Best Memorial Day iPad sales and deals for 2022

With Memorial Day sales in full swing, there are some deep discounts going on for anyone looking for an Apple tablet. The devices are always in huge demand so the Memorial Day iPad sales are truly reflecting that, being highly competitive. Apple offers a tablet for pretty much every price range and need so there’s sure to be an iPad below that will suit your needs. Alternatively, you may want to check out the Apple Memorial Day sale  to find something else fruit-flavored, Whatever your plan, read on below for the best iPad deals and don’t be afraid to hit that buy button fast. The deals won’t stick around for long.

Memorial Day iPad sales: Today’s best deals

  • Apple iPad (2021) — $309, was $329
  • Apple iPad Air (M1 CPU, 2022) — $569, was $599
  • Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, 2021) — $749, was $799

Apple iPad (2021) — $309, was $329

the ipad 10.2 on a table.

Why Buy

  • The best iPad for most people
  • Solid hardware for the price
  • Excellent front camera
  • 64GB of onboard storage standard

The new ninth-gen 10.2-inch iPad was rolled out last year, and Apple didn’t reinvent the wheel with the most recent iteration of its classic tablet. That’s fine by us: The standard iPad has been our most recommended tablet for years now, and that hasn’t changed with its latest update — even if most of the improvements over the eighth-gen model aren’t visible to the naked eye. For starters, the 2021 iPad 10.2 replaces the A12 Bionic chip with the A13 Bionic CPU, the same one found in the iPhone 11 series. Base storage has also been doubled: You now get 64GB standard, rather than 32GB as you did with the eighth-gen iPad.

Another worthy improvement is the front camera. Whereas the 2020 iPad had a rather mediocre 1.2 megapixel front camera, the new model features a much better 12MP front sensor. That’s a welcome addition for active FaceTimers, selfie-takers, and others who frequently rely on that front-facing webcam. It also features an ultrawide lens and improved face-tracking technology. Those upgrades alone might not be enough to buy the new iPad if you already have the 2020 model, but if you’re buying your first iPad, the ninth-gen model is the one to get.

The iPadOS software is also a dream to use, and it performs beautifully. The 10.2-inch iPad may not rock Apple’s new M1 chipset, but its internal hardware is more than capable, and the software is smooth and intuitive as you’d expect from Apple. You could, in theory, even use this as a lightweight 2-in-1 if you pair it with a keyboard, but the iPad Air and iPad Pro are much better for that — see the other Memorial Day iPad deals for those. That said, the 2021 iPad is a fantastic buy, and if a solid Apple tablet is all you need, look no further.

Apple iPad Air (M1 CPU, 2022) — $569, was $599

a man holding the 2022 apple ipad air.

Why Buy

  • Powerful Apple M1 CPU
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Vibrant and colorful Liquid Retina display
  • Great software performance

Apple gave its iPad Air a facelift in 2020 with the fourth-generation release, but as this model dropped right on the cusp of the rollout of the new M1 CPUs, it didn’t feature Apple’s powerhouse chips — the iPad Pro line would be the first to receive those with their 2021 update. This year, though, Apple brought the M1 chip to the iPad Air 5, delivering a welcome performance boost that tightened the gap between the Air and Pro