  


  • Auto tension chain system 
  • Eight-amp motor
  • Rotatable working handle
  • Eight-foot extension pole
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Tool-less extension pole


  • Housing can block the view of the blade

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Pole Saw – Bargain Budget Pick 

Scott’s best pole saw comes with a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain on a head that gives you five adjustable cutting angles and a 30° rotation. This allows you to easily maneuver the cutting head into tight spaces and awkward reaches to cut any dead or dying branches you need. You get a blade cover that you can slip on to protect the tool from damage during transport or storage, and this also protects you from accidental cuts if you brush up against it. The eight-amp electric motor gives you a constant flow of power to help you cut all of the branches or limbs around your yard without stopping. 

This is one of the best pole saws in the corded electric category because you can use it to tackle large projects without worrying about having to stop to charge batteries halfway through. There is an automatic oiling system to keep the chain working in top performance, and the oil level window allows you to see at a glance whether or not you have to add more. It requires no gas to run, and this lowers your emissions to make it a more eco-friendly option. The rubber over molded handle and foam grip make it very comfortable to use for extended cutting sessions. 


  • 9.5-foot long extension pole 
  • Five adjustable cutting heads
  • Automatic oiling system 
  • Tool-free tensioner 
  • Rubber over molded handle
  • No emissions 
  • Blade cover included


  • Unstable at full extension

Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw – Best for Small Trimming Projects

Anyone who has a small trimming project like taking care of an hydrangea shrub can use this best pole saw to get the job done quickly and effectively. It has a three-piece aluminum shaft that you can extend up to eight feet to reach every area of your shrub without having to stretch, and the aluminum material is very lightweight and durable because it resists rust and corrosion. It weighs in at just over eight pounds, and this allows you to use it for hours at a time with very little fatigue, and the lightweight design also makes it very easy to maneuver around more dedicated cutting projects. 

This best pole saw runs on a G-Max 40-volt lithium-ion system, and this allows you to quickly and easily swap batteries between any other 40-volt tool battery without damaging your saw. In turn, you’ll get a longer run time, and there is a charger included so you can ensure it’s always ready to go when you are. The automatic oiler function keeps the chain and bar properly lubricated for peak performance, and there is a transparent oiler window to let you see the oil level at a glance. 


  • Three-piece aluminum shaft
  • Weighs eight pounds
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Easy-adjust chain tensioning system 
  • Automatic oiler
  • Eight-feet extension 
  • Durable and balanced


  • Battery won’t last long between charges

CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw  – Best for Detailed Pruning

Craftsman’s best pole saw gives you an extended reach up to 14-feet that makes it an excellent choice for detailed pruning because you’ll be able to reach the whole shrub or small tree without having to climb ladders or move around and delay your work. The angled blade and head allow you to get close to your desired cutting area, and it gives you precision cutting capabilities for all of that small detail work that makes your landscaping look tidy and neat. There is a soft grip on the pole extension handle that improves your maneuverability while keeping  you comfortable as you work. 

There is a high-capacity 4.0-Ah battery pack that gives you extended run time to help you finish your projects in one go, and this can keep you on schedule. This product is versatrack compatible, and it has an integrated hook that lets you hang it up on the Versatrack Wall Organizer System to keep it well out of your way when you don’t need it. You get a charger and battery when you order this product, and it comes with a three-year limited warranty to protect you from defects or damage. 


  • Extended run time 
  • Angled blade and head
  • Reaches up to 14-feet
  • Versatrack compatible 
  • Comes with a charger and battery 
  • Three-year limited warranty 
  • Soft grip


  • Doesn’t always give a clean cut 

DocaPole Pole Pruning Saw – Best for Heavy-Duty Projects

If you’re going to set up a tree swing for your kids, you want to clear all of the smaller branches away from the area to give them a safe place to play. DocaPole’s best pole saw has a double-duty extension pole with two times more strength than the original to increase your cutting power and reach. You can use it as a handheld saw for grooming or pruning and a pole saw for higher branches. The pole has double strength aluminum walls that are twice as thick as the original design to make them more durable without adding a lot of excess weight to the design. 

This best pole saw comes with a razor sharp 13-inch bi-directional cut tooth design on the blade to maximize your cutting power. It has a lightweight and sturdy handle with a comfortable grip, and it’s easy to use the saw on the pole or remove it to use it by hand. This product comes full assembled and ready to go out of the box, and it gives you a large 28-foot cutting reach while you stand on the ground. You can seamlessly attach a broad range of attachments to increase this tool’s versatility and help you finish all of your yard and garden projects in one go. 


  • Telescoping pole
  • 28-feet of reach 
  • Double-wall construction
  • Can use has a hand saw 
  • 13-inch blade 
  • Comfort grip handle 
  • Can use with attachments 


  • Pole can flex with full extension 

Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw – Best for Taller Trees

Fiskars’ best pole saw allows you to work on your taller trees by seamlessly extending up to 16-feet. There is also a chain-drive design that gives you up to three times the cutting power to slice through those thicker branches without stalling or making incomplete cuts. You get a precision-ground steel pruner that lets you cut branches up to 1 ¼-inches thick, and it has a 15-inch hooked WoodZig saw that allows you to remove larger branches safely and effectively from the tops and sides of your trees. It has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to work for hours at a time. 

This best pole saw comes with oval-shaped fiberglass aluminum poles that really reduce the flex of the tool when you have it fully extended, and this allows you to better control the cut direction while it fits securely into the natural shape of your yand. When you get the pole to the correct height, the secure double-locking system will ensure it stays there and doesn’t slip the entire time you use it. It comes with a full lifetime warranty against damage or defects from the date of purchase. 


  • Pole design reduces flex
  • Full lifetime warranty 
  • Extends to 16-feet 
  • Precision-ground steel pruner 
  • WoodZig safely removes branches 
  • Double-locking system 
  • Ergonomic handle design 


  • Locking system isn’t very durable 

Notch 40207 Pole Saw Set – Best for Professional Use

Anyone who needs a professional grade tool should take a look at Notch’s best pole saw set. It’s flexible enough to be able to help you build a porch swing bed or use it for landscaping. The interlocking fiberglass poles are professional-grade materials that will last through repeated use, and they’re very lightweight and durable. They have metal interlocking points to increase their durability, and the locking system ensures everything stays in place once you choose your desired height. This gives you a greater flexibility when it comes to taking on projects around your house or business. 

This best pole saw comes with a fast pull-cutting tooth design that saws through larger branches relatively easily, and the impulse-hardened teeth on this blade stay sharp and hold an edge much longer than other blade types. This reduces the amount of time you spend sharpening it. The rust-resistant chrome plating ensures that this product will last for several years, and it allows you to use it in different weather conditions without worrying about it breaking. There is a hook on saw head that helps you gently pull down the branches as you cut through them while keeping you at a safe distance. 


  • Professional-grade fiberglass pole
  • Chrome plating
  • Pull-cutting tooth design 
  • Impulse hardened teeth 
  • Durable locking design 
  • Hook-on saw head to pull branches 
  • Lightweight and balanced


  • Challenging to connect the extension poles

Sun Joe SWJ803E Pole Saw – Best for Larger Trees 

The final contender for the best pole saw goes to Sun Joe, and this hardy tool works excellent if you have larger trees to worry about. It’s powerful but versatile enough to cut overhanging limbs and thinner logs without getting stuck halfway through. The pole starts at 5.8-feet, but you can quickly and easily extend it another 8.8-feet to give you a grand total of 14-feet of overhead reach for when you want to get rid of branches higher up in your trees. It comes with a powerful eight-amp motor that allows you to cut branches that are thicker in diameter up to 9.5-inches thick. 

There are four colors available with this best pole saw, and you can easily adjust the saw head to cut close to the tree and lend precision cutting power. It is a corded design that gives you a constant stream of power from the start to the end of your project. This saw comes with the Sun Joe and Snow Joe customer promise that gives you a full warranty for two years from the date of purchase. All you have to do is contact the customer support team and they’ll help you with no questions asked. 


  • Full two-year warranty 
  • 15-feet of overhead reach 
  • Cuts branches up to 9.5-inches thick
  • Four colors available 
  • Corded design 
  • Easy to reach customer service 
  • Head angles and moves


Best Pole Saw Buying Guide 

When you start looking for the best pole saw to suit your needs and upcoming projects, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed because there are so many options available. You also have to consider what you want to use your saw for because the best pole saw for trimming thin branches away from your house when you build a porch is way different than the saw required to cut thick overhang. 

Choose a Type of Pole Saw

The best pole saw won’t be the same for everyone, and this is why it’s important you decide on a type early on in the buying process. You can break the saws down into three broad categories, and this can help you narrow down your options right from the start. The categories include: 

  • Cordless – Cordless saws run on batteries. This gives them a flexibility that you won’t get with other options because you can take them virtually anywhere without having to worry about finding a power . However, the batteries tend to last under an hour per charge. 
  • Gas – Gas-powered pole saws are more traditional, and they give you a good deal of power packed into a lightweight design. You have to add oil and gas to keep them running, but they give you a steady stream of power. The drawback is the emissions they produce. 
  • Manual – If you’re going to cut very thin branches, a manual pole saw can be a good choice. You simply saw the branches with this best pole saw category, so you have to have some power behind it. It can be awkward to use this type of saw way over your head because you need a lot of leverage. 

Cutting Bar Length 

The cutting bar on your pole saw will tell you how thick the branches are that your saw can comfortably cut. Cutting bars start around six-inches long and go up to 12-inches with eight-inches being the most popular length. You have to think about what projects you want to take on with your pole saw. Do you want to cut and trim your Dogwood tree or is it for shrubs? The standard rule is that your cutting bar should be at least two inches longer than the branch diameter you want to cut. So, an eight-inch cutting bar allows you to cut branches up to six-inches around. 

“alignnone size-large wp-image-7084 perfmatters-lazy” title=”Pole Saw 2 Guide” src=”” alt=”Pole Saw 2 Guide” width=”640″ height=”480″ data-=”” />
Choosing the best pole saw type and style will differ for everyone based on their unique needs. Buying the correct one will give you a valuable piece of equipment that allows you to tackle small and large projects all over your yard.

Maximum Height 

How much height does your pole saw have to lend you? The best pole saws can give you up to 20 feet of extended height to easily cut branches in the tops of smaller trees. Other pole saws only give you 10 or 15 feet. It’s important to note that you’ll have less control the higher you go. The poles can flex and move when you try to cut to throw your finished product off. 


The materials your best pole saw comes made out of will directly impact how long it lasts. You want all of your gardening tools to last for years, and picking a pole saw with high-quality materials can help ensure this. Look for aluminium or metal for the body because this can resist rust and corrosion. The locking gears should be metal, and the saw itself should be a lightweight by durable design. More well-known brands usually incorporate sturdier materials into the designs because they have to protect their reputations, so it can be worth it to spend a little more upfront. 

Convenience Features 

Convenience features are things you don’t necessarily need to have on your saw, but they make it easier and more convenient to use. For example, some saws come with an automatic oiling system to keep your blade well-lubricated while others don’t have it. Other saws have anti-vibration features built-in to increase your comfort levels when you use it. Non-slip grips and locking pole segments are other features to keep an eye out for when you shop. 

“alignnone size-large wp-image-7085 perfmatters-lazy” title=”Pole Saw 3 End” src=”” alt=”Pole Saw 3 End” width=”640″ height=”480″ data-=”” />
The goal of using a pole saw is to keep you firmly on the ground to help avoid falls or other accidents. These saws also allow you to stay a good distance back from any falling branches. 

Bottom Line 

The best pole saw can help you streamline your projects and give you a versatile and powerful tool that you use to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. I’ve showcased 10 great options for you with short reviews, and you can use them with the buying guide to make an informed decision about which is the best pole saw for your wants and needs.