Best Monsoon Travel Destinations In The World

Best Monsoon Travel Destinations In The World

When the monsoon hits us, it drenches our soul with bliss and freshness. Moreover, it gives us a warp from the scorching heat of the sun so that we can enjoy the magnificence of nature. To travel during the monsoons, it quite a challenging job as the travellers has to face so many hurdles that come with the rain.

But, the travellers who are fuelled by the aura of wanderlust are taking up the challenge and travelling through the beautiful monsoon travel destination of the world to witness the enchanting beauty of nature. So, if you are one of the monsoon-travellers, this is the list of monsoon travel destination that you want.

Best Monsoon Travel Destinations

India- The enchanting land with a sundry landscape

The landscape of India is exceptionally vast and that is why it has some best monsoon travel destination. The monsoon in India stays between Junes to August. But, due to its diverse landscape, some places like Parvati valley, Manali, and the locations of Himachal Pradesh don’t witness the downpour till the end of the season. On the other hand, Uttarakhand embraces the shower with open hands, where the valley of flowers resides.

Western Himalayas

The downpour of this area creates some amazing meadows and decorates the Western Himalayas with a colourful bed of flowers. Well, the queen, the hill, commonly known as Mussoorie, is responsible for joining the picturesque valleys of Uttarakhand with each other. Well, this hill station was crafted by the British and it is almost two centuries old. When you visit this place during the time of monsoon, you will go in the state of trance after witnessing the exquisiteness of this place. So, Mussoorie is the monsoon travel destination where you can cherish the beauty of the monsoons.

The Philippines- The monsoon travel destination that you must visit

There are more than 7000 islands that are residing in the land of the Philippines. Well, it consists of only two seasons, namely wet and dry. The wet season starts from the starts in June, and it stays there till October. And that is the season when tourists from all over the world flock the Philippines to enjoy the vibes of the monsoon. If you ever visit the land of Philippines during rainy seasons, you will witness the kindness and excellent hospitality of the Philipinos. They extend their hospitality for you and invite you to their home where you can pamper your taste-buds with the traditional Filipino meal.

Monsoon Travel Destinations Philippines

Cebu Island is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Phillippines, and the beauty of it intensifies during the monsoons. It is also called the ‘Queen City of the south’ which is the home to Kawasan falls, Lataban Hills and Gaming Peak. Another destination of the Philippines where you can enjoy the monsoon to the best is Siargao, which is commonly known as the surfing capital of the country and it is also one of the best monsoon travel destinations.

Costa Rica- Where the rainforests narrate their stories

The terrain of Costa Rica has innumerable variations and those variations make it one of the best monsoon travel destinations. On the one hand, it is home to some fantastic, lush mountains and on the other side; it also consists of some of the most stunning beaches in the world. But, the rainforest blankets most of the countries and the monsoon makes love with this country for almost half of the years.

Costa Rica Monsoon Destinations

It starts in May and ends in November. Well, sometimes, people are warned to stay away from that place because the shower there varies from light and comforting to calamitous. We know that you must be thinking then why to visit this place during the monsoon because you can witness the vibrant greens across the island and that’s why it one of the best monsoon travel destination. And according to the locals, this is the time when Costa Rica is at its best. In addition to that, if you are a wildlife lover, you can find paradise Tortuguero, which is a fantastic place to spot the sea turtles. The rainy season is the best time to witness the turtles.

Thailand- The monsoon travel destination where monsoon has its beauty

Monsoon enters Thailand in July, and it stays there till October. And for that reason, it creates some problems like flooding and erratic showers. But, on the other hand, it delivers some beautiful sites that you will find in the North and the Central part of Thailand. Chiang Mai and Bangkok are the most populated cities of Thailand, and they are also considered as the premier destinations of the country.

During the rainy seasons, these cities witness clear out, and that makes it the best time to visit the charms like Wat Phra Keo temple or the busy museums of the Chiang Mai. Now, if you want some cheap commodities during the time of the monsoon and want to witness a bit dry part of the country, you can stay near the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao and the Koh Tamui avoid the worst storms and comprise of some brilliant sites like Aang Thong National park. These places will look beautiful during the time of the monsoons and these make it one of the best monsoon travel destination.

Burma- A beautiful country to explore and to witness the best monsoon travel destination

Generally, the temperature of Burma varies from scorching to hot. This country goes through the period of relief during the month of May to the month of October, as monsoon enters the land. But, while planning the trip, you have to be careful about the time or else, you may have to face the torrential rainstorms of Burma, which can last for a few days.

But, in that window of time, Burma has numerous things in its palate to offer. You can enjoy numerous activities in the city of Yangon. You can also set your feet towards the Rangoon tea house as well as Bokyoke Aung San Market.

Burma Monsoon Destinations

Well, make sure that you have proper preparations while making this rainy trip. You must carry umbrellas and sturdy raincoats along with plastic bags where you can keep your electronic device. Explore the local villages and ascent through the mountains to enjoy the breathtaking greeneries of it. These are something that makes it the one of the best monsoon travel destination.

So, if you are searching for the best monsoon travel destination, these are the best monsoon travel destination.

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