Top 10 Best Jasmine Essential Oils in India (2022) For Skin, Hair and Aromatherapy

Jasmine oil is extracted from the Jasmine flowers and is a sweet and pleasant smelling oil. Being an essential oil, the oil is highly beneficial for the face, body skin as well as hair. In many high and low range perfumes, Jasmine oil is used in different concentrations. The essential oil is generally used as a key note in the heart notes of the perfumes. In this article, we are going to talk about the best Jasmine oil brands in India.

The oil’s scientific names are: Jasminum Grandiflora (Royal Jasmine) and Jasminum Officinale (Common Jasmine). This oil has been known for its amazing blending properties with other oils and to give a soothing feel to your skin. It is be used to treat wounds, scars and shows amazing fading properties in case of stretch marks.

Jasmine oil is a very light and non-toxic oil which has been widely used all over the world. The product constitutes different types of compounds that helps to keep your skin and hair texture smooth. While, the oil also fight depression and boost the concentration it can also treat Insomnia and facilities lactation.

Let’s get started and check out the various popular Jasmine oil brands available in the market.

List of Best Jasmine Oil Brands in India

1. Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil

Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil comes from a popular brand like Aroma Magic. It’s an affordable product that can be bought from online or stores. It eases anxiety and depression. The oil has aphrodisiac properties that help to lift your mood. It also increases your skin clarity. You can use this oil for several purposes by adding a drop of water in it to massage your scalp for a good overnight sleep. Using it regularly also helps in making the skin tone better and brighter.

2. Old Tree Jasmine Essential Oil

Old Tree Jasmine Essential Oil

Old Tree Jasmine Essential oil can be used for your hair, skin and other beauty purposes. It is 100% natural oil that is free of adulterants and fillers. It can be used for multiple aromatherapy benefits. The oil has a very sweet fragrance and can be used to massage your skin during winter season. Jasmine oil has wonderful emollient and hydrating properties that give you beautiful glowing skin. It comes with antiseptic and antiviral properties therefore; it can be safely applied on your minor burns, cuts and infections. The oil from this brand comes with a dropper so that it can be easier for you to use it. Jasmine oil blends really nicely with other oils like almond oil, coconut oil and helps to alleviate anxiety.

3. Khadi Natural Jasmine Massage Oil

Khadi Natural Jasmine Massage Oil

The next popular brand we have on a list of the best Jasmine oil available in India is from Khadi Herbals. The brand is immensely popular and this oil is 100% natural. It is safe for all skin types and hair. It is not for health uses but can be used for beauty purposes. You can massage your face with this oil gently 2 times in a day to get rid of the stretch marks and dry spots. You can also be used it get good head massage and body massage. It increases the blood circulation and you get deep night sleep.

4. Soulflower Jasmine Aroma Massage Oil

Soulflower Jasmine Aroma Massage Oil

This is one of the best Jasmine massage oils available in India. The heavy Aroma of Jasmine helps to reduce headache, depression anxiety, fatigue and stress. This oil can also be used for scalp and face massaging to get the benefits of its hydrating properties. It turns your skin and eliminates the lines and wrinkles. The oil can also be applied over the stretch marks to lighten them.

5. StBotanica Pure Jasmine Essential Oil

StBotanica Pure Jasmine Essential Oil

The next brand on this list has received some of the best ratings from the customers. It is 100% premium grade Jasmine essential oil that comes with a dropper attached on the top. As it is natural and of high quality, it does not contain any additives, fillers or any other carrier oils. The safe oil can be used for beauty purposes but is not for medicinal use. The product is undiluted and retains its 100% qualities. You can also use it in the diffuser for aromatherapy. It gives a pleasurable Aroma to make the pleasant atmosphere. Jasmine oil is also used for getting rid of the dark spots on your body.

6. Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil

Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil

Khadi natural Jasmine Essential oil is a pure virgin oil while the previous one on our list was for body massaging. This is for external use only and can be used in burners and vaporizers. It is also an excellent massage oil that also acts as a bath oil. It helps to give you smooth skin and beautiful glowing face. You can add few drops of the oil in your bath water to keep the skin hydrated during the dry winter season. Even for the spiritual uses, Jasmine essential oil is used extensively.

7. Elansa 100% Pure Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Elansa 100% Pure Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

This brand makes the best essential oils. It comes with a premium dropper to make it easier to use. It has a sweet exotic and rich floral smell that lifts your senses. This can also be used on the pulse points to get relaxation immediately. Jasmine oil is considered the best for fighting the stress and everyday tension. You can also add some of this oil in your regular body lotions and creams to make them more hydrating and moisturizing. For dry skin and dry body parts like knees and elbows, Jasmine oil massaging is considered the best.

8. Forest Essentials Jasmine Essential Oil

Forest Essentials Jasmine Essential Oil

Forest Essentials blended Jasmine oil is expensive than the other brands but ensures high quality. You can use it to get pleasant fragrance at your home. Due to its stress relieving properties it can also uplift your mood other than that the pure Jasmine oil can get you flawless skin and make the skin free of lines and wrinkles. The use of the oil can be multiple but the price is the only downside of this product.

9. BrownBoi Jasmine Essential Oil

BrownBoi Jasmine Essential Oil

We’ve got another affordable option of Jasmine Essential oil. It is 100% pure and has a pleasing Aroma. It is best to use with vaporizer to fill the room with an irresistible Aroma. It is also suitable to be used as a perfume at night to calm your senses and get a good sleep. The smell of jasmine oil is considered beneficial in case of Insomnia, depression, headache and even the anxiety and stress. It clarifies and tones your skin when you massage on the face daily. To massage it on your face you can take three to four drops of this oil and apply directly on the face by rubbing gently and in circular motions. Night time is the best to use this oil for getting rid of the dry skin.

10. Nature’s Absolutes Jasmine Essential Oil

Nature's Absolutes Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential oil from Nature’s Absolute is yet another high quality product that you can consider buying. It is produced from organically grown Jasmine flowers with highest standards of quality during extraction. It is made with the steam distilled process that ensures 100% natural and organic quality. This oil is not adulterated or filled with any chemicals. For hair and skin care, this is the best oil to use. Proper on the top gives you convenience to apply it. Italy do we need for dry and dull skin complexion and makes it bright and glowing. For dry hair ends as well you can apply the oil likely every night.

So, these are the best Jasmine essential oil brands available in the market. Other than that, you can also take a look at our other oils that are highly beneficial for good skin and hair quality improvement.

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