Best Lawn Sweeper for a Spotless Lawn

As the stunning fall colors come onto your trees, it adds a whimsical and beautiful touch to your yard. But the leaves will fall and start to pile up, and this is your signal that it’s time to get to work. A high-quality lawn sweeper will help you pick up debris and leaves very quickly, and this gives your yard a very manicured and tidy look. You can get tow-behind and push lawn sweepers to help you accomplish this task, and you can easily use them all year long. Use it for chores in the spring, pick up lawn clippings in the summer, and scoop up those pesky leaves in the fall. 

Picking out a new lawn sweeper doesn’t have to be a huge project. It’s true that there are dozens of nice options available, but you can easily narrow down your choices using my top 10 lawn sweeper list. If you’re still on the fence between one or two models, the buying guide after the reviews will help you find the best one to suit your wants and needs. Don’t let another fall go by raking those leaves. Instead, give yourself a break and get a lawn sweeper right now. 

When you have a lot of leaves or debris in your lawn, they can form matted layers that kills your grass. Running a sweeper over this part of your lawn will pick up the debris to keep your lawn healthy.

1. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

The first lawn sweeper on our list comes from Agri-Fab, and the dimensions are 78-inches long by 55-inches wide by 52-inches high. It weighs 95 pounds, and this is light enough for one person to maneuver and hook up to your lawn mower to help clean up your yard after you use your chainsaw to trim your trees and hedges. There is a height adjustment lever on this sweeper that allows you to reach it and change it without having to stop what you’re doing and leave your seat. When it’s time to store this product, the entire thing will quickly fold up without using any tools to tuck away. 

There is a new and improved dump lever on this lawn sweeper that makes it easy to dump out your grass clippings and lawn debris before you keep going to finish your project. The brushes on this product only move when you’re going in a forward direction. The brushes should not rotate in two directions, and you need to reset the pin if they do. You get a secure clip to attach this sweeper to your lawn mower or ATV and it won’t accidentally slip out when you go over rough terrain. 


  • Slightly lighter design 
  • Improved height adjustment lever
  • Don’t have to leave your seat to dump it


  • Instructions are very frustrating
  • Can take a while to put together 
  • Hopper won’t fill to 100% capacity

2. Craftsman Lawn Sweeper

Craftsman’s lawn sweeper comes with 12-inch reinforced brushes that neatly sweep small and large debris into the bag as you move over them. The large hopper can hold 22-cubic feet of debris, and this works out to around 18 bushels between unloading. You get an 8.5:1 brush to wheel ratio that gives you faster turning brushes to pick up more debris with each pass, and you’ll get excellent sweeping action in a host of terrains. You can empty the hopper from the comfort of  your seat on most standard tractors. There is a thin netting that keeps everything you get into the hopper from falling back out. 

This lawn sweeper has larger 11.5 by 2-inch wheels that come with a durable diamond tread to give you excellent traction as you move over different environments, and this also allows  you to tow better. You get a larger 42-inch sweeping path with this product that reduces the number of times you have to back over an area to pick everything up. The heavy-duty steel stamped housing allows you to pile on more weight to give you more efficient sweeping and better traction. 


  • Comes with reinforced brushes 
  • Larger capacity hopper
  • Mesh stops things from falling back out


  • Bolts to the wheels can come loose
  • Catchment bag is very thin and prone to tearing 
  • Wheels can get bogged down on wet ground 

3. Earthwise LSW70021 Push Lawn Sweeper

If you have koi ponds or other yard ornaments to move around, this push lawn sweeper by Earthwise can help you get a neat and tidy yard. This is a grass clipping and leaf sweeper tool that comes with a slightly larger 21-inch brush width to maximize your sweeping space. You also get a spinning rake-style action that will sweep debris from the ground and put it in a collection bag until you’re ready to empty it. Since this is a push model,  you’ll be able to see exactly where you need to hit to get everything up when you take on smaller cleanup projects around your home. This is a slight but sturdy option that doesn’t weigh too much, and this ensures that you’ll be able to push it when it’s full. 

The body is a lightweight but strong metal with a strong mesh fabric and plastic components that make it easy to maneuver, and this lawn sweeper comes with a powder coat finish to help seal out moisture. You can easily adjust the height by raising the brushes if it gets too difficult to push along, but you’ll have to lower them again if you notice you’re not picking up the debris. This product won’t pick up rocks, wet debris, pinecones, or buts, but it will get up to 80% of your grass clippings on the first pass. 


  • Height is easily adjustable 
  • Comes with spinning rake-style action 
  • Lightweight but sturdy design 


  • Expensive for what you get
  • Holds a smaller amount of debris
  • Only picks up specific materials 

4. Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Scott’s leaf and grass clipping lawn sweeper uses a 26-inch sweeping width to pull any stray debris laying on your lawn into the collection tray until you’re ready to dump them. This is a push model that allows you to see exactly where you need to go to collect the debris, and it has a higher maneuverability rate. It works well for smaller lawn or garden jobs, and the larger wheels give it excellent stability while ensuring that it won’t slip on wet or rocky terrain. It’ll pick up around 80% of the debris it runs over, but it’s not powerful enough to pick up heavier items like rocks or sticks. 

The body is high-strength ABS plastic and the handle is a scratch-resistant steel. This body makes the lawn sweeper light enough to move, and the steel handle is durable enough to withstand heavy use without breaking, rusting, or corroding. The fabric bin material is slightly thicker to help it stand up to rips or wear and tear, and you can easily adjust the height of the brushes as you move along your yard to continue picking up as much debris as possible. When you finish, you can easily empty the hopper and put it away. 


  • Picks up 80% of all debris 
  • Has ABS plastic and steel materials 
  • Easy to adjust the brushes 


  • Heavier design is harder to push
  • Bermudagrass get stuck 
  • Assembly is challenging 

5. Yard Commander Tow Behind Sweeper

This rugged lawn sweeper is perfect for people who have big yards and a riding lawnmower or tractor they can hook it to. It can go right up to your landscape edging and pull any fallen debris up into the hopper to leave your yard clean. The hopper on this sweeper is slightly larger at a 12.9 cubic foot capacity, and this means you can work more without having to interrupt your flow to go dump it before coming back and starting up again. The larger 42-inch cleaning width allows you to fly through larger yards and cover more ground on a single pass so you can dedicate more time to other pursuits. 

The larger rubber wheels on this yard sweeper measure 10.5 by 2 ⅜-inches, and this lends an excellent stability to this product so it doesn’t overturn or wobble if you go over uneven ground or up hills. The brush diameter is 10-inches, and these are very sturdy brushes that can pick up dry and wet debris in different sizes. The metal body is very durable, and it comes with a light blue powder coat to help lock out any moisture to keep it running for longer periods. 


  • Larger rubber wheels attached 
  • 42-inch cleaning swath 
  • Hopper holds up to 12.9 cubic feet of debris 


  • Very difficult to assemble 
  • Can’t adjust the height 
  • Challenging to dump out

6. Yard Tuff YTF-38STQA Lawn Sweeper

This sweeper comes with a 38-inch wide sweeping path, and it has four brushes that give you a 4:1 sweep ration. The anti-slip brush height adjustment feature ensures that your sweeper stays at whatever height you set it at regardless of the terrain you drive it over. It comes with a universal pin-style hitch and leveling spacers that make it quick and easy to tow behind your tractor or ATV, and the assembly process is relatively straightforward and easy if you follow the instructions. The steel construction with the powder coated finish makes this a very durable option that will withstand harsh conditions. 

You’ll get a durable mesh bag with this lawn sweeper that measures 41-inches by 29-inches by 22-inches and it can hold up to 22 cubic feet before you have to empty it. There are 10-inch solid poly tires to help with the stability, and the height adjustment lever is one you can easily operate from the seat of your lawn tractor or ATV. When you’re ready to store it, you can easily fold it up without the use of tools and tuck it away. It comes outfitted with a one-year manufacturer’s parts warranty to protect you from failure. 


  • 4:1 sweep ratio
  • Universal pin-style hitch included
  • Holds 22 cubic feet


  • Tires are flimsy
  • Instructions aren’t helpful
  • Challenging to empty 

7. Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

This lawn sweeper will help you cut your job time in half, even if you have a unique garden layout to work around. It is a 2-in-1 sweeper and dethatcher that helps you simultaneously sweep your lawn and dethatch it to make it much healthier. You can use this product for multiple projects around your home, and you can safely lock the tines to transport them with the tines facing the rear so you don’t have to remove the dethatcher when you run it through heavy leaves. You can use the adjustment handle to raise the detatcher when you go through leaves too without removing it. 

You get a very high velocity six-brush design that offers you a 5:1 brush-to-ground ratio that ensures your lawn sweeper picks up the maximum amount of debris and thatch possible, including lawn clippings, sticks, pine needles, leaves, and more. The hamper comes with a 20 cubic foot capacity that is very large and easy to dump out. You get a 42-inch sweep width that lowers the amount of passes you have to make to finish your entire yard. The pin is very durable, and it’ll connect to your tractor without a problem. 


  • Has tines to dethatch the yard
  • 5:1 brush-to-ground ratio 
  • 42-inch sweep width 


  • Basket is very thin
  • Instructions are confusing 
  • Can scratch easily 

8. Sun Joe Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher

Sun Joe’s lawn sweeper has a powerful 12-amp motor that will cover a 13-inch wide path across your yard, and you can push it along so you can see exactly where you need to go and where you finished. The adjustable deck allows you to tailor your raking depth with five different positions. This is useful if you have areas of your yard where you keep the grass longer and shorter areas closer to your home. The scarified function will cut the grass to the roots to help encourage healthier and fuller growth to make your lawn more hardy. It has thicker wheels to make this a very stable option. 

The air boost technology on this lawn sweeper using spring steel tines to give you maximum thatch pickup capabilities to leave you with a neat lawn. You get a detachable thatch collection bag that makes it easy to dispose of any clippings when you finish working. This product comes backed by the Snow Joe and Sun Joe Customer Promise. They’ll cover your product for two full years from the date of purchase, and they’ll repair it or refund you with no questions asked. 


  • 12-amp motor included
  • Five depth position controls 
  • Air boost technology 


  • Collection bag is too small
  • Wheels are plastic and light
  • Detatcher is flimsy 

9. Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 Cleaner

If you plant maple trees, you can use this lawn sweeper from Karcher to pick up any debris when the leaves start to fall in the autumn months. This cleaner can sweep up to five times quicker than you can rake, and you can sweep up to 19,000 square feet per hour. This is a walk-behind model with two brushes that pull the debris into the storage container, but it’s a smaller container that is best for walkways or patios. You can push it with minimal effort, and it weighs in at just 22 pounds. You get a flexible and comfortable ergonomic handle with two-stage height adjustments so multiple people can use it. 

There is a 4.2-gallon onboard waste container that is very easy to empty when you fill it with minimal interruptions to your work. This lawn sweeper has a 36-inch handle that you can adjust to fit your height and requirements, and it’ll get right up close to your patio or walkway edging to give you a neat and clean finished look each time you use it. It works well for dirt and sand, but you can also use it with leaf debris. The bright yellow coloring is easy to see. 


  • Gets right up to the edges
  • 4.2-gallon waste container
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Doesn’t work well on thicker leaves 
  • Has a plastic body 
  • Only comes with two brushes

10. Precision LSP48 Lawn Sweeper/Rake

The final lawn sweeper on the list comes from Precision, and you can choose from a 38-inch or a 48-inch wide steel body to customize the sweeping swath you get each time you run it over your yard. It has a 15 cubic foot capacity that will hold a decent amount of debris and reduce the times you have to dump it. The assembly time is 30 minutes from start to finish, and there are written instructions as well as diagrams to help you along the process. The 10-inch semi-pneumatic tires are very durable, and they’ll help guide the sweeper over different terrains without slipping. 

This lawn sweeper comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame that resists rust and corrosion, and you get a spring-loaded height adjustment that allows you to pick the height suited to your yard’s depth and size. The bright red coloring is very visible as you move along, and the larger fabric dump bag is easy to clean and maintain. The sturdy clip will securely attach the sweeper to your tractor or ATV, and it won’t come off until you unclip it. There is a rust-resistant coating on it that will seal the frame and lock moisture out to help it last longer. 


  • Easy to dump when you fill it
  • Clips securely to the tractor 
  • Wider tires are stable 


  • Gears are plastic 
  • Skips heavier debris 
  • Brushes don’t last long

Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide 

Lawn sweepers are nice to have to help keep your yard manicured and free of debris. Since there are so many brands and styles available, it can be challenging to pick out the best one for your needs. There are several things you want to consider when you shop, and I’ve highlighted them below for you. 

Sweeping Area

The sweeping area refers to how wide the area is that the product will sweep in one pass. This can range from 12-inches up to over 40-inches, so you have a lot of choices. For larger yards, it makes sense to go with a bigger sweeping area to reduce the time you spend working. However, if you have a smaller or more crowded yard that has a lot of overgrown hedges, kid’s play areas, or yard ornaments, it’s a good idea to get a smaller sweeper that can handle maneuvering around the various obstacles you have in place. 

The bigger your lawn is, the bigger sweeper you want to help you keep up with the general maintenance. You’ll get a larger swath that it sweeps at every pass, and this reduces your work time.


Since you use this sweeper outside, it should use a very durable material like stainless steel in the body because this metal resists rust and corrosion while being durable enough for everyday use. It’s even better if you get a powder coating on the material to help seal moisture out. Remember to look at the tire material, what they use on the gears and pins, and what they use on the collection hopper. All of these things will decide how long this sweeper lasts. 

Hopper Volume

The volume of the hopper will determine how much you can work before you have to empty it and start from square one. If you have a bird feeder and try to control the flower and weed growth constantly or you have a large yard with thick grass and debris, you’ll need a bigger hopper volume. If you just plan to putter around your house or you have a small yard, the hopper volume won’t make a huge difference. 

Hitch Style and Height 

A universal hitch style is very popular because you can attach it to multiple ATVs and tractors very quickly and easily. Hitches vary in height, and you should consider what you want to tow it with when you shop. A garden tractor’s hitch will vary from a zero-turn hitch. If you’re not sure what style or height hitch you need, be on the safe side and pick a sweeper that has a multi-hitch height. This gives you greater versatility while removing your anxiety on whether or not it’ll work. 

If you have uneven ground or rough terrain in your yard, you’ll need to ensure the hitch securely attaches to your tractor or ATV so it doesn’t accidentally slip off. A universal hitch is a safe bet.


Many sweepers come with a warranty attached from the date of purchase. This warranty can protect you from damage or mechanical failure, and they come in full or limited varieties. Ideally, you’ll get a full warranty because this will cover you for more problems, and you want your warranty to last as long as possible. Two or three-year warranties are very popular. 

Bottom Line 

A high-quality lawn sweeper can last for years, and it can help you pick up debris that could cause problems with your lawn. You can use them right up to the edges of your walkways, and I’ve picked out 10 options for you. You can look at the reviews and compare them side-by-side before looking at the buying guide to help you make your final decision. 

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