Best Online Courses 2021: Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass Picks

One of the side effects of Covid-19 was that millions of people were spending a lot more time at home. But the extra time on our hands also allowed a lot of people to get into a new side hustle or learn a new skill through some of the best online courses. A bonus: these courses allowed many people to turn their side hustle into some extra income (or even a new career path).

The best online learning platforms like Udemy, MasterClass, and LinkedIn Learning offer classes taught by professionals and run through an easy-to-understand syllabus you can review before signing up. Importantly, these are recorded lectures, not live classes. You can watch the entire course — which is broken down into different sections — on your web browser, or via an app on your phone (iOS and Android) while safely social distancing.

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Lectures can be downloaded, so you can stream them online or view them offline from the comforts of home. And you can start, stop and pause lessons easily, so you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Many of these classes include supplementary materials, like course readings and even the ability to contact your instructor, to help further your learning.

Although online courses are taught in English, some services offer closed captioning options in other languages. If English is your second language, or you