Best online jobs for teens in 2022

If you’re young but keen to earn money, seeking out the best online jobs can be tricky. It’s not as straightforward as looking up the highest-paying jobs online and pursuing those. After all, you’re likely juggling a part-time role with school and your studies, meaning you can’t throw yourself entirely into a job. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a role that is only local and requires you to head to a store or office. Instead, these days, there are plenty of options out there that you can easily find by checking out the best job search sites, including ZipRecruiter. These can be as varied as customer service, sales, proofreading, or even working as someone’s virtual assistant.

Whether you’re a teenager looking for an online job or a relative seeking out advice for a youngster in your life, we’ve rounded up the best online jobs for teenagers right now. We’ve ranked them according to their likely income. Bear in mind that this is based on average wages so it can vary significantly. You’ll also notice that many of these roles are forms of paid internships because those are the most logical options for gaining online work as a teenager who may not have much real-world experience just yet. Also, generally, the roles are best suited for older teenagers due to the responsibilities involved, but there are some exceptions. Read on to see what inspires you most.

1. Sales representative

If you’re a young person who feels confident enough to be able to sell products, being a sales representative can be highly lucrative. Nowadays, many sales roles can be done remotely, either via phone or online chats. Many major companies require keen workers who know about their products so that they can recommend items accordingly. The best sales representatives don’t sell solely in a bid to accrue commission, but so that the customer gets the best item for their needs. By doing so, return business is much more likely.

Sales can cover a wide spectrum of areas. An enthusiastic salesperson may find that they have a niche subject that works best for them, so it’s a good idea to spread your net wide to find out what works best.

Sales can be as simple as recommending a physical item or suggesting relevant services for a client. It requires a positive and welcoming attitude as well as extensive product knowledge. There are an increasing number of online sales roles thanks to it being a relatively simple job to conduct online, and many don’t require previous sales experience.

2. Online tutor

Online tutoring is generally best for older teenagers who have prior experience and knowledge in a certain subject. Pretty much everyone at some point may need tutoring in a subject. This can be as simple as learning basic English, studying Math or programming, or even learning a hobby like playing a musical instrument. If you have a particular specialty and can prove that with qualifications, tutoring can be very lucrative.

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One convenient thing about online tutoring is that it’s possible to set hours in which you can tutor. Many roles offer tutoring positions for the evenings or weekends as those are the times when students may need some extra help. Rather than providing local tutoring, by doing so online, it’s possible to help someone even if they are located on the other side of the world, providing the hours suit.

Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate specialist knowledge in the subject they’re applying for, which is why it’s generally best for older teens, but it’s a good opportunity for anyone looking to go into teaching in the future.

3. Customer service

Pretty much every business in the world needs a customer service representative. It’s another role that requires older teenagers who can be responsible but it’s one that typically offers plenty of opportunities. Working in customer service tends to involve either answering calls or online chat requests and emails to solve a potential issue for a customer. Depending on the business, such issues may be very easily solved or escalated to a higher department.

Like with many roles, specialism and prior knowledge can help with standing out from the crowd so aiming for customer service roles where you have experience with the product or service can help. In certain cases, being bilingual may also help with Spanish being particularly highly sought after.

Customer service roles generally involve keeping to set hours and shift patterns, but these can often be arranged to fit around your studies such as by occurring in the evening or during the weekend. It’s important to have a professional attitude as well as to be calm when dealing with customers as you’re the first port of call as well as an example of what the customer expects from the rest of the company.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading is a very open-ended type of role. In all cases, you will be required to read documents and check that they are accurate, either in terms of grammar and spelling or in terms of content. The former is more common but certain types of proofreading are more specialist and may require specific knowledge about a subject. In most cases, teenagers will find standard proofreading roles more available for their age range than anything more niche.

Proofreading requires a very keen eye for detail. You must spend time taking in the information and checking that it is accurately portrayed and explained. Often, proofreading can be conducted at any time of day so you can fit it around your studies relatively easily.

However, it will require you to be able to concentrate for long periods which may be a problem if your schedule is otherwise very full. If you love reading though, and you’re confident in your English skills, proofreading can be a highly efficient way of earning money.

5. Virtual assistant

If you have a great manner and attitude, and you’re highly organized, working as a virtual assistant can be very lucrative. Such tasks required of you may involve scheduling appointments for a client, making phone calls, organizing email accounts and calendars, and even making travel arrangements. Being a virtual assistant can be a varied job with tasks changing depending on the field you’re working in.

At all times, you’ll need to be highly professional. You will be representing your client so if you come across as unfriendly when dealing with someone, you may cause issues with your employer. It’s best suited to anyone who is highly organized in their own life so they can offer such skills in the workplace.

Fortunately, there are some internships for virtual assistant work if you’re looking to start at the bottom and work your way up, however it’s possible to simply start with a standard virtual assistant role. No specific qualifications are required but you may need to complete organizational tests or demonstrate great typing proficiency.

6. Data entry

If you can type proficiently and quickly, data entry roles are widespread. Depending on the role, you may be entering data into a spreadsheet, typing up notes, or compiling lists. It’s important to see what data entry roles are available to you. If the information is sensitive, you may need to have qualifications you haven’t acquired yet but some data entry roles are far simpler than that.

Similarly, some roles may require you to follow set hours and shift patterns, while others may be more flexible as long as the job is completed accurately. It’s important to read up on the position to see if it will fit in around your education and other commitments. Many data entry roles don’t require you to have formal certifications but you are likely to need to be able to demonstrate your ability to enter data correctly and accurately.

Data entry roles typically pay on an hourly basis with some positions only needing you at certain points throughout the year. However, if you time this well around your studies, it can be a simple task to complete from home.

7. Video editor intern

A video editing internship can be hard to find but it’s a fantastic way of gaining valuable experience in a highly sought-after field. As with all internships, some are paid while others are unpaid so make sure to read up on the role if that’s important to you. In all cases, past experience and interest in the subject are important but the purpose of an internship is often to build upon those basic skills.

A video editing internship is often made available to students who have experience in some kind of design field while also being motivated and having the ability to think outside the box. Because of the digital nature of the role, online internships are increasingly commonplace with collaborative software used to make it possible.

A video editing internship is unlikely to be highly paid but it’s very skilled work which means it can lead to other roles in the future. The only tool you really need is to have a computer that’s capable of running some tasks, as well as possessing some creative talent.

8. Marketing intern

Marketing is an important field in a world where everyone is keen to vie for your attention. Whether it’s digital or traditional marketing, you must be imaginative and able to think of new ideas for campaigns and slogans relatively quickly. A marketing internship trains you how to do this but a certain amount of your success depends on your ability to think creatively.

A marketing intern often supports a campaign by conducting research, working on social media posts, and potentially providing ideas. It’s useful to have experience with many social media platforms but it’s not always essential, depending on the company you’re working at. Strong graphics knowledge and experience, as well as good writing skills, are useful. In some roles, the ability to form sales leads can also be required. This involves you talking to other potential clients, either via phone call or online.

It’s also often required that you’re working towards a degree in a related field but that’s not always necessary. Mostly, enthusiasm and some kind of prior experience are the most vital skills here.

9. Graphic design intern

If you prefer the idea of creating images rather than having to figure out how to market them, a graphic design internship or assistant role can be invaluable. The role often involves brainstorming and visualizing how a concept should look. There’s a certain amount of collaboration in it within many firms as you work towards achieving the right look for a company.

Depending on the position, this may require following set hours but it may also involve more flexibility depending on how collaboration is conducted. You’ll need to be willing to take constructive criticism as well as be confident enough to make suggestions yourself at times.

It’s also important to have skills in graphic editing through software like Photoshop or other Adobe Creative Suite tools. As with all roles, being organized and proactive is also important. Some internships may require you to be studying in a similar field but not all, so check the ad before applying.

10. Research intern

If you love to study and research topics, a research internship could be ideal for you. Due to the nature of the role, it will suit older teenagers but if you’re in college, many companies offer detailed research internships. These often involve participating in meetings, collating information, and researching additional materials, as well as working out how to collate such knowledge into an effective project for others.

A research internship requires you to be highly motivated as well as to be able to work effectively on your own at times. You will also need to be able to communicate well with others as needed, plus you will need strong writing skills.

It’s also useful to have interest or experience in the subject you’re researching, although not vital. Having a keen eye for detail and knowing how to turn statistics and quotes into a more substantial project is a valuable skill here. This isn’t a field for younger teens for the most part, but it will teach you some fantastic transferrable skills as research is used for a wide range of fields.

11. Content writer intern

A content writer can have a very varied role. Depending on where you work, you may have to write on multiple different subjects every week or you may need to specialize depending on the company’s needs. In all cases, it’s important to be able to write clearly and concisely while also being engaging.

A content writer internship typically teaches those skills but it’s useful to be creative in the first place. For some roles, you may also need to report and write interviews, while others may be solely based on your own research and creativity skills. It’s important to have a keen interest in learning more about the subjects you’re dealing with, as well as be able to engage your audience with a strong writing style.

Many content writer internships are now remotely based with collaborative tools used to help people team up. It’s important to back up your writing ability with some knowledge of collaborative software or means in which to communicate.

12. Blogger

A blogger is a wide reaching job title that can be a lot of different things. At its simplest, it may be merely writing up a simple story on a small blog and adding affiliate links so that the company can make money from any third-party purchases made. However, it can also be writing for a highly focused website that deals in one particular specialism. Other blogging roles could be for major websites and veer into more journalistic areas.

The key to blogging roles is that there are a few limitations. Age limits are rarely an issue as long as you’re able to write well, while most blogging is done remotely by its very nature, meaning there’s little need to attend an office. Generally, gaining experience is the key here but some sites are happy to use any personal writing experience you may have on your blog as a way of qualifying if you’re good enough.

At its heart, blogging comes down to writing ability. If you’re a good writer, it’s a smart move to round up your best examples when applying. If you have a niche interest that could be relevant, make sure to mention it, otherwise, stick to more general topics.

13. Copywriting intern

Straddling the role between marketing and blogging in many ways, copywriting can be exceptionally varied. Depending on the role you apply to, it may involve writing a few sentences to place on the back of a food packet or writing hundreds of words to be placed on a company’s website. Variety is the spice of life with copywriting and being able to adapt quickly is key.

For many copywriting internships, you will be writing in a specific role. It will often involve meetings with senior staff or even clients, before negotiating what needs writing. Once a brief has been established, it’s down to you to write as close to the specification as possible.

Often, copy will go back for at least one edit so you’ll need to be confident and able to take constructive criticism. It requires having a thick skin sometimes, but it’s the kind of role that can lead to many opportunities if you pursue the field. If you’re a strong writer, it’s a good option to take, especially when looking for something conducted remotely.

14. Social media intern

Social media is everywhere, and pretty much everyone uses some form of social media. Working as a social media intern involves knowing about key trends across multiple platforms. This involves knowing the biggest trend on TikTok or the kind of memes gaining traction on Twitter and Instagram. From there, you discuss with marketing and other people within the company on how best to leverage such content so that the company benefits from social media interaction.

A role as a social media intern often involves being part of many meetings, as well as content creation such as videos, copywriting, or other forms of media. It’s important to engage well with the rest of the team and to know how to garner responses from the chosen audience. Therefore, strong interpersonal skills are vital. You will also need to have a deep understanding of how different social media platforms work and how their algorithms affect performance.

Alongside that, you need to be online a lot, both at work and outside of work so that you know what the latest trends are and be able to spot emerging concepts before they become big business.

15. Admin intern

Working in admin can be varied work so starting at the bottom as an intern can provide a great foundation for a range of skills. Depending on the company, you may be doing a mix of data entry, booking meetings, replying to emails, or answering customer service queries. While the job is very varied and encompasses many of the roles listed above, it’s often a lower-paid position when starting.

It’s important to find an admin role that suits you and your needs. By working for a specialist firm, you may find the opportunity to branch out, potentially moving into HR or a similar field when you’re older. But as a simple admin role for ensuring you have an income or experience, any admin internship offers transferrable skills such as learning how to manage time well.

An admin internship is difficult to procure for younger teens, but older teens looking for more experience in a firm can pursue roles in small companies looking to offer work remotely. By doing so, you’ll have experience on your resume and knowledge of how a small business works.

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