Top 9 Best Nivea Body Lotions in India with s and Prices (2021)

best nivea body lotions in india

Best Nivea Body Lotions available in India. Nivea makes so many different Nivea body lotions as per the particular skin condition and requirement. Like some of us have dry skin, oily skin or even have that rough skin. Moreover, during summers we need light body lotions that should not weigh down on skin and feel heavy. During summers, we also choose body lotions which has got UV protect formula and has skin whitening features as well. Not just for the skin conditioning, body lotions will have numerous benefits for the skin. Body lotions help to make the skin even toned and smoother. The dryness can cause the rough and scaly skin therefore regular application of body milk, body oils will help to cure the dry skin. A lot of you would be thinking when and how to apply the body lotion? Well, you should ideally apply the skin creams and lotions as soon as you come out of shower. At that time, the skin is still damp and therefore the lotions seep in better and deeper. This will further give long lasting moisturization. Moreover, when your skin is damp the application becomes a lot easier.

9 Top Best Nivea Body Lotions in India (2021)

Here is the list of the best Nivea body lotions which you can give a try. Majority of these are extremely easily available in Indian market. The price too is quite on the affordable side. The bigger packs like the 400ml packs have pump dispenser. So, you can keep that on the dresses and even the small kids of your family can try it.

1. Nivea Whitening Even Tone UV Protect Lotion

Nivea Whitening Even Tone UV Protect Lotion

NIVEA Whitening Even Tone Body Lotion is loaded with the concentrated natural Camu Camu extracts and Acerola Cherry. These gives around 40 times higher vitamin C to repair dull damaged skin when compared with the lemon extract. When applied regularly this Nivea body lotion promises to give a smooth and lighter looking body skin. The moisturizing formula is adequate and is not too greasy if your skin isn’t very dry.


Easily available

Good packaging

Non greasy or slimy

Easy to get absorbed in the skin

Skin looks visibly lighter

Has camu camu and acerola cheery extracts


Not very moisturizing for dry skin

Type of Skin

All Skin Types

Recommend for:

Uneven skin tone


345 rupees for 400 ml small 200 ml pack is also there

2. Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion For Dry Skin

Nivea smooth milk is a very nourishing body lotion for dry skin. This can be tried for summers and winters as well for the normal to dry skin. It has the Hydra IQ and Shea Butter that are known to provide the long-lasting moisture. The formula of this body lotion absorbs quickly in the skin and reveals a radiant and supple skin tone.


Hydra IQ technology for long lasting moisture

It has highly moisturizing shea butter

Velvety finish after the application

Skin get smother and non dryness

Long-lasting softness and protection


Re-application is needed for dry skin


225 for 200ml, a bigger 400 ml is also there for 345 rupees

Recommended for

Dry skin

Nivea Night Whitening Body Lotion

3. Nivea Body Express Hydration Lotion

Nivea Body Express Hydration Lotion

Nivea body lotion is Express hydration variant too is formulated for the dry skin that needs quick hydration especially in winter. For the harsh dry season like winters, this Nivea body lotion has the formula with Sea Minerals and Hydra IQ which provide moisture all day long.



Nourishes the dry skin

Good for winters

Smell is good




400ml for 265 rupees, smaller packs of 100ml, 200ml are also available

4. Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa Nourish

Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa Nourish

It’s a body lotion that has been designed to give moisture for 24 hours. The lotion is enriched with coconut oil and cocoa butter. These two ingredients are bound to give you a glowing skin with no signs of dryness and wrinkling. Nivea oil in Lotion Cocoa Nourish gives deep moisture to the skin layers and smoothes away dullness. This excellent lotion for dry skin comes with the goodness of natural oils and a fast absorbing formula.


Suitable for winters

Ideal for very dry skin

Has coconut oil and cocoa butter

Wonderful for the hydration and glow


Can be greasy for normal skin in summers, so it’s not a summer body lotion

Recommended for

Dry skin in winters


369 rupees for 400ml

10 Best Body Lotions for Dry skin in India

5. Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion SPF 15

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion SPF 15

It’s a cell repair and whitening body lotion from Nivea that has the fruit extracts of camu camu and acerola cherry. These are known to whiten and brighten the dull tired skin by few shades. For people looking