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Best Pebble Watch apps you should have: Tips Clear

Best Pebble Watch apps you should have

Pebble Watch apps: Pebble watch is the first major smartwatches to hit the market even before the Android wear, Apple Watch and Samsung watch smart watch.  Pebble watches has secured its spot in the market and our wrist.

Presently Fitbit owns Pebble, its apps and services are only guaranteed until 2017, and it upsets many people. So if we just leave that stuff, let us get into the best Pebble watch apps, which are now available and working.

Pebble watch Apps
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You can download from Google Play Store

Best Pebble watch apps

  1. Pixel Miner:

The pixel miner is one of the popular apps in Pebble watch. When you see this app, you will find a game, which aims to help your man dig pixels. It looks like a waste and nonsense game, but it is an addictive nonsense game, which is played by the number of people. So this is one of the best Pebble watch app you should have.

  1. Uber

Uber is another popular app in Pebble watch. Actually, Uber app is having a proper integration with this pebble watch. This app makes the use of the pebble time’s color screen with the bold and big alerts on the top. You can simply open those apps by holding a middle button to call cab at your current location simply.  Apart from this, you can see a map to track the driver as other smartphone apps.

  1. Awear

Awear is a companion app with the great little messaging app on it. This app technically lets to watch face, but the Pebble puts it away. You can simply text or choose preset replies which are stored in the app. Apart from that you can customize those preset replies and integrate Google calendar into your app. By installing this app, you can get smart vibration notification, which means you got a text or an email.

  1. Trip advisor

Trip advisor is another app you should have on your Pebble watch. This app has an 8-bit colour for the pebble time range watch. TripAdvisor helps you in recommending restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and other attractions in your smartwatch. Apart from that, you can also see user reviews and other navigation modes in this app. TripAdvisor app appropriately suits the Pebble watch integration that’s why you should have this app in your peddle watch.

  1. Get Up and Stand Up

Get up and stand up is another fantastic app which allows your pebble time watch to mimic some great features. You can have a great feature that is found in the Apple watch that feature is it can remind you to get up and walk around when you sat too long in a single place. You can set the app to automatic mode to simply set the frequency of alerts you want.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is, of course, an essential app for almost all devices. Pebble watch is having an excellent integration with the Evernote. You can see many best features in the Evernote including, notebook, reminders, checklist and more. In this app, you can simply set reminders and to-do list for your whole day or weekend. All your notebooks are accessible and can be searched even by tags. With this app, you can simply synchronize your notes on all devices.

  1. Run keeper

Run Keeper is an app, which helps to check on your stats, like pace and distance using your Pebble watch.  If you want to download this app, then you should have the run keeper on your smartphone as well. To initiate run in your mobile app you should open the Pebble app and then you should go to your activity column and simply press the middle button. You can start your run keeper app; if you want to stop, then you can stop it from your phone or simply by pressing the middle button.


These are some cool and best apps for Pebble watches. If you have a Pebble watch with you, then you should have these useful apps to save your time. I hope you all like this post; then you can let me know that in the comments section.

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