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Best MCAT Prep Courses of 2022

MCAT Self Prep offers a wide range of MCAT prep course options, and students can tailor their study plans to their specific learning needs.

Are you picky about how you study? Head over to MCAT Self Prep and completely customize your MCAT prep course to maximize your time and effort.

Not only does MCAT Self Prep offer a completely free MCAT prep course as well as a fully customizable option, but its range of paid pre-made courses start at $9.99 and cover the same content you would expect to see in a prep course. Kaplan or Princeton Review MCAT.

Of course, you can’t expect the same level of instruction for free or for $9.99, ie there is no one-on-one tutoring or in-person lessons. But the free course alone includes 10 study modules, a video library, study tips, daily MCAT questions, a Meta study group, and 24/7 chat support.

If you are a self-directed and disciplined student, the free MCAT Self Prep course could skyrocket your score. If you need a little more structure, consider Self Prep’s Basic Pro ($9.99), Advanced Pro ($99), or Deluxe Pro ($999) classes. These are all one-time payments, and the content gets more comprehensive and you get more benefits as the prices go up.

You can also completely customize your study plan with MCAT Self Prep. You will begin with a diagnostic exam to determine your current knowledge and testing skills. Then you’ll set goals, determine action items, set a timeline, track your progress, and finally take the MCAT.

MCAT Self Prep also offers one-on-one tutoring for an additional cost of $149, $199, or $299 per session depending on the level of experience and knowledge of the tutor. Finally, with MCAT Self Prep, you can also choose to purchase flashcard sets or specialized courses called master’s courses.

Ultimately, MCAT Self Prep gives students a way to pay for everything they need, but nothing they don’t.

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